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Trollbeads Gallery Autumn News!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 @ 11:10 AM

2014 peoples bead banner

Now that Trollbeads Fest! 2014 is behind us we are collecting our thoughts and connecting with our eager and growing Trollbeads collectors group! First I would like to report that our Fest was a huge success and we had some of the best unique beads we have seen.  Trollbeads supplied us with great beads and our collectors who traveled far and wide were rewarded with many great beads.  Thank you to everyone that attended and thank you to Trollbeads for gracing us with beautiful beads!! It was a remarkable time for everyone and it has now evolved into a great group of like minded Trollies enjoying each other and enjoying the experience.  It was wonderful!!  We have just listed the remainder of our Special Event Beads.  See them now! SPECIAL EVENT TROLLBEADS There are only a limited quantity of each of the beads left so see them first for the best selection.

News: As many of you know the 2014 People's Bead Winner (in photo above) was released last week. Purchase it now and buy it in your group of three to get another Trollbeads FREE...(until the 16th!) It is a beauty as you can see and as we all know who can't use more balance in their life?

As I write this I want to make a quick mention of the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" ends on October 16th!  It is such a great money saving event for all collectors.  I have been thrilled with the amount of people who have purchased 3 of the new Gold Trollbeads and have received one free and saving hundreds of dollars AND still receiving a free silver chain and lock!  Now that is saving!!!  To see the newest release of Gold beads click here:

Love gold Art Collection

2014 gold Banner.words

Halloween Unique Trollbeads

Our yearly tradition of offering you Orange and Black Trollbeads for your Halloween creations has continued this year and we are still adding beads as they have been selling.  We were graced with so many great unique beads for Trollbeads Fest this year that we had beads to offer on our Halloween page!  Order now so you can wear them as your trick or treat!


Hoilday Trollbeads 2014 Are Listed!  This collection is easily the best group of glass holiday glass beads.  Such a festive array of holiday spirit! Treat yourself to these beauties and get in the holiday mood early! While we have had the entire collection listed we have just listed the individual glass beads from the two kits.

Christmas Trollbeads High r

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Count Down to Trollbeads Fest! 2012

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 @ 21:09 PM

Trollbeads Fest Unique Trollbeads

Trollbeads Fest! 2012

The actual excitement begins when we start our plans for Trollbeads Fest  a month after the previous Fest ends. This way our memories are fresh and we can proceed with planning so everyone has an even better experience at the next Fest!  It is important to change it up each year and we work hard on creating an event you'll want to come back to again and again.  After looking through the ticket purchases I can see we have a good number of people returning for a 3rd time!  Another fun note: we have attendees coming from as far as Wales and the Netherlands! 

Last year the bead table with the unique Trollbeads was quite overwhelming. Everyone wanted to see all the unique beads all at the same time! It was a frenzy of people and some had stronger elbows that others and some never left the table and there were some who never got to the table!  We love the enthusiasm but we would love all of you to have a fair time with the beads this year. Our plans are to have 3-4 tables each with one attendant with 3-4 trays each. When you have selected your beads, we will keep them aside for you in bags with your names.  When you are finished looking through the trays on one table you can move on down the line to the next table and start a new bag to be put aside and so forth.  After you have picked out all that you want, we will get your bags and take to cash out.  We will be replenishing the beads through out the day so everyone should have a fair chance at the unique beads. I am hoping this will be fair for all. There are some stunning beads and I think you'll all be happy with enough to go around. 

This year Trollbeads Fest will be host to leading bead designer Soren Nielsen who will be visiting from Denmark. Soren will be giving wax carving demonstrations showing how his ideas once formed in his head are then carved in wax.  From the wax a mold is made to use for creating the actual beads in silver and in gold.

