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Limited Edition Christmas Trollbeads Past & Present

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Nov 09, 2012 @ 14:11 PM



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Ever since this year's sensational limited edition Christmas Kits were released I've had  collectors and new dealers ask me for more history on the Trollbeads Christmas Kit releases.   If you haven't been a part of Trollbeads for the past few years I can imagine it does get confusing so I have decided to write a quick and simple blog describing the Christmas Kits with links (of course!) and their history to bring new devotees up to speed!

For the past three years Trollbeads has been releasing two kits with six glass beads each in late Autumn in honor of the winter holidays. The kits are released in a very limited quantity and due to that fact are not around for very long so keep this in mind when considering your options. At Trollbeads Gallery we have long been known as a good source for retired beads so although I purchase a large quantity when I run out I am always on the look out for these beads and let me tell you they do become scarce.

The first year in 2010 Trollbeads released the Hawaii and Australia Christmas Kits.  I have furnished links to the kits on our site but this is more for a closer inspection as the photos are larger there than on this blog.  Where at the time of writing this there are only one kit of each left but there are individual beads available.  Just an FYI: these initial Christmas kits were less expensive than the following kits. The Hawaii Kit comprised of cobalt blue, deep purples and it was the first time we saw the bubbles and stripes worked in together. The kit also has a purple based bead with white polka dots and as many collectors love the polka dots theme that one was sold out very quickly!  At the present we have only one Hawaii complete kit left.  We are sold out of the polka dot bead and still have one of the cobalt bubbles and only one of the purple and cobalt bubbles so the kit is pretty much gone at this point.

Hawaii Christmas Kit Trollbeads gallery


Australia Christmas KitAlong with the Hawaii Kit Trollbeads also released the Australia Kit which was more popular to the collectors who like lighter colors.  We also only have just one of these kits left with individual beads being rare.  The bead with the Tree with red berries was the most popular by far and sold out a long time ago! These two initial kits were popular as most of the special editions are but they came with a lot of negative discussion from the collectors that were longing for the traditional Christmas colors. The following year their wishes came true...

Red Christmas Kit Trollbeads

In 2011 Trollbeads released another two glass Christmas Kits.    The Red Christmas Kit and the Blue Christmas Kit. So many people were wanting these colors and it was clear just how much after they were released last Fall!  Both kits sold out in record time in both the U.S. and in Denmark...after only two weeks.  The Red Kit had the very popular heart design which had only been seen in rare unique beads and it had a stunning glitter swag bead with fine lines of glitter draping over a solid red base.  With the green holly bead, a deep red with green flower bead sporting whole new multi layered look flower and the first view of the "spinner" design in red and green the kit answered everyone's spirited holiday needs.  The Blue Kit was equally popular but this kit had 3 glitter beads and glitter is very hot!  Trollbeads Gallery has a few kits in stock as we were able to just recently acquire some from another retailer. Any white Trollbeads are always handy to have and with the gold details it's a must have! The blue and white theme is a year round color theme and with many blue and white unique beads it's always a pleasure to create blue and white bracelets.

Trollbeads Gallery Blue KitThis brings us to this year and we have all seen how stunning these 2012 Kits are.  The Sweet Christmas Kitand The Christmas Decoration Kit  have been selling well right from the start with both selling at the same rate.  It's interesting to see how the beads are developed.  At Trollbeads Gallery we purchase hundreds and hundreds of Unique beads each Fall so we have a good inventory for Trollbeads Fest so we get to see the Christmas Kits practice beads come through here first before the kits come out.  Last year we saw a lot of glitter on all sorts of colors and a variety of heart beads and then the Red Christmas kit came out!  This year at Trollbeads Fest the unique bead selection had many of the taupe, black and glitter beads in many styles not just the ones that came out in Kit form last week.  If you are lucky you can still find beads from the last year's Christmas kits come out in unique beads once in a while!

So have fun with your Christmas Trollbeads and very soon we will be releasing our ever popular 7th Annual release of Christmas Unique Beads... so keep your eyes out on our website!  You will see them listed on the side panel!

