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Free Unique Trollbead by Purchasing $99 Trollbeads & CONTEST

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 20:04 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Unique beadsExciting News!! 

From May 1st to May 12th Trollbeads Gallery will be offering you a free unique bead when you spend $99 on our website!  You can go directly to our Unique bead offerings by clicking on this link:  Trollbeads Gallery Unique Beads.

Trollbeads is offering this to Celebrate Mother's Day! Thank you Trollbeads!

To follow Trollbeads guidelines you may only receive one free bead at a time so if you spend  $99 (and slightly over) you can chose one free unique bead but to receive more than one bead free you need to place multiple orders!   In other words if you intend to spend $300 (or more) you can get 3 free Unique beads but you have to do it in 3 separate transactions.   To receive the free Unique bead just add it to your cart and as you are checking out simply type in Free Unique Bead in the "Coupon Code" box.  If by any chance you find a unique bead that is higher than the $45.00, which is the  average unique bead cost, your invoice will show the $45.00 credit only. 

I will be adding Unique beads every day as usual so keep checking back as the days go by!

You may want to go through our popular "Twins and Trios" category were we list unique beads in twos and in threes.  Four of the kits are shown above. Like my regular unique bead offerings I try to add new kits daily.  Many people like to have matching glass beads to wear on either side of a silver bead on the Trollbeads Bangle bracelet and the trios are great because we match 3 beads for you so there is not so much guessing if you are worried about your ability to match on-line!


Build You Own Trollbeads Bracelet Contest! 

Another new program brought to you from Trollbeads!

This is very simple!  All you have to do is visit:'s-New page and fill out an entry form.  That's it!  Enjoy the deep wealth of the site while you are there.  The Trollbeads Museum is fascinating and there is a wealth of information for you.

Last day to enter is 5-12-13 and there is no purchase necessary. Check back to the same site for the results!

From Trollbeads Universe:

Enter to Win!Sunglasses silver bead

Build Your Own bracelet ($500 value) or Start Your Story Bracelet ($99 value)!

Two winners will be selected and announced the week of June 3rd.


Good luck and enjoy :)

No purchase necessary!



















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Our Forum has 12 Finalists in Trollbeads People's Bead Contest!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Ice Bear and Pax bead

This is so exciting!!!  When you consider the thousands of entries Trollbeads gets for their annual People's Bead contest it is so exciting to have 12 of these finalists on Trollbeads Gallery Forum. This is the 4th year of the contest and this year was the first year a topic was given and it was based on spirituality.  If you haven't looked at the finalists yet on Trollbeads Universe please do and take the time to vote for your favorite can vote more than on one bead!  Quick-the voting is over on February 26th! So act fast!

The Finalists from Trollbeads Gallery Forum:

Sarah Schoenauer, Brenda Rappo, Kristi Denning, Iris Morrow, Sherrie Pennington, Anne Lilleby, Tina Parker, Linda Karuso, Maria af Rolen, Sue Dowling, Erica Mizzie, Suzanne Hopping, Michele Dellanno.


I wonder what the odds are that 12 winners are a part of this group.  I am not taking personal credit for anything but I have heard it discussed often there is something magical about our Forum and it has something to do with being a part of a group who collectively drench themselves in the spirit of Trollbeads day in and day out in the spirit of sharing your passion in an open and caring way.  I was never a joiner of groups but this has been a perfect example of what being a part of a group can do.  It's capable of providing the positive power to build your sense of esteem and knowledge on the group's common interest. It also affects your willingness to put yourself out there for the whole world to see and to vote on.  Our finalists first had to come up with a concept, then work the ideas into designs and then they had to have the inner strength to submit them.  I think of the commitment they all had and hope you can follow the link to TrollbeadsUniverse and vote for our winners. It is up to us to show the entrants how proud we are of all of them!

Congratulations to all. 

Louise Rogers

Photo above is the Pax and Ice Bear Trollbeads both People's Bead Contest winners from 2009 and 2010 by Suzanne Hopping and Kristi Denning respectively.  Below is Kristi holding the model of her Ice Bear at Trollbeads Fest 2010 and a picture of Suzanne and me (I'm sure we were drinking ginger ale) at the same Trollbeads Fest. Suzanne was visiting from Australia and Kristi is from Maryland. 

Kristi at Trollbeads Fest   

          Louise Rogers,Suzanne Hopping Trollbeads Gallery

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Six Trollbeads That Can Offer You Something Different

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 18, 2011 @ 11:07 AM

 Trollbeads Bracelets with White cap




Just recently I received an order of Trollbeads and as I was looking over the White Cap beads I noticed that out of 24 I had 2 that were so out of the ordinary, I put them aside!  The bright green was more dominant than the blue greens and I know they’ll be a use for that bead for someone for a design needing that color! You can see many of the White Cap beads above in this Trollbeads Bracelet.

