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Trollbeads Precious Stone Bead: Smoky Quartz

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Sep 26, 2010 @ 08:09 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Smoky Quartz Troll bead.

The Smoky Quartz Trollbead was one of the original precious stone beads released by Trollbeads in 2009.  Like the other natural stone Trollbeads, Smoky quartz beads can be found in a variety of shades from a light translucent smoky brown to a deep dark brown.  The scientific reason for the variety of tones in Smoky Quartz is not known but it is thought to have something to do with the amount of natural radiation the stone has been exposed to while it was in its’ original state.  It is a common practice for stone finishers to alter their precious stones and semi -precious stones by either a heat process or a radiation process to produce the most desirable colors. Most smoky quartz that is sold to rock shops and to some gem cutters has been artificially irradiated to produce a dark black color.  I have found that the tone remains constant with the Trollbeads Smoky Quartz, it’s the shade that varies.  Trollbeads collectors enjoy the hunt for a variety of shades and often want it in the whole range and will find different uses for each bead.  

Smoky Quartz is a popular stone in general and therefore can be seen used in many decorative uses besides jewelry. It has been found in Colorado, in the Swiss Alps, Brazil and Africa.  Like all other quartz stones, Smoky Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the geologists Mohs scale where 10 is the hardest. 

Smoky Quartz is only one of several quartz varieties. Other varieties that form macroscopic (large enough to see without magnification) crystals are as follows:

  • Amethyst, in shades of purple. (Available in a  Trollbeads Precious Stone Bead)
  • Citrine, is yellow to orange is rarely found naturally but can occur by heating Amethyst.
  • Milky Quartz, found in the cloudy white variety.
  • Prasiolite, is the soft green variety
  • Rock crystal, is the clear variety (no color)
  • Rose Quartz, is a pink variety (Available in a  Trollbeads Precious Stone Bead)



Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz:

As with most all gem stones there are healing properties associated with Smoky Quartz.  It is said that it is a good stone to share between people that either work together or have a relationship of some sort.  If you have a common goal with anyone, be it work related or a personal goal, it is a good stone to have.  It is said to also absorb negative thought patterns and it can bring us back to reality by cleansing and strengthening our grounding.

While many gem stones are known to attract money, it’s the Smoky Quartz that helps you keep it.  It guides you to see more clearly a better way to handle your money. 


Some stone specialists believe that keeping several smoky quartz crystals in the bedroom can help couples to overcome communication problems. With couples who have been together a long time, it helps to dissolve mental and emotional blockages that can get in the way of the two of them learning who the other person has grown to become. This is especially important because people change and relationships can sour if the relationship itself stays stagnant and doesn’t keep up with the new needs of the people involved.

Other points of interest:

  • If you work at a computer and your hands or wrists hurt from carpal tunnel syndrome, wear smoky quartz crystals as jewelry to help ease the pain. They say if you can wear a bracelet made of smoky quartz around your wrist it is particularly helpful to those with carpal tunnel. In our case I would suggest creating a Trollbeads bracelet using 5 Smoky Quartz Trollbeads, alternating with smaller silver Trollbeads so it is the Smoky Quartz that rests directly upon your wrist.
  • Smoky Quartz can be used as a protective shield to block and absorb and negative energies sent your way. You yourself may be very positive but you have no control over the bad energies thought or sent your way.  From someone who has to wait behind you in line to someone who is jealous of you for your good energy! Always wear a Trollbeads Smoky Quartz to protect yourself.
  • Are you always looking for lost items?  Are you basically unorganized so things don’t have a proper place?   They say it helps if you can put a few smoky quartz crystals around so they can help you improve your organizational skills.  So wear your Trollbeads Smoky Quartz and you will become very organized.

What are you waiting for?  If you already own a Trollbeads Smoky Quartz bead, that is great but you probably need another one!

Trollbeads Smoky Quartz         Smoky Quartz is on right side! Smoky Quartz




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