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The Aventurine Trollbead, the Miracle Stone!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Aug 04, 2010 @ 05:08 AM

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At  the time of this writing Trollbeads has released a total of 11 Precious Stone beads.  Our last Trollbeads Gallery Blog article was all about Labradorite and this article will be about Aventurine.

Of all the green Trollbeads , Aventurine is the richest and the most variable in respect to color and translucency.  From the picture I have featured here you can see the wide variety of tones which makes it a fun Trollbead to hunt for.  I am personally collecting as many tones of Aventurine Trollbeads as I can and I plan on using them on a bracelet starting with the lightest to the darkest.  When you read more about the stone, I’m sure you’ll want more than one because as far as folklore and features, there isn’t much it can’t do.

While Trollbeads only uses green Aventurine, it actually exists in a fairly large assortment of colors and within each color, a large assortment of tones.  Besides the green and blue-greens, Aventurine comes in blue, brown, yellow, orange and red.   Because Aventurine can have semi-transparent tendencies  if you look close in the right light, an Aventurine Trollbead will sparkle deep within the stone. (see photograph) The sparkle effect, called aventurescence, is due to small particles of reflective minerals such as mica, which is silvery.  Our darker toned beads tend to show it more but that is due to the contrasting tones between the silver mica and the deep emerald green.  The hardness on the Moh’s scale is very similar to Labradorite, at 6.5.  Aventurine has been mined from all over the world.

The name “Aventurine” comes from the Italian phrase “per avventura”, which translate to “by chance”.  The story is that in the 18th century  glass workers in Venice were working with molten glass when by accident some copper shavings fell into the vat of glass.  The effect was beautiful as the copper sparkled within the glass and this all happened “by chance”.  The aventurine stone looks just like this glass, so the stone was assigned this name.  I love the connections that occur within the Trollbeads world and this stone’s very name has a direct connection to Italian glass and so many Trollbeads are made from Italian glass. 

Due to its lengthy history and worldwide availability, Aventurine has filtered into many cultures and like many stones has centuries of folklore and benefits attributed to it.  I have compiled a list of some of the stones attributes.  Like I said before, apparently there isn’t much this stone can’t do and I am very glad I am making a whole bracelet out of it.

  • Tibetan Folklore says that aventurine cures myopia and invigorates creativity.
  • Aventurine brings prosperity into your life.  A talisman for fortune.
  • A general good luck stone, it has been used in games to the holder the extra power to win.
  • Provides emotional well being by reducing stress .
  • It helps you to see past the roadblocks in your life by helping you to recognize solutions.
  • For centuries it has been used as a fertility charm whether it be for a child or a fresh idea.
  • Is used for success in goals involving wealth, strength and independence.
  • Assists in helping you give up old fears that hold you back from success.
  • Will help you heal from emotional trauma and the wounds left behind.
  • Has been said to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Relieves allergies and migraines, calm the nervous system and strengthen the heart.
  • Placing it your garden and in your home will proteck you from geopathic stress caused by underground water and fault lines.
  • If you wear this stone it will protect you from environmental pollution.
  • Protects the heart chakra.
  • Very good for your lower back (sciatica). 
  • Decisiveness: - Assists one in making the "right" decisions.
After reading about all these benefits how can you live without it?

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