We also have this year's People's Bead Award winning artist Maria Af Rolen who will be signing bead information cards for "Stay Positive".  The 2012 winners were just announced this summer and Maria is a member of our Trollbeads Gallery Forum.  Another member and winner of the 2012 People's Bead Award is Linda Karuso from Australia.  Linda cannot attend this year but has been good enough to pre-sign cards for attendees to receive with their "World Within" purchases.  To celebrate the event and the winners success we have commissioned Trollbeads to make their winning beads in 18K Gold in a limited quantity. We will be offering them for sale at Trollbeads Fest.  We are also looking forward to seeing "Ice Bear" bead designer Kristy Denning who has never missed a Trollbeads Fest event! She was the second People's Bead Award winner in 2010 for her "Ice Bear".

Michael Bellevue, the CEO of TrollbeadsUS will be speaking about the company and about the exciting direction it is taking. Only on board now for over a year Michael's team and the Denmark team work hand and hand in focusing their attention on the bright future of Trollbeads.  He will be sharing what he can and I for one am very excited to hear it!

Along with Bead Photography Lessons Ginger will be addressing our user needs for photography on Ipads and Iphones.  Ginger was with us for the first Fest and I am so happy she is returning for the third and with all the tech updates I know we all happy she is coming back! 

Trollbeads Gallery Sarah

Sarah Johnston from Trollbeads will be back once more to give glass bead demonstrations on both Friday in Mattapoisett at Rogers Gallery and on Saturday at the event in New Bedford.  We love Sarah and how in the midst of pandemonium she calmly goes about creating glass beads and works her magic.  By the way for those of you who haven't tried it glass bead making is a lot more difficult than it looks!

 The post-fest dinner Saturday night has many treats along with a guest comedian from L.A.! So if you are coming to the Fest make sure you have dinner all blocked in as it will be the most special one to date.  The Trollbeads team will be staying for the dinner so please join us all for a final farewell feast. The food is great but the company will be the best!

Please view our quick videos on the first two Trollbeads Fest and smile along with us!   Trollbeads Fest! 2010      Trollbeads Fest! 2011

Just try to count the smiles on the happy group of collectors that come from all over the world and many different states to share a most memorable time celebrating their love of Trollbeads and the friendships formed around this outstanding bead brand. 

One more great link for you!  Today the jewelry trade's top magazine published a blog all about Trollbeads Fest as a way to honor our retail creativity! They wrote an article last year after the event and we were so honored.

September 17th In Store Magazine Blog on Event  Thank you In Store Magazine and Eileen!

To finish here is one more very quick video to entice you to come visit us on October 5th & 6th for Trollbeads Fest!  2012. There's only a few tickets left so grab a friend or two and come join us.

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Our Forum has 12 Finalists in Trollbeads People's Bead Contest!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Ice Bear and Pax bead

This is so exciting!!!  When you consider the thousands of entries Trollbeads gets for their annual People's Bead contest it is so exciting to have 12 of these finalists on Trollbeads Gallery Forum. This is the 4th year of the contest and this year was the first year a topic was given and it was based on spirituality.  If you haven't looked at the finalists yet on Trollbeads Universe please do and take the time to vote for your favorite can vote more than on one bead!  Quick-the voting is over on February 26th! So act fast!

The Finalists from Trollbeads Gallery Forum:

Sarah Schoenauer, Brenda Rappo, Kristi Denning, Iris Morrow, Sherrie Pennington, Anne Lilleby, Tina Parker, Linda Karuso, Maria af Rolen, Sue Dowling, Erica Mizzie, Suzanne Hopping, Michele Dellanno.


I wonder what the odds are that 12 winners are a part of this group.  I am not taking personal credit for anything but I have heard it discussed often there is something magical about our Forum and it has something to do with being a part of a group who collectively drench themselves in the spirit of Trollbeads day in and day out in the spirit of sharing your passion in an open and caring way.  I was never a joiner of groups but this has been a perfect example of what being a part of a group can do.  It's capable of providing the positive power to build your sense of esteem and knowledge on the group's common interest. It also affects your willingness to put yourself out there for the whole world to see and to vote on.  Our finalists first had to come up with a concept, then work the ideas into designs and then they had to have the inner strength to submit them.  I think of the commitment they all had and hope you can follow the link to TrollbeadsUniverse and vote for our winners. It is up to us to show the entrants how proud we are of all of them!

Congratulations to all. 

