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Summing up the year Trollbeads 2010

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Feb 02, 2011 @ 17:02 PM

With all the outstanding Trollbeads releases in 2010 it has taken a full 5 articles to complete the story, with this being the final one.  The World Tour of Trollbeads continued with the set for Italy.Trollbeads Gallery Italian World Tour beads The glass bead was created in the colors of the Italian Flag and the silver beads all had great meaning to the history of Italy including pasta wrapping around a fork!

The final World Tour Trollbeads set for 2010 was for Holland complete with 4 beads also including a windmill, wooden shows and a bead representing Van Gogh's Sunflowers! All great designs for a great country filled with many Trollbeads fanatics!

Trollbeads Gallery World Tour Trollbeads Holland







You would think the year was full and productive as it stood but next came the extraordinary "Skeleton" necklace, available only in Europe. It was sensationally dramatic with a gold collar and it was unlike anything yet produced by Trollbeads. This may have not been the most popular release due to its size and price but it served to show us there is still a wildly adventurous side to this great company!  I would love to find one for our Trollbeads Museum!Trollbeads Gallery Skeleton Necklace

The most popular release was the introduction of the Limited Edition Picasso Jasper Trollbeads.  These are natural, organic and very popular! It's releases like this one that puts Trollbeads so far above the other brands and I hope they never stop testing the limits. Each Picasso Jasper bead has a variety of veining and colorations giving great drama.

Trollbeads Gallery Picasso JasperNatural stone, when polished, has a quality to it that separates if from glass and amber giving it Trollbeads a nother whole medium to offer its collectors.

Trollbeads Gallery offers the Picasso Jasper here!




The last release for 2010 was the Holiday Trollbeads collection offering a few very spirited beads! New earring components, the Ice Bear, Sparkling Star, Pink Diamonds bead were among the new releases along with others shown in the image below.

Trollbeads Gallery WInter beads release


Accompanying the Winter Trollbeads were two sets of new glass offered as a Limited Edition.Christmas in Hawaii and Christmas in Australia each offers a new depth of colors and designs never before seen!Hawaii Australia Christmas Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Gallery offers the Limited Edition Christmas Trollbeads here! They are available both as sets and as individual beads.

Thank you for your outstanding imagination and creativity Trollbeads!! We all very excited with anticipation for 2011!

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Trollbeads Year in Review, 2010 Part 4

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jan 30, 2011 @ 10:01 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Earth bead


As the year 2010 moves forward in the land of Trollbeads, the company puts forth a vote to the collectors to celebrate the completion of the Trollbeads Museum, a virtual museum showcasing the history of Trollbeads through all of the beads ever released. We were all asked to vote on the one bead we would like to see re-released to herald the new museum.  The winner was announced on May 31st...the big Earth bead designed by Nicolas Aagaard, a third generation Trollspring.* It would be released in the fall release. We love having the bead a part of the collection, thank you Nicolas!
The summer brought us the new earring componants and the announcement second annual People's Bead contest. The U.S. was thrilled that the winner was one of our own, Kristi Denning! Her "Ice Bear" design was introduced with much success in the Trollbeads December release.Ice Bear Trollbeads Gallery




Fall brought the introduction of the World Tour with the introduction of individual country sets of beads. The first stop was appropriately Denmark. The beads included an amber bead, a glass flower bead and 2 silver beads. They are shown below.

World Tour Trollbeads Gallery









The World Tour beads are available only within the country of release yet with the determination of most collectors, many share with friends around the world.  I think my favorite bead is the Frog Prince from Germany.  The German set is featured below!

We will finish up the year with our final article of 2010's year in review part 5!

*Trollspring definition=noun. authentic trollbeads offspring.



Trollbeads Gallery Germany Trollbeads

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