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"LAA" Stamp: Learn to Recognize Counterfeit Trollbead Trademark

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Oct 07, 2010 @ 22:10 PM

Trollbeads Gallery LAA stamp

No matter how hard a hot selling brand, such as Trollbeads, works to protect its name and products there will always be someone trying to make counterfeit versions to illegally reap the benefits of the brand’s success.  I have written on this topic before and will continue to do so when I find new information to share.  If we all stay astute and purchase only 100% Authentic Trollbeads and report the fakes to Trollbeads and to whatever selling platform the counterfeiters are using, we are doing all we can do for the successful future of the brand.  As far as your Troll collection goes never purchase from an unknown source and remember if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The stamp on the bead above is the authentic trademark. The stamp on the bead in the lower photograph is counterfeit.


Trollbeads Gallery sample


There have been many discussions on the stamp “LAA” used by Trollbeads to identify and authenticate a glass bead as being an authentic Trollbead. Please note that not all Trollbeads glass beads are stamped so don't panic if you have a bead that does not have a stamp but when looking at beads you have from sources other than authorized retailers, this is important. 

Stamping the rim of the silver core on glass beads has been one way the company has tried to differentiate their beads by giving collectors an identifier to help them ascertain the authenticity.  Unfortunately the counterfeiters are now stamping beads with LAA as well.  A collector from the Netherlands has supplied me with the photographs shown here and you need to study them so you can detect the differences between the real stamp and the fake stamp.  Please share this information or the link to this blog so we can educate as many collectors as possible. The photo just above is a fake LAA stamp.  Can you see the difference in the thickness of the letters?  The photo below will show the different stamps side by side and you should be able to pick out the differences of the stamps. Three authentic and the one fake.

Trollbeads Gallery LAA Stamps


Please be astute when purchasing Trollbeads. If you are unable to purchase from an authorized Trollbeads retailer please authenticate your source before supporting the counterfeiters. Trollbeads are now sold by authorized dealers in 60 countries.

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