The top photo is the NEW Bangle Bracelet click on the link to see it!  We all love it here!!

PS: Please, pleae leave me a comment! I adore hearing just a few words from you so I know someone is reading my blog. Your comment won't show until I click it so don't worry if you don't see it right away.  Writing blog articles is very solitary and I'd love to know you read it so say a few words! Thank you!!


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The NEW Trollbeads Holiday Collection! Really!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Nov 02, 2012 @ 00:11 AM

2012 Christmas Red Green S1
How can you not love all of these amazing new beads?? Just look at the wonderful choices we now have for the holidays and for the year round. The new Winter Berries carry on the terrific texture of the large and small Berry beads but now gives us a middle size.  The Lock with Buds gives us this popular texture also plus it's always nice to have an addition to the lock category.
2012 Christmas Close Up 600
The new Soft Heart is a contemporary version of an old favorite and I find it has a subtle bit of sensuality...maybe it's all the soft curves and maybe what's left unsaid is better...but I'll bet if you thread this bead on a leather necklace and wear it alone...

The Diamond Bead Ice Blue 3And yes!  Our request has been answered-we have been given another Diamond Bead and what a beauty it is.  The only downside to this bead is that it is 100 times better in real life than in any photo I have seen of it.  Those of you who purchase on me you'll love it!

2012 Christmas Black Gold s




2012 Christmas ChristmasOrnThe new Limited Edition Ornament Beads are all unique and add more wonderful drop beads that add motion and sparkle to your Trollbeads jewelry!  There are multiples of some design and minimal quantities of others.  To see the variety of colors and designs visit our website. We will keep the varieties coming as long as we can continue to order them so check back when you can.  As with all Limited Edition beads once they are gone they are gone. Below is a dark blue one I especially love.

Blue Ornament Trollbeads Gallery


Now all you have to do is find your favorites and begin a season of sugared plums, candy canes and Trollbeads full of holiday spirit! 

A special note:

May all of our friends affected by the hurricane find the way to make it through the coming days, weeks or months while cleaning up and please know our best wishes are with you so you can move into the holidays with hope and good cheer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.




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Trollbeads New Holiday Collection!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Holiday small The new Holiday collection is coming to us on Friday, November 2nd.  Now did you really think I was going to show you the new collection here??? :-) But I've been loading the new beads on my website all day and I have to admit I'm more excited about this release than I have been for any other to date and that's saying a lot!  The "behind the scenes" loading and listing of beads is a lot of work.  Starting with processing the photos through Photoshop to bringing the relevant product information from the Trollbeads website, including the beads story and their numbers and even through all the monotonous keystrokes I found myself getting more excited with each step because I was getting closer to know each new bead and it was just plain beyond exciting! I've been told I should delegate more of the technical stuff to other people but if I did that I would miss so much!

Sure I know many of you have seen the pre-release images on a European blog but seeing them and having them in your hand are two different experiences. It's as different as peaceful patience and anxious hair pulling waiting for Friday to come.  There are so many great aspects to this release I don't even know where to start!  Each year for the last 2 years and again this year for a third there are 2 limited edition glass Christmas Kits each with 6 beads.  The 2011 kits comprised of such extraordinary beads that they were sold out in record breaking time in both the U.S. and in Denmark.  As usual I overbought last year and it was a good thing as the edition was sold out in 7 days. Why am I telling you all of this?  Because both of the 2012 kits are EVEN better than last year's kits!  Listing these beads individually is up to each website dealer who must photograph the individual beads and list them on their own.  Up until this year I've given each bead a number as in 1 through 6.  This year I got so inspired I actually gave each bead a name so when you see TBG's bead names remember it isn't a name anyone else will be using. To name a couple there is Red Berry Spinner and Grey/Black Exclamation Point. If you really want to imagine what the beads look like all you would have to do is visit the Glossary of Unique Beads and check out the names.  Many of the great new designs from these kits started coming to us in the form of unique beads earlier this fall and they were beyond extraordinary.

