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The 2014 Trollbeads Retirement

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jan 27, 2014 @ 11:01 AM

Farewell to the newest beads to be retired!

It seems that so many things occur simultaneously with Trollbeads that sometimes it’s easy to miss something as important as a major retirement.   Once every year or two Trollbeads will discontinue making a number of beads and these beads become discontinued or “retired”.  There are always a variety of reasons for each bead’s demise but every retirement helps make room for the new beads Trollbeads releases throughout the year. 

2014 retired Trollbeads

              Zanzibar                        Pax                           Nightingale                 Purple Kit

I am writing this blog to make sure collectors are well aware of the retirement as even some retailers missed its announcement.   As I already mentioned between the new 2014 Trollbeads Spring release and the Spring Release Debut Events partnering with the 2 limited edition release beads it would be easy to miss this final item…the retirement.

2014 Trollbeads Retirement

I won’t mention all the beads as you can go to our website and see them all listed there in one category, but I will mention the ones I personally will miss the most.  As far as silver beads go if you don’t yet own the Zanzibar bead think about getting one now before they are gone.  It has been in line for a very long time and it is a classic bead and a great size with a great texture.  The Scottish Terrier is a sweet bead and it is the only dog “breed” bead that exists.   I am sad that the first “People’s Bead” Winning bead, the Pax bead is going also.  This is the first winning bead so it is very monumental that it is being retirement.  The “Pax” bead designer, Suzanne Hopping, from Australia joined us for our first Trollbeads Fest and I am proud to call her a friend and I am sad her bead is leaving the line.  Suzanne has gone on to design many beads in a variety of themes.   A second winning “People’s Bead” the World Within, also designed by an Australian Linda Karuso, is also leaving the line in this retirement.  Both of these winning "People's beads" are a must for your collection!

I find it interesting that many of the beads in this retirement are the smaller scale beads.  I know my collectors like the larger scale beads so this is not a surprise to me.   Falling Leaves, Coral Branch, Happy Fish, World Within are all small scale beads but can have a great place on the end of your chains or on a chain of just small silver beads.  Three large beads are going and they are Koala, Panda and Big Earth.  

Two silver and gold beads are leaving the line this time and I am very sad to see the Nightingale leave the line.  The detail in this bead is phenomenal and the golden bird is beautiful.  The Three Stars has always been a slow seller for me but again it may have been due to the smaller scale.

2014 2 retired Trollbeads   Happy Fish                   Spring Drop                      Big Earth               Black & White Kit

In this retirement we see that it is black and white beads and older purple beads that are leaving the line.  The entire Purple Kit (as shown in photo) is being retired. If you look at the advancement of style of the newer beads you can see why these are going. There are two Black and White kits retiring but the entire kit is not going they have developed another kit to reposition the black and white beads that aren't going.

Look at all three of the "Drop" season beads that are leaving the line.  Winter, Spring and Autumn are all going!  Drops on bracelets always add a another layer of interest!

  It is truly very cool when you look at how the styles have changed and how they have developed as the years go by.  There are many retired beads that are glorious but with each retirement the history of Trollbeads becomes deeper and it gives us a chance to consider each bead and make sure we have the ones we want before they are gone!   The good news is that retirements are now announced before the beads are gone and we all have a chance to add them to our collection.  In the early days the beads were retired without any notice and the beads were gone! So take advantage of the retirement "fore-warning" and remember when you purchase in kit form you save $31.00 by getting one of the six beads free!

NB:Please note that if you want any of these beads but can't financially commit at this time we will be happy to save them for you and set up a payment plan.  This is a great way to purchase the "Nighingale" Trollbead!


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"No More Re-issuing Retired Trollbeads" Word Has Been Given

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 21, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Joyful(Joyful is shown on the left)


It has been a very interesting few weeks in the Trollbeads world.  If you don't know what I'm talking about drop down to the blog discussion prior to this and read the commentaries.  We definitely have 2 camps of thought but there is news from Trollbeads and it concerns a decision that no more retired beads will be re-released.  I know that this will sadden those of you who were hoping for a Crane or the Old Fruit but the old beads will remain what they are-old and hard to find Trollbeads.  This will make many older collectors ecstatic.

