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Trollbeads Gallery Announces July 4th Release & Design Contest!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Jun 11, 2013 @ 17:06 PM


July 4th Unique Trollbeads Are Here!

Trollbeads Gallery July 4

It’s that time again! For the 6th  year now Trollbeads Gallery is happy to present our exclusive   July 4th celebratory release of red, white and blue Unique Trollbeads.  We save (or hoard, depending on how you look at it) red, white, blue and a combination there of all year long to offer our collectors this special release each year.  There’s one thing we can most likely all agree about when it comes to Trollbeads collectors and that is their penchant for loving to wear their beads to celebrate and enjoy all holidays!  

When you think of it getting all “decked out” for a holidays is one the huge benefits of the most attractive features of Trollbeads.  Think about all other holiday jewelry you have ever had or ever seen and I’ll bet most of it is…well junk.  Am I right?  It may be fun and tacky in a fun way but let’s face it…it’s not something you can call beautiful.   This is where the interchangeable feature of Trollbeads comes shining through.  With the many standard glass Group 1 Trollbeads you can create great individual and personal holiday creations but with Trollbeads Gallery offering of unique holiday unique beads you have the chance and the option to make your Trollbeads holiday jewelry even more personal and even more totally original.  Our special holiday offerings began 5 years ago in June after a year of collecting appropriate beads and we continued the tradition at Halloween time and then of course as many of you know at Christmas time.  

Our selection of red, white and blue beads is limited due to the quantity of unique Trollbeads released in the last 12 months in this color combination and as you can imagine there really isn't a lot of them so I fortify this selection with red unique beads and blue unique beads. When you select from our offerings remember to keep in mind that the red beads can be worn on your Christmas jewelry and on your Valentine's creations too!  The blue beads I have on offer for July 4th will offer you limitless uses through out the year as well and as we know there are many standard glass Trollbeads that the blue beads can be used with.

Our Design Contest!

So let's get that Patriotic spirit going and get yourself some spirited unique Trollbeads to create your July 4th celebratory design and show it to us on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and win a special Trollbead!  If you aren't a member please join and enter our design contest! We will all vote for the winning design. The winning design will be given the Gold & Silver "Pursuit of Happiness" Trollbead from the United States World Tour beads with a value of $231.00! The 4 runners-up will win a Group 1 Glass bead of their choice!


The Pursuit of Happiness

Please note!

 This special release is a tradition here at Trollbeads Gallery and we love having you all so excited about our own special releases. There are times when other dealers may think to themselves that what I have created with my enthusiasm and with the time I've invested is something they cannot attain but if anyone put the hours and hours into their effort, they too can do equally as much.  I can't claim to say this is the best way to conduct a business, financially speaking because what other retailer would be crazy or stupid enough to tuck beads aside for 12 months of the year for one special release?  Or who would spend every day and night listing beads?  It isn't a smart way of doing business but it's little things like this that gives me my energy to keep my love of my Trollbeads business going strong the way I have. Being a small business owner I find staying energized is a constantly evolving task.  In my Trollbeads life I absorb myself in finding the best unique beads, photographing them and listing them for my customers.  Last week just as my store turned 36 years old,  my latest Trollbeads site turned 2 and I was busy listing unique beads and hit the #7000 mark.  That means in two years I have listed 6000 beads (I started at #1001) and this doesn't even include all the holiday listings I have completed in the past two years.  I don't know about you but that's scary to me.  That means I have photographed, processed the images, listed the images and written descriptions for 3000+ beads a year...all by myself. Yes, I am a control freak and the word delegate is not in my vocabulary.  You do the don't, you'll have me committed.  So if you are a dealer and wish you could accomplish what I do...go for it!  I will give you any help I can but don't tell me I didn't warn you! :-)

Trollbeads Gallery July 4th





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