Included in the collection is a new bracelet style that combines the beauty of shiny classically formed sterling with a minimalist chic look.  These will be awesome when worn with the classic Trollbeads bracelet and there is even a man's size!  The price is a bit higher than the classic chain but it's worth it's weight in silver! Enough said.

 Trollbeads Gallery Humor Ok, I've been teasing you enough and there are actually 2 reasons I am writing about this new release. One, as I told you,because I am really excited by it but the other is to remind everyone it's imperative for dealers to stay true to their contract with Trollbeads and not show any bead before it is released. I've heard some dealers have jumped the gun and that's just not cool. Why? There are many reasons but the most important one is because it is clearly stated in our terms of doing business and we are legally bound to deal within these terms. That's the only reason we need to concern ourselves with and we need to trust Trollbeads and accept it.  When a retailer, such as myself, has been given the honor to sell a brand as strong as Trollbeads we are not only legally bound, we are also honor bound to adhere to the company's guidelines.  When retailers of a brand ignore the parameters or change the way a product is meant to be sold they gain nothing in the process and they actually end up hurting the brand. Come any of you for any reason really want to do that? we are only a couple of days away to the 2012 Trollbeads Holiday Collection so bring those piggy banks to you local bank get cash out now you are going to be needing it!!

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11-11-11 Two Monumental Events: New Trollbeads & a Special Event!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Oct 30, 2011 @ 22:10 PM

Trollbeads Gallery New beads

All the Forums are buzzing about the upcoming Trollbeads release and the excitement is buzzing around the globe. When this time comes it's always a race to try to find out before anyone else does what the beads will be and hoping you get to see the images BR (before release). It seems to be the quest of collectors as so many try to get the images or descriptions out before the release, which is before Trollbeads, the company, according to a well conceived schedule,wants them out.

I wonder if the people who have this drive to discover what the beads are BR, when young, were the kind of kid who peeked under their parents bed to see what they were getting for Christmas because the suspence was killing them.
Or were they the kind of kid that got home on Halloween night and ate all the candy in one sitting.

Come to think of it we are all like anxious children wanting to know what beads are coming out and it's this excitement that makes us want to share our discovery with the world. How frustrating they don't want us to see the beads befor they come out, but I get it. The time is required so all retailers are on an equal playing field and can all start selling close to the same time.  It takes time to create marketing materials and ship the product to all of the retailers around the world...or maybe it's some kind of ploy to get us all so worked up waiting for the release...we can't think of anything else! I doubt it but it sure helps in upping the excitement.  As a retailer I am required not to show any images before the release but it's hard not to talk about it and here I find myself talking about it for a few paragraphs without giving anything away. Sorry about that.

For anyone planning to be near S.E. Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Cape Cod*

Rogers Gallery is hosting a Trollbeads Special Event on 11-11-11. 

For you our planning has worked out well.  On the day of the release you will be able to include the new Trollbeads in your special purchases.

Besides the deals we will be offering dozens and dozens of new Unique Trollbeads, both Universal and Classic Unique! 

Purchase 3 Trollbeads, receive one of equal (or less) value free.

Receive $100.00 off any Gold Trollbeads* not including the Mini Heart Drop.

Receive $50.00 off any Silver and Gold Trollbeads.

Receive $50.00 off any Fantasy Chain when you purchase any Fantasy Pendant.

*This will include out very specially made Gold "Trefoil Knot" and "Two Sides to Everything" by Kim Buck in honor of his visit to Trollbeads Fest! 2011 last month.

*We are within an hour ride from many parts of Mass, including the Cape and Rhode Island.

Rogers Gallery/Trollbeads Gallery

Event Hours 9:30-5:00 Friday and Saturday 11-11-11 & 11-12-11

Route 6 (Next to the South Coast Diner)  Mattapoisett, Ma 02739 

508-758-3641 or 888-758-3641 For information and directions.





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