For quite a few years I have been involved with the retired beads and it's something I am known for.  When someone wants to sell they come to me and if someone is interested in buying they come to my site Trollbeads Gallery and find the retired bead section. I have been fortunate to be able to offer the price to pay the collectors have been asking but they have come to the value by searching other websites and auction ending prices.  The internet has a wealth of knowledge and history about many sales of items from clean fill to Trollbeads. If anyone has done the research you will find the prices for older retired Trollbeads to be very high.  Trollbeads dealers have close to nothing to do with this as we price the beads and for the most part we only add enough for overhead and for the cost of selling the bead.  This includes the 3-4.5% we are charged by our credit card processor or Paypal.  This means the prices of the older beads are legitimately the price they are.  If there is high demand and few beads we know what the value will be.  Another issue in the retired Trollbead world is the fact that in the earlier releases compared to the last 6 or 7 years Trollbeads production was much more limited.  Think about when they made beads just for Denmark, as they did in the beginning. The numbers were low and that's why beads like "Big Fruit" and the set of Monkeys or any of the really early beads are so valuable.  There just were not many made.  Move up a few years with Trollbeads selling in 60 countries and the bead production has to sustain this and they produce the quantity for the collectors they now have. This means the recent retirements, meaning 2008,2010 and 2012 will never reach the value of the original beads because of the large numbers they made.

Imagine you have been a collector for 5-10 years and you've been focused on attaining the "Chicken in the Egg", the "Joyful" and others all at the current going rate of $800 plus.  You have bid on autions all over the world, stayed up all hours watching the price go up and up until you bid well beyond your limit to win that elusive bead.  It's not just ownership that gives pleasure, it's the passion of the pursuit and the pride of the total collection that pushes your buttons. It isn't just a collection when you are in the high stakes with this kind of puchase and for some, investment.  It's the whole picture including all of what Trollbeads are about and what the company is about.  You have put all your faith into this company and you know they would not do anything to hurt the value of your collection.  Are you still with me here?  You look at your collection and you see the amount of passion and money you have expended without an ounce of regret...that is until you hear that there are plans to recreate these same beads in huge numbers so everyone can share the bead.  The re-release of Joyful was an emotional event for long time collectors and for those of you who are newer collectors and could not understand this I hope you can now see it from their point of view.  Yes indeed it is nice that Joyful can be in everyone's collection but there are so many other wonderful new beads that can accomplish a very similar look, such as the Silver Whorl.

The great news is Trollbeads did in fact hear the pain so many of you felt and expressed and will not reissue any retired bead. Think of that. Can you think of any other company that actually listened to the wishes of their customers this directly? As I began this discussion there are 2 camps here and for those of you who were hoping for a "Crane" or a "Big Fruit" take joy in the fact that so many great beads are introduced each year and enjoy the new ones as I know I do as I personally don't have the older beads except in the museum. If you do want some retired beads many recently retired beads are still available at your local Trollbeads dealers or if not there, try through our retired beads section on Trollbeads Gallery.

Additional thoughts:  I should say "for the immediate future" all plans have ceased as far as making any more old beads over again.  As for the distant future...well you know business. Decisions in the business world are changed all the time so I think I'll leave it open to what may happen a few years out. 

Trollbeads Gallery Cobalt N

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Our Trollbeads Museum is Growing with Retirement Coming!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Jan 03, 2012 @ 15:01 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Museum    Here is one side of the Trollbeads Gallery/Rogers Gallery free standing museum. The museum has a total of 4 sides. We display it at Trollbeads Fest each year and many attendees love studying the older beads and learn a lot about the Trollbeads line this way!  Each year we add more of the very old and hard to find beads.

The museum is comprised of only Retired Trollbeads and in the next few weeks there will be a large retirement of Trollbeads so we need to add an addition to our museum!  Every couple of years or so Trollbeads decides which beads they will retire.  With many new beads introduced through out the year and where it is the aim of Trollbeads to keep the line to around 400 beads the retirements are essential.  Trollbeads has had a history of retiring beads every 2 years or so.

We all have opinions on which beads we love and which we will be sorry to lose but many factors go into deciding which beads will earn their "gold watch" and be retired.  Obviously the beads that sell the less or the beads that have ended up difficult for collectors to work into a design. With this retirement we will see that there are many "Glass 1" Trollbeads going as well as silver beads and gold beads. 