Louise Rogers

Photo above is the Pax and Ice Bear Trollbeads both People's Bead Contest winners from 2009 and 2010 by Suzanne Hopping and Kristi Denning respectively.  Below is Kristi holding the model of her Ice Bear at Trollbeads Fest 2010 and a picture of Suzanne and me (I'm sure we were drinking ginger ale) at the same Trollbeads Fest. Suzanne was visiting from Australia and Kristi is from Maryland. 

Kristi at Trollbeads Fest   

          Louise Rogers,Suzanne Hopping Trollbeads Gallery

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What can Trollbeads Gallery Forum do for you?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jan 16, 2012 @ 15:01 PM

Trollbeads Gallery CopenhagenIf you collect Trollbeads and haven't yet checked out the most positive gathering place for Trollies...Trollbeads Gallery Forum you are missing something.  Put in the most simplistic terms it is an online dialog for Trollbeads collectors to learn all things about Trollbeads and to converse with other Trollbeads collectors from all over the world. 

This forum is going into its third year this spring and we are nearing 3000 members and we have over 17,000 photographs of our member's Trollbeads collections.  What better way to find out about a brand then to hear it from the hundreds of collectors?  The environment is one based on friendship, honorable dealings (if you venture on to our swap group) and a deeply routed interest in Trollbeads.

Our members are collectors of all kinds.  Some members just like retired Trollbeads, some just want one bracelet although that is rare and then there are some who have dozens of bracelets and who would sell their mother to get more! With joking aside we are a group of Trollbeads fanatics who want to share (with anyone!) our love and interest in Trollbeads. Below I have written about our gatherings and will be writing more interesting forum aspects on the other features in future blogs. If you would like to write about your experience on the forum please write a story and I will publish it here as a guest blog.

Gatherings: Since its inception Trollbeads Gallery Forum has been the conduit between many "meetings" large and small taking place all over the world.  Many members in the U.S. will plan a meeting place, usually at a local dealers, and meet and greet the friends thay have had on-line for a long time in person for the first time.  As a dealer and as the forum's founder I have hosted 2 Trollbeads Fests during the last two autumns here in Massachusetts with notable guests from the People's Bead Award winners to Trollbeads designers from Denmark to the CEO if Trollbeads Worldwide, Peter Aagaard.  Each year at out gathering based aournd our forums membership, we display our Trollbeads Museum which has many of the retired Trollbeads from years past and that are now hard to find.  Every chance we get we love to learn more about the history and we love to share [our knowledge at these gatherings.  In the photo above you will see me (the shortest in the front row) in Copenhagen, Denmark at a gathering of the forum's members when I traveled there in early December 2011.  They were wonderful to me and treated me to lunch and to a fun group of Troll type gifts. It was an amazing day for me and as you can see from the back row Soren, the original Trollbeads silver bead designer joined at the Tivoli Trollbeads store.  If you are a member have you planned your next gathering?  We will be releasing information on Trollbeads Fest! 2012 soon so check the site in a little bit. Trollbeads Fest

Thank you for reading our blog!  Louise Rogers

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Trollbeads Fest Update:Trollbeads CEO Peter Aagaard is Attending!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Sep 15, 2011 @ 19:09 PM

Peter Aagaard cropped JCK SWe have just heard Trollbeads Worldwide CEO Peter Aagaard will be at Trollbeads Fest! 2011 on Spetember 24th.

Everyone at Trollbeads Gallery and Rogers Gallery couldn't be more excited or more proud.  Since the end of January and since creating Trollbeads-United States, Peter has worked tirelessly to bring together the best team he could and the success of his efforts is so apparent on all levels of the business. From retailer communications to national advertizing and now by hiring the new CEO of Trollbeads-United States, Michael J. Belleveau, Peter has created a steady vessel worthy of this brand we all love so much.  Belleveau, a well-respected executive, headed Baccarat Inc. for 8 years before stepping down earlier this week. During his career, he has held positions in the Swiss watch and luxury tableware arenas, including sales and general management posts with Cartier, Victorinox/Swiss Army and Bulgari. I was lucky to have met him recently and my first impressions found him direct and warm.  The future of Trollbeads in the United States is more secure than ever and the future plans,according to those in the know, will be tremendously exciting.

