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Top 12 Best Selling Trollbeads on Trollbeads Gallery Jan-Feb

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Feb 20, 2012 @ 09:02 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Doring 2012 beads

I am always interested in seeing our websites sales statistics as far as the product numbers and in discovering what are the best sellers.  Specifically this past month because of the large release of new beads and with the retirement of so many older Trollbeads.  Each month I see stoppers and bracelets as one and two so we will skip right past that and move on to the beads.  The Mixed Armadillo, a new bead, does not surprise me as being the number 1 seller.  The green is rich and the shadings are quite beautiful and as in many glass Trollbeads there is a lot of variants from bead to bead.  The Cream Armadillo at 2 doesn't surprise me either because it's neutral and easy to use and of course everyone loves armadillos!  This bead doesn't have any variants or none that I can notice.  Number 3 is Opposites and I adore all the new barrel beads and I am thrilled the size and the resulting price has not prohibited some from getting this bead. The Coffee Cup is the 4th biggest selling of the new beads and there's no surprise there!  Who doesn't like a great cup of coffee?? Mountain Flower is a sweet Group 1 silver with a double flower. Black Squirrel coming in number 6 just goes to show you how much people will miss this bead, it is one of many leaving the collection.  Tea Cup is a great one and like Coffee Cup the price is the lowest silver price and haing a cup of tea is symbolic for taking time out to enjoy the simple things. The Valentine Bead is always a best seller in February and as a gift it's large size and beautiful framework makes it a stunning Valentine's gift. Like Black Squirrel the Red Feather has also been retired and people were busy scooping it up for their collection but maybe also for their Valentine's Bracelet.  With the retirement of this bead and "China Red" we see two less red glass beads in the line. Flying Geese, another barrel bead, is 11th and White paper fold is 12, another neutral bead. 

If you haven't had the time to see the new beads just click on the bead below and it will take you to that bead!

1.Mixed Green Armadillo

2.Cream Armadillo


4.Coffee Cup

5.Mountain Flower

6.Black Squirrel

8.Tea Cup


10. Red Feather

11.Flying Geese

12.White Paper Fold

TrollbeadsGallery 2012 SpriTell us what your favorite Trollbeads are from this most recent Trollbeads introduction.  To see them all got to What's New Trollbeads Gallery.  Hapoy Trolling!

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Trollbeads United States Reports Top 15 Selling Beads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Mar 22, 2011 @ 17:03 PM

This week Trollbeads United States published a list of their top selling beads for the last 30 days.  As expected the list is dominated by new beads but it's fun to see what has made it to the top 15! I have created a link to make it easy for you to see the beads. Just click on the bead's name and it will take you to the bead.

As someone who works with Trollbeads everyday my favorite new bead is White Cap, pictured below! Each White Cap Trollbead is very different, much like the Azure Bubbles Trollbead is different.  Some have darker blue or light green running through the bead and some even have stripes of subtle red running near the base.

Trollbeads Gallery white cap trollbeadBoth new Kits, the Flower Kit and the Bead Kit have made it to the top 15 as this is the first time North America has been offered the glass beads in Kits. The benefit is saving money because you pay for 5 beads but you get 6! 

Trollbeads Gallery flower kit63037 LShown to the left is the Beach Kit!



The List!!!

#61424 Pastel Flower

#61421 White Petals

#11149 Cherry Blossom

#63037 Flower Kit

#61415 Conch

#63036 Beach Kit

#61417 Beach

#64605 Kimono Kit

#61418 Sea Urchin

#61422 Grandma's Favorite

#11405 Double Heart

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Trollbeads New Bead Release!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Nov 07, 2010 @ 07:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery New TrollbeadsThe New Trollbeads release for the Winter 2010 is coming out in the U.S. on November 12th! There are  all sorts of wonderful new additions to the Trollbeads line!!  We are particularily excited to see the 2010 People's Bead Award Winner the "Ice Bear" bead designed by Kristi Denning from Maryland. Kristi was at our Trollbeads Fest! 2010 in October and she had with her the model she made for the contest.  The "Ice Bear" will be a huge favorite, especially for all the people who were lucky enough to meet Kristi at Trollbeads Fest. Below Kristi is holding the model for her award winning design.  Just this weed Kristi received the Gold version of the "Ice Bear" as an award from Trollbeads Denmark.