Jellyfish Trollbeads Gallery                Sometimes is may be the size or weight of a bead that determines a retirement as many of the larger beads use a lot of gold or silver and where the raw precious metals market continues to increase it makes the large beads expensive so they sell less.  With this retirement the "Snowman" is a good example of that.  I have always sold this bead well during the holiday time and I am very sad to see it go. Another bead I will miss is the "Jellyfish" bead and I sell this one very well but my store is on the coast so this may be why but I know it is a heavier bead also.  "Mouse With Cheese" as heavy is going to.  Other heavy silver Trollbeads to be retired include "Find Your Pet", "Magician" and "Circus Elephant".  As far as slow selling beads go I think maybe 95% of you will admit we won't miss the "Twister".  Funky though it was it was also scary for many!

 Trollbeads Gallery 18K Jugend            In the gold beads I will be very sorry to see the 18K Jugend leave the line.  It was a slow seller due to it's size and price but I for one have set aside for myself.  Both of the 18K  "Transformation Man" and "Transformaiton Woman" are being retired as is the 18K Unity bead.  With today's high gold prices selling any of the gold beads have become more rare then when I started selling 6 years ago.  The 18K Pearl Lock is going and I know many who love that lock but perhaps they will introduce another gold lock to replace it!

   Trollbeads Gallery Black Squirrel            The Glass 1 beads list heading into retirement is the longest list.  It has over 15 items and while it has a lot I've never used it also includes beads I adore.  Make sure you pick up "Black Squirrel", (Shown on left) "Deep Bubbles", "Wild Cat", "Brown Desert", "Red Feather", "Blue-Green Feather" and some of the others that are on the list.  I will have a complete list on Trollbeads Gallery.

 Click To view the list of beads set to retire on January 26, 2012


Below are some of the older Trollbeads we added to the Trollbeads Gallery museum in 2011.


Trollbeads Gallery museum beads

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Labradorite: Precious Stone Bead from Trollbeads has Power!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Aug 01, 2010 @ 07:08 AM

Trollbeads Labradorite troll bead Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Labradorite Stone Troll bead

In 2008 Trollbeads introduced the first release of Precious Stone Beads.   It was the beginning of what would become a very strong category for Trollbeads.   Designed by Lise Aagaard, they are faceted beads made entirely of stone with the standard Trollbeads silver core.  The stone beads are roughly 13 mm x 6 mm which makes them wider than the glass Trollbeads and taller than the Prism glass Trollbeads.   Each facet is cut into the raw stone as a diamond cutter would cut a diamond and for this reason the Precious Stone beads create a totally new reflection for your Trollbead jewelry.  The Prism beads have facets but Prisms are glass beads created in a mold so the facets have softer edges and aren’t as sharp and reflective as the facets in the stone beads.

One of my favorites is the Labradorite Precious Stone Bead.  Although the color of the stone is gray with streaks of black veining, the stone displays an array of colors according to the angle of light refraction.  This is what makes this one stone so much more fascinating to people.  The arrays of colors that “flash” within the stone can be greens, blues, pinks and yellows. The flash is referred to as “Labradorescence”.  Troll collectors are always on the hunt for the flash colors that go with a particular color theme Trollbead bracelet but they end up being more and more charmed by the unpredictability of the flashes and the color ends up not mattering as much.  Each stone seems to speak to the person selecting it.

Labradorite, sometimes referred to as spectrolyte, is a mineral that belongs to the plagioclase feldspar group. The chemical elements are a combination of sodium, calcium, silicone and aluminum. This mineral distinguishes itself through its mysterious and captivating iridescent glow and each Labradorite Trollbead will have it.  I have personally seen all four color families as mentioned above, but I have also seen the exterior of the stone come in light grays to very dark grays.   On the Mohrs Scale, which ranks the hardness of stones on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the diamond, Labradorite is a 6.5.  Labradorite ranks at the top of the semi-precious stones in both brilliance and hardness.