When you want to be inspired to build a new bracelet look at the Glass 1, 2 and 3 Trollbeads but look for the differences and try to find something so different that it will be special.  There are many beads that have different appearances than their sister beads because the glass Trollbeads are all created by different artists with different subtle techniques and for a lot of the beads look for different sizes.  Many look at these differences as problematic but I don’t.  I look at them like they are “almost uniques” and I try to find a way to use these beads to their best advantage that I might not use their sister bead for. It seems that many of us Trollies love a good challenge.

Beads to look for these kind of differences in:

White Cap: Besides the bright green tones look for the pink deep within the bead!

Azure Bubbles: Now the differences in this bead really is quite obvious and this bead was created to be different and for this reason I always keep a couple of dozen on hand so everyone has the choice.  The colors I have used on bracelets because of the beads dominant color is: Purple, Brown, Sage Green and Blue.  If you haven’t seen a lot of this bead you may not know how many colors are represented in this one bead.Look at the variety of Azure Bubbles beads in the photo below!

Trollbeads bracelets Troll beads Gallery

Blue Desert: The color range in this bead can go from grey blue to sky blue and then you’ll see a few of these with swirls of yellow, pink and green.  We have collectors that ask for beads like this because the look is so different and the combination of colors is striking, like a sunset.

Pink Desert: This beads ranges all over the pink scale from deep pink with blue casts to a very light pink. All of these tones have a place to fit within the Troll color range.

Purple Prism: As we know many of the Purple Prisms are a shading of purple so the value is quite soft.  I love getting in the stronger color purple but it is a rare occasion! 

 Khaki Stripe: Rarely we will get the Khaki Stripe bead in with a strong hue of pink over the khaki and we have also had blue over the khaki and also has come in a soft yellow, which is quite pretty with the black contrasting stripes. In the photo below you can see a Khaki Stripe with pink!

Trollbeads Bracelets,Troll beads Gallery


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Have You Visited the Trollbeads Universe Website Yet?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 09, 2011 @ 20:03 PM


Trollbeads gallery Trollbeads UniverseTrollbeads Universe


  The end of February brought more than cold winds over from Europe, it also brought us the Aagaards. Anyone reading this Trollbeads blog is well aware, or should be, of the Trollbeads family from Denmark. The end of February was a turning point for Trollbeads in the United States because that is when the Aagaards took over the Trollbeads distributorship for the U.S. I have written about it in past blogs so if you need to catch up you can check back at the older articles. As predicted this change has been monumental for dealers and for collectors in the U.S. I think one of the biggest changes this has brought about so far, most obvious to the U.S. collectors is the loss of the TrollbeadsUS.Com website. Lund Trading, the former U.S. Trollbeads distributor, had a dynamic site for collectors and many enjoyed the use of the registry and of the bracelet builder. Unannounced, the site was taken down last week. That means anyone who still had their registries on the site, lost them. But worry not because the Aagaards have a terrific site for you to play at can have a registry, find retailers, find events and read about the history of every Trollbead ever in production. The history of Trollbeads in Europe is long and so much can be seen through the museum they have featured on the site.  It may take a while to adjust to the new playground but in time you’ll love it and feel right at home.

TrollbeadsGallery Hear No evilHere (no pun intended) is a friend you can see in Trollbeads museum on  He is one of the 3 Monkeys individually created by Svend Nielsen in 2003 and it was also retired from the line in 2003. Apparently there was no monkey business in 2003.  Whatever the reason for it's short life the 3 Monkeys are very rare. This week a very kind soul from Europe was willing to sell me her monkey, "Hear No Evil" and he arrived and stands proud amongst his fellow retirees at the U.S. Trollbeads Museum at Trollbeads Gallery. The museum grows daily!

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Trollbeads Year in Review, 2010 Part 4

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jan 30, 2011 @ 10:01 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Earth bead


As the year 2010 moves forward in the land of Trollbeads, the company puts forth a vote to the collectors to celebrate the completion of the Trollbeads Museum, a virtual museum showcasing the history of Trollbeads through all of the beads ever released. We were all asked to vote on the one bead we would like to see re-released to herald the new museum.  The winner was announced on May 31st...the big Earth bead designed by Nicolas Aagaard, a third generation Trollspring.* It would be released in the fall release. We love having the bead a part of the collection, thank you Nicolas!
The summer brought us the new earring componants and the announcement second annual People's Bead contest. The U.S. was thrilled that the winner was one of our own, Kristi Denning! Her "Ice Bear" design was introduced with much success in the Trollbeads December release.Ice Bear Trollbeads Gallery




Fall brought the introduction of the World Tour with the introduction of individual country sets of beads. The first stop was appropriately Denmark. The beads included an amber bead, a glass flower bead and 2 silver beads. They are shown below.

World Tour Trollbeads Gallery









The World Tour beads are available only within the country of release yet with the determination of most collectors, many share with friends around the world.  I think my favorite bead is the Frog Prince from Germany.  The German set is featured below!

We will finish up the year with our final article of 2010's year in review part 5!

*Trollspring definition=noun. authentic trollbeads offspring.



Trollbeads Gallery Germany Trollbeads

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