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My Life With Trollbeads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Aug 12, 2011 @ 20:08 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Spirt of freedom I thought Friday night would be a perfect time to have a totally uninformative blog on Trollbeads.  It's been my mission to share information of all things Trollbeads and to spread the artistic and creative history...but not tonight.  Tonight I am going to be very self indulgent and talk about myself and my life with Trollbeads. That was your warning to either stop reading or laugh along with me.

I've recently had a few interactions with professional people who are involved in marketing, event coordinating, and social media. They have asked me how I am able to juggle everything I do on the internet with Trollbeads. The only answer I can give is that I live Trollbeads morning, noon, night and even the middle of the night. Some of you can attest to this as the hours of my email answers are downright embarrassing.  The problem is this is not the answer these professionals are looking for.  They want a concrete answer from me.  Imagine the conversation, if you will.  On one hand you have a marketing expert who really wants to know a qualitative or quantitative answers from me because they view me as being a social marketing success. "How many hours to you do you spend writing your blog?" Or "what percentage of conversions do you have on your Facebook page?"  I should also say that they are probably wondering how I've managed it at all at my age. I will admit the to you thing one thing I can qualify and that is it's a  good thing these interviews have been held over the phone so they can't see me processing bead photos in Photoshop or see me checking my in-box as the conversation continues. I think I know what they want to hear but the only answer I can honestly give them can't explain it in their terms.  I have no secrets, I have no schedule, I have no hidden staff of internet search engine assistants, I have no degree in marketing, I have no superior knowledge of the trends in social marketing and I am not paying for Google ads.

What I do have is a life that is 90% embedded in Trollbeads, just like the news teams on the battle front. The other 10% is for my family, my friends...who have thinned out STE (Since my Trollbeads Era) and for my two orphan stores (did I mention I have 3 Facebook pages?).*

How could I ever explain to these sharp marketers that all this perceived "marketing success" I have... has all been the result of a totally all consuming, totally obsessive and totally authentic love affair I am having with Trollbeads.

Cheers, Louise




*the numbers don't the orphans and "like" them.

1.) Trollbeads Gallery Facebook       9000+ likes

2.) Rogers Gallery Facebook           200+ likes

3.) Surroundings Home Facebook   100+ likes

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