I have enjoyed researching the various stones and discovering the different meanings each stone has.  There is so much legend and lore to stones and I can see why Trollbeads has chosen to add stones to the line as so many of the Troll beads are developed from lore and legends.  For many centuries, the occult used labradorite to relieve conditions such as headaches, depression and anxiety. The curative powers of labradorite heal illnesses associated with the eyes, brain and the intestinal tract.   In today’s world Labradorite is considered a “power” stone.  Having the stone will allow you to see through layers and illusions to determine what your actual dreams are.  It is also believed that labradorite will strengthen your intuitive powers, stimulate your imagination and creativity and also help you to develop new ideas through deeper interest and enthusiasm.  As a talisman Labradorite helps you see more clearly, without distractions, in meditation.  Do you have your Labradorite Trollbead yet? Trollbeads Gallery is happy to hunt for the best Labradorite bead for you and will send photographs if needed.

 From the Trollbeads Description: This stone is also known as the transformation stone, or star stone. It is said to contain dust from the stars and the bluish-green iridescent light that shines from its heart, is the light from a star fog embedded there by alien creatures from strange worlds. It gives strength and constitution.

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When Are New Trollbeads Introduced?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Jul 06, 2010 @ 18:07 PM
Earth Bead Reissued Retired Trollbead.describe the image

New Trollbeads Releases are a very exciting time for everyone involved with Trollbeads! Trollbeads  introduces new products to its line throughout the year.  These new introductions are one of the ways Trollbeads stays ahead of the design curve by always challenging the norm to create something exciting, new and fresh.  There are usually two large introductions of new Troll beads to the existing line per year.  You will notice new color themes among the glass beads introductions and subject themes among the silver and gold beads.

Some of the new Trollbeads introductions include Limited Edition (L.E.)Trollbeads and are only offered to Premium Partner dealers. Trollbeads Gallery is a Platinum Level Premium Partner and receives the limited edition beads upon release. Trollbeads Gallery announces all new release bead information to our email list so be sure you have signed up! These smaller limited edition Trollbeadsl releases occur throughout the year.

The new products may include Italian glass beads in the three Glass Groups,faceted semi precious stone beads,18K gold beads, silver beads, new Trollbeads locks along with other new items of supporting jewelry. In early 2010 the Troll leather bracelets added a whole new dimension and a new way to wear your Trollbeads.

Each introduction is a very exciting time for Trollbeads, Trollbeads dealers and for the Trollbeads collectors. August will be our next big new Trollbeads introduction which will include the People's Bead 2010, the re-release voted for from the Trollbeads Museum from all the retired Trollbeads.

Earth was a collaborative design between Nicolas Aagaard and his grandfather Svend. It came to life in 2000 the same year that the Trollbeads 'bead on bracelet' concept was copied for the first time.

You'll find Earth, along with the Autumn Collection, at your local retailer from August 2010 (from Trollbeads Universe)

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Trollbeads is a Journey, Not a Destination

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 05, 2010 @ 20:07 PM

Yellow bracelet 2

I have a unique perspective from a Trollbeads collectors point of view and this has helped me understand something.  Not only am I a Troll collector, I have a Trollbeads store , I am a seller of Retired Trollbeads, a Trollbeads Gallery Forum moderator and manager, a Trollbeads website manager and that's just the tipof the iceberg.

My perspective is one of experience, research and personal friendships to the largest and most enthusiastic collectors of Trollbeads around the world.  Some of these personal collections rival the inventories of many authorized Trollbeads stores. But these collections aren't created by greed or by the  "have to have more than so and so" thoughts, they are created by a depth of passion that goes way beyond many of the "collectables" of recent decades. Compare it to other subsequent beads lines, all of todays bead line are subsequent to Trollbeads so pick any of them and make a comparison.  There is none.  No other line has the depth of colors and materials Trollbeads has not do the silver and gold beads have the fine artistic quality to them.  There just isn't another bead that can muster this much passion and when one starts collecting them  they just can't and won't stop.  There are over 500 beads in todays offerings but that doesn't even begin to describe the color families of glass or the color families of jade, pearls, aventurines, you name it.  The best part of this unparalleled selection is that collectors join in the creative process and design bracelets, many of them, based on themes,color ways, personal meanings and eras of the beads themselves.  When there is 35 years of Trollbead history, there are plenty of eras from which to create and to draw from for the many ideas you may have.

When working on your Ocean or water themed Troll bracelets make sure you visit our Retired Trollbeads Gallery to see the Flounder bead! Hurry before he gets away!  Or when you start working on your pale blue themed Trollbeads bracelet check out the Light Blue Stripe.

So don't ever consider your bracelet finished if your chain is full, it is only the beginning of your Trollbeads Journey.

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