As you can imagine the last 8 months has been a whirlwind for Peter and for the whole Aagaard family visiting all the jewelry shows, U.S. retailers and between flying back and forth from Denmark.  Now you can understand why for us it is so special to have Peter make it to Trollbeads Fest! 2011.  Peter will be speaking during the event discussing the history of the family's involvement and some of the outstanding accomplishments of the the Aagaard Stewardship. They have created glass making centers in communities in need from India,South Africa and their work with displaced Tibetans has been monumental.

We started Trollbeads Fest last year and had an amazing event with people coming from all over the world...and 19 states!  This year promises to be even better with glass bead demonstrations, visiting Trollbeads designers and hundreds of special beads.  For more information visit TrollbeadsFest!2011.

Trollbeads Gallery

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Kim Buck:Trollbeads Visiting Designer Trollbeads Fest! 2011

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jul 31, 2011 @ 14:07 PM

KIM BUCK IMAGE   kim full 600x450

I am getting very excited thinking about this year's Trollbeads Fest with both  Eske Storm and Kim Buck, both being guest designers from Denmark.  Kim Buck is a relative new comer to the Trollbeads design team but he has already carved out a clearly recognizable "look" with his beads.  If you happen to study the Trollbeads and come to know the designers you can see a style that is definitely unique to each designer and Kim has a very clean style.  With his designs it appears to me very favorably that less is more.

Kim Buck's style is not specifically just for his Trollbead designs as he is a professional full time jewelry designer with his own studio and works on commissioned pieces for the world famous Georg Jensen Silversmiths in Copenhagen.  The Georg Jensen company is where fine jewelry and silverware has been produced for over a century and has enjoyed a prolific and successful history. Kim graduated from Copenhagen's Institute of Precious Metals in 1985 and as a designer for Georg Jensen, "Kim Buck does not solely focus on creating elegant lines, but rather on the interplay between personality and design, between the wearer and the object."

Love Within Trollbead KIm BuckKim's "Love Within" Trollbead speaks volumes in a very private way as you can wear your heart on your sleeve but keep it to yourself.  The simplicity of this design adds a great band of silver on your bracelet and it can be engraved upon. At Trollbeads Fest! 2011 we will have these beads available engraved with "Trollbeads Fest! 2011".

My personal favorite is "Two Sides to Everything".  I liked it so much I recently contracted to have it made into 18K Gold and it quickly sold out.  I would love to see his "Trefoil Knot" in 18K Gold but judging from the weight it would be prohibidly costly where gold is historically so high.

Kim Buck Trefoil Knot Trollbeads

I am very much looking forward to meeting Kim and I know many of you are also!  For information on Trollbeads Fest! 2011 please visit the website. Tickets and events are listed. History making year for Trollbeads in the United States.



*From the Georg Jensen website.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Trollbeads Fest 2010

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 25, 2011 @ 10:07 AM

 This is a blog by our guest blogger from the Netherlands, Anna Teresa Bellinzis. Below she is standing next to our sign on Trollbeads Fest 2010, Day 1!

 Trollbeads Fest Day One Rogers Gallery

Memories of Trollbeads Fest 2010

When I see Louise's announcements for Trollbeads Fest 2011 I just have to think back to October 2010. Because I was so lucky to be at the first Fest and that was a great experience. When I joined the Trollbeads Gallery Forum I never even thought of going to Mattapoisett. That was something unreachable. But then, one day, I received a mail from a great, great friend who asked me if I would like to come. I looked at my husband and was speechless. What should I say, I asked him. Go, if you want to, my husband said. We sure can manage a few days without you. So I wrote back a big YES, my tickets were booked and I found another lovely friend who wanted to share a hotel room with me. Then the waiting began. Six long months in which I saved money to buy wonderful beads; the happy universe was number one on my list. I bought some souvenirs for my friends in The States and thought night after night which outfits I should bring to the fest. Because they had to match my beads of course! And then there was the day I flew to Boston were I met Chuck and Mary. I was a bit nervous: would we like each other in real life as we do on the forum? After a big hug I knew the answer. Yes we would have a great time together. I felt instantly safe with them. After a few hours we arrived at New Bedford and saw other forum members. More hugs followed and it was as if we were relatives that hadn’t seen each other for a long time. It felt trusted, like family. We laughed, looked at each other’s beads and talked for hours. The following days were great.