Kristi Denning Trollbeads Fest Winner of Peoples Bead



Another favorite will be the new "Pink Diamonds" bead.  The "White Diamonds" and "Black Diamonds" Trollbeads are two of the more popular beads for Trollbeads Gallery customers.  The new silver Star Trollbead and the new Snowflake Trollbeads look to be a great addition also.  There is one new 18K Gold bead and it looks to be very interesting, I can't wait to see it in person!

The brand new Trollbeads earring components are frosty and fun and interchangeable! Add them to your holiday wardobe!  We have begun to create more earring designs with the interchangeable accessories to much acclaim from our customers and Trollbeads will continue to add fresh components with each new Troll release.

New Holiday release at Trollbeads Gallery

While Denmark enjoys a white Christmas,  the designers at Trollbeads have not forgotten those on the other side of the world that celebrate Christmas with beach parties and blossoming cherry orchards. For Premier Partner Program members, Trollbeads has two Special Edition glass kits - Christmas in Hawaii with blue nuances and Christmas in Australia with patterns of Cherry Blossoms.  These two glass kits will be sold separately and will add a great set of colors for your holiday jewelry designs. 

For those of you looking for a more traditional Trollbeads look please check out the Red Stripe Glass Bead, the Green Stripe Bead which is much darker than the photograph on the website and is perfect with the red stripe!  Also think of adding White Diamonds !  With the old silver Trollbeads favorites like the Snowman bead and the silver Snow bead and the new snow bead we should all be able to make many very unique Christmas designs this year.  Very soon Trollbeads Gallery will be releasing our holiday favorite "Holiday Uniques". We have assembled a huge quanity and are quite excited by our selection! Many beautiful unique (referred to OOAK in Europe) in greens and reds are being photographed as I write this!  We will announce it on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and we will send out an email when they are released!

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NEW RELEASE Trollbeads=A Very Busy Week in Review

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Aug 22, 2010 @ 09:08 AM

New Trollbeads Bracelet from Trollbeads gallery

It has been a hectic week for all Trollbeads collectors and dealers alike! The price increase and the new Trollbeads has been full of highs and lows.  We can all agree this is an amazing release of new beads.  I can't wait to work with the beads and create bracelets using old beads along with the new.

On Trollbeads Gallery Forum our members are sharing their new beads and bracelet designs.  There is one image with warm tones using the new Red Symmetry bead and the retired Tiger bead.New Beads!

The price increase has been a confusing issue for stores and websites and I have discovered that although the price change does not have to be completed until the 30th, we were asked by TrollbeadsUS to make the changes immediately. It was confusing to me as they mentioned the cahnges would go into effect on the 16th  and should be completed by the 30th.  I just read the 30th. In the past I believe we were given one date so there wasn't any confusion before.  My apologies goes out to any Trollbeads website or Trollbeads dealers for not understanding the pricing
schedule (I still don't) but I will be attempting to get the prices changed this 's prices will be changing as soon as my webmaster reports in!

As some of you know I was in New York last week on business while all of this was taking place with no internet connection!! Knowing I was not in town, my web assistant loaded the new beads on the site but unfortunately downloaded them all from the Denmark site. This created confusion because the pricing is different and I want to apologize to anyone that was effected by this. 

Regarding Unique Beads:  As you know, when we have released new Unique beads at an assigned time there is a horde of people all trying to buy the same beads and because of the way the site works, it doesn't show as sold until the bead is paid for.  This means one bead can sell at the same time to many people.  To prevent this from happening we will be adding smaller groups of beads and not announcing it as a large release. I will also be adding by ones and twos so keep your eyes on the site!  For my Forum members I will announce new beads "groups" by posting an image of a single unique bead as I did this week. New Unique beads.