We met Louise and her staff at Louise's great gallery. We could look at beads as long as we wanted and if we needed a certain color we could choose from so many beads that were in store. Penni was so patient with me looking for the perfect color when I wanted to buy a deep bubbles with pink and a real dark amethyst. Do you remember Penni? And there was wine and cheese and a raffle and we had a lot of fun with plastic skeletons that Chuck brought with him, with a nod to the Trollbeads silver and gold Skeletons that had jsut been released in Europe. (Pictured at the end of the blog)

Louise also organized a day with even more beads, Australian pax designer Suzanne Hopping signing the Coffee Table Book, there were demonstrations, balloons filled with beads, a boat trip and a superb diner. And I think I can say that everyone present felt proud to be at this Fest that turned out to be a great success. And no: it was not all about the beads. It was about seeing friends and talking without the passion we share. And celebrate that passion with even more Trollbeads!


Trollbeads Fest 2010










Now I remember something funny. At the hotel I saw other (non-Trollie) guests looking at us as we were all dressed up with as many beads we could wear. What were they thinking? Well, at least that we were a very happy bunch of people. This year I am not able to go to the Fest, but I recommend to everyone who is still doubting, to go. If you want to have a great time and meet all your Friends from Trollbeads Gallery Forum, the weekend of September 23 and 24th is one you can’t miss.

describe the image

                                The skeleton crew in 2010!

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Photograher Celia Pearson Writes on Icon Jewellery Design:Trollbeads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 @ 20:11 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Icon of Jewellrey Trollbeads

Professional photographer Celia Pearson was visiting recently and I handed her the Trollbeads Coffee Table Book to watch her reaction.  Celia is a highly visual person and I wanted to see her reaction from a non Trollbeads collector's point of view.  While she finds Trollbeads fascinating, she isn't a jewelry person.  I always show, discuss and sell the book to Trollbeads collectors and I thought it would be fascinating to hear Celia's impressions.  She has illustrated books with her photography and I was eager to see what her reaction would be.  To understand Trollbeads could she see it from the the pages within this book?  I think she did!  LR


I was visiting Louise Rogers recently and she introduced me to the book An Icon in Jewellery Design: Trollbeads.  She’d already introduced me to Trollbeads. I think they are fascinating and beautiful - so creatively designed. I haven’t purchased any, but that’s only because I’m a person who wears very little jewelry.  When we opened this book together, Louise and I, I was immediately drawn to its strong and vibrant photographs. I am a lifelong photographer, so it was natural that I would notice the images.

All at once I understood Trollbeads better. The story of this family, and its company and designers, is compelling. Just as the beads come alive in the creative and inspired hands of the designers, the story comes alive in the book’s amazing photographs. All are flawlessly composed, and without exception the images are imbued with a sense of vitality and energy. There is life in these pages.

Trollbeads, too, seem to be imbued with this same life (so well described by the book’s stunning close-up photographs of them), and now I see that the vibrancy and integrity of the humans behind these beads is part of that life. They are an inspired and inspiring community and not only do they share who they are in this book, they seem as well to invite us to become a part of them.

This family and company have an unerring sense of and ability to share what I believe many of us want. I believe we want fine things, a sense of the life all around us (and in us), and community. Beauty, vitality, connection. The photographs in this book power that message, and the Trollbeads take on an added significance as they become a symbol for those things.

Thanks, Louise!

Celia Pearson


Celia Pearson Biography

Celia Pearson has been a fine art and assignment photographer for many years. Richard Bond’s lectures in Annapolis, Maryland in the 1970’s sparked a passion that has defined her adult life. Her fine art photographs are collected privately and are in two permanent museum collections: The Academy Art Museum in Easton, MD, and The New Bedford Museum of Glass in New Bedford, MA. Her work has been shown in galleries in Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The Cape Cod Museum of Art has just mounted an exhibit of her sea glass images that will continue through October 10, 2010. 

Pearson’s photographs of architecture, interiors, and gardens have been published in national magazines such as Coastal Living, Metropolitan Home, Southern Accents, and Residential Architect. Book credits include Pure SEA GLASS published by Sea Glass Publishing, with more than 85,000 copies sold since publication in 2004; and Wayne L. Good Architect: Tradition Elegance, Repose, a monograph published in four languages.

As a result of the book Pure SEA GLASS Pearson's work came to the attention of Maryland Public Television and was the subject of a segment on ArtWorks. MPT’s host, Rhea Feikin, described Pearson’s “innate ability to find the essence of an object that resonates with beauty”.

The artist lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

To Celia, Many thanks for looking into my world! Louise

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The Intangible Energy of Trollbeads, Missing in All Other Brands

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Nov 14, 2010 @ 08:11 AM


Trollbeads Gallery Trollbead image






Trollbeads is the original interchangeable bead line and through its 35 years Trollbeads continues to show its collectors why they remain head over heels ahead of the dozens of subsequent copycat bead lines.   Yes, there is at least one other company, Pandora, that has higher recognition in the market place, has higher sales and is many times larger but that is not what being top is all about.  Definitely not in my book because Pandora’s size and sheer volume has made the brand too common. What is there in Pandora to be emotionally committed to? How can you feel passion for a conglomerate making cookie cutter beads?  Trollbeads as a company, as a brand and as a product is so much more for so many reasons.  Is it that Trollbeads is still family owned and run?   Is it that Trollbeads are created by true artists who start with their sketches then moving on to wax models and then to the actual mold? Trollbeads are not computer generated designs like other bead brands. If you think of Trollbeads as a “being”, which many of us do whatever the reason, Trollbeads is the true folk hero of bead lines.  A major category of folk hero is ‘the defender of the smaller populace against the oppression or corruption of the established power structure’.  How perfect is that for Trollbeads when looking at Trollbeads in the bead marketplace today? Trollbeads does not bend to the common marketplace pressure to deliver beads like the other brands do such as cute cartoon-like children, puppies and birthday cakes. The Trollbeads designers continue to have the artistic freedom to create beads they believe in. Throughout the years Trollbeads collectors have contributed to this heroic brand through understanding the true essence of Trollbeads and understanding the deeper personal meaning to each bead. Just look at this year's winning "People's Bead Award" winner "Ice Bear" by Kristi Denning. Almost the whole of the Trollbeads collecting world voted on it because it fits the collection perfectly.  The "Ice Bear" bead truly captures the spirit of Trollbeads, the voters and Kristi's passion for the environment.  Brand new bead!

In October 2010 Trollbeads Gallery and Rogers Gallery presented the first Trollbeads Fest or “convention” of its kind in the United States. Creating the perfect weekend for collectors meant the planning took months of work but it was all worth it. Trollbeads Fest was a huge success. Mary Jo Coe, the National Director of sales at TrollbeadsUS who was present at Trollbeads Fest 2010 said “Incredibly the event was the “essence” of what Trollbeads is all about.”  There is an intangible energy within Trollbeads that brings out a similar energy in its collectors and its this phenomenon that is creating a cult like following for Trollbeads.  It is incredible to be a part of it and to watch it in action. I can’t put my finger on it but it is truly magical and to many of us that is what Trollbeads is all about. If you would like to see more of the Trollbeads spirit you may want to go to the website for the Trollbeads Fest and look through the slideshow of images.

Take a look at Trollbeads Gallery Forum.  It is clearly a very energetic group of some of the most enthusiastic Trollbeads fans in the world.  The Trollbeads Fest became a reality through the Forum and for many of us that are active forum members the closeness we all felt at the Trollbeads Fest was not unexpected.  For many it was a continuation of friendships that have formed through Trollbeads all over the world because of this one shared passion, our very own folk hero beads, Trollbeads.  It may be a shame so many cookie cutter bead brands have sullied the market since Trollbeads were born but the people who truly understand and feel the energy Trollbeads exude, it matters not.