Trollbeads Fest is gearing up and more and more plans are coming together. Please remember the event is limited to first come - first serve.  I would hate any of my Forum friends to miss out. We will have many, many unique beads and I'm sure we'll have a few drag down fights over them so that will be fun to watch! (Smile) The collectibles in the gift bag alone makes it worth it!  The dinner on Saturday night can only hold 150 and promises be a great event with fun awards along with a welcome to New Bedford from the Mayor! Register at .  It's coming way tooooooooo fast! 





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Trollbeads Announces New Bead Release for Autumn 2010

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Aug 10, 2010 @ 12:08 PM

Trollbeads New Release silver Earth bead,Troll beads at Trollbeads Gallery.Word has just come from Trollbeads U.S. that a new Trollbead release will out to Premier Platinum Trollbeads dealers by August 16th-17th. Trollbeads Gallery will send out an email the second we get them in.

We have not been given marketing images yet so I can't show you how beautiful they are but I can give a description.  First, you all know they are re-releasing the beautiful old Earth Bead, designed by Nicholas Aagaard, a member of the third generation of the famous Trollbeads family.  Earth is a large scale Trollbead and quite handsome.  It's a great bead for men but will work well on necklaces and large bead bracelets for everyone! I can't wait to see the Earth bead on the leather necklaces.

The new glass bead sets are wonderfully different.  Two sets of 6 beads each, available separately.  One set has the tones of a "lake in the forest in autumn". Two of the beads have a wonderful thick glass swirl on the surface and two of the beads are Flower beads.  The other set of new glass beads are like tiny canvases of contemporary art.  Red, Green and other strong colors and will be sure to add a spark of color to your holiday bracelets and autumn bracelets.

There is a new set of silver horoscope zodiac beads.  Each bead is a tiny sculpture and they are all very Troll like in their style and detail. The rams head is another very masculine bead and until I see the beads in person, I can't comment on the others but I can't wait to see them!  Also in silver are 3 new "shape" or design beads and I think they will be great for men or woman.

There are 3 new Precious Stone beads.  Golden quartz, which is GORGEOUS!!!!  It is faceted and will give texture, warmth and  sparkle to your jewelry designs.  Chalcedony and Tigers Eye is in the smooth stone finish and the same size as the smooth version of the Rose Quartz bead.  All three new stone Trollbeads are such great additions to the Precious Stone group which like so many other reasons, places Trollbeads so far above any of the competing bead lines. 

It may seem like a long wait in Troll time but in a week's time we will have them!

Thank you Trollbeads for another phenomenal batch of beads!!

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When Are New Trollbeads Introduced?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Jul 06, 2010 @ 18:07 PM
Earth Bead Reissued Retired Trollbead.describe the image

New Trollbeads Releases are a very exciting time for everyone involved with Trollbeads! Trollbeads  introduces new products to its line throughout the year.  These new introductions are one of the ways Trollbeads stays ahead of the design curve by always challenging the norm to create something exciting, new and fresh.  There are usually two large introductions of new Troll beads to the existing line per year.  You will notice new color themes among the glass beads introductions and subject themes among the silver and gold beads.

Some of the new Trollbeads introductions include Limited Edition (L.E.)Trollbeads and are only offered to Premium Partner dealers. Trollbeads Gallery is a Platinum Level Premium Partner and receives the limited edition beads upon release. Trollbeads Gallery announces all new release bead information to our email list so be sure you have signed up! These smaller limited edition Trollbeadsl releases occur throughout the year.

The new products may include Italian glass beads in the three Glass Groups,faceted semi precious stone beads,18K gold beads, silver beads, new Trollbeads locks along with other new items of supporting jewelry. In early 2010 the Troll leather bracelets added a whole new dimension and a new way to wear your Trollbeads.

Each introduction is a very exciting time for Trollbeads, Trollbeads dealers and for the Trollbeads collectors. August will be our next big new Trollbeads introduction which will include the People's Bead 2010, the re-release voted for from the Trollbeads Museum from all the retired Trollbeads.

Earth was a collaborative design between Nicolas Aagaard and his grandfather Svend. It came to life in 2000 the same year that the Trollbeads 'bead on bracelet' concept was copied for the first time.

You'll find Earth, along with the Autumn Collection, at your local retailer from August 2010 (from Trollbeads Universe)

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