What are your thoughts as a collector? 

Trollbeads Fest 2010 Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Fest! 2010 Very Happy Attendees!

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A Post Trollbeads Fest! 2010 Open Letter

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Oct 22, 2010 @ 18:10 PM

Trollbeads Fest Rpgers Gallery Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Fest! 2010

Rogers Gallery /Trollbeads Gallery

New Bedford, Mass.

October 15 & 16 2010



Post Trollbeads Fest! 2010 Letter

Dear Trollbeads Fans,

How can I thank you all enough for everything you each brought to our amazing event? It has been referred to as a truly historical event for Trollbeads in the U.S. and we should all be proud to have been a part of it.  I have tried to imagine what I would say to you but words can’t quite express it.  Having been present, you know what I mean. 

There was something magical in our midst, palpable yet indescribable.  Mary Jo Coe, the National Sales Director for TrollbeadsUS, summed it up by saying what we created and what the event embodied was exactly what Trollbeads is all about.   So I thought I would sum up the event in Trollbeads.

Friendship Bead.  Do you realize that our Forum is only 1 ½ years old and we were more like old friends at a high school reunion? Look at some of the photos and you’ll see why I think that. The closeness we all felt allowed us to” let our hair down” and be who we are and enjoy the moment with friends and with Trollbeads. Our forum had brought together a very real sense of ourselves relating to each other through our hearts.

Pax Bead. Having the designer, Suzanne Hopping and her husband with us from Australia created a sense of the world just as she portrayed it.  Protected by the doves wings we were safe amongst each other to celebrate our love of Trollbeads and our own community.

Waves Bead. How was I to know about the Northeaster storm hitting New England mid-October when I planned the event and the accompanying Harbor Cruises?  Frede got a wave in the face and I know a lot of you other hardy souls did to!

Three Monkeys Bead.  There was definitely mischief about!  The monkeys were busy will pranks and tricks although I would love to name you all, I can’t! 1 monkey would be Maddog, 2 would be his sidekick Mary Maddog and 3 would be Mary Anna the screamer!

Angel and Devil bead.  Dearest Frede, with your smooth southern accent and your tall stature you resemble an angel in all ways…but boy what a devil you are!  Our Soren didn’t know what he was in for!

Lucky Knot bead.  This bead is for luck and happiness and we surely had luck and happiness all covered for our Trollbeads Fest. My face still hurts from all the smiling and laughing.

Harmony bead. Most importantly this bead is about harmony, something our gathering was graced with and out friendships are sealed by.

Victory bead. This I dedicate to New Bedford’s Mayor, Scott Lang.  At our dinner Saturday night Scott gave a great talk sharing his love of New Bedford and its history for everyone to take home and share. Scott has been leading New Bedford to rise again to its past prominence with grace and intelligence, which are two things not often seen in politics.  Thank you to Scott and to his wife Gig, our courageous event planner!

Transition Man bead. I definitely want to give a “Hat’s off” to all the wonderfully patient and enabling spouses.  What amazing men!  I have never seen such supportive men and the best were the ones that ended up sporting their own Trollbeads by the end of the Fest!  You guys are the real men!


Yesterday all of our gang from Rogers Gallery and Trollbeads Gallery assembled for a post Trollbeads Fest meeting.  Before I knew what was happening Carole, Penni, Nate, Marjorie, Ruth and Gig were all chattering about Trollbeads Fest! 2011.    Did you all notice I left Ben’s name out of it… actually we are all on board for next year.  So many people wanted to be there that could not be this time around that for we owe it to them and to everyone else asking for Trollbeads Fest! 2011, we are off and running!!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and who made the effort to travel to be a part of this amazing event.  We all made it what it was. 

Warm regards,


PS. If you have not joined Our Trollbeads Gallery Forum do so! You can catch all of the photos from Trollbeads Fest and believe me they are high on the factor!



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