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A Clear Look at Trollbeads and Bed, Bath & Beyond

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Dec 16, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

Trollbeads Gallery 2012 Bracelet

It was just in my latest blog post where I wrote about how exciting the new Trollbeads Starter Bracelets were for sharing the Trollbeads word and how great the bracelets were to give as holiday gifts.  If you didn't read that post and want to before moving forward reading this post here is the link: Trollbeads Starter Bracelets. Trollbeads U.S. has just announced they have partnered with the very successful Bed,Bath and Beyond company and created an on-line only strategy to share the Starter Bracelets with the millions of young woman on their new and very popular wedding registry. Incredibly this wedding registry is the largest in the United States. 

This is hands down a brilliant way to get the word out to smart young American women!  If you know me you know that I am always researching and imlementing social media as a way of spreading the word of Trollbeads and I am always challenging myself to promote this incredible brand.  I have dedicated myself to share my Trollbeads images and ideas on Pinterest, on Twitter, on Facebook, on this blog and on my Trolbeads Gallery Forum and this is all well and good but only Trollbeads collectors will look for my enthusiastic endeavors and as hard as we have all tried to reach out for new collectors it's hard to accomplish without reaching out to a whole new community with a whole fresh group of young, eager consumers.  Think about it, it's a win-win decision.  Bed, Bath and Beyond has had huge success with the wedding registry and has wisely taken it further to offer jewelry.  They are only selecting brands they have researched and recognize as a strong choices for their continued rocketing success.

I've written and spoken about the need for Trollbeads to expand their collector base for a while now. You've heard me talk about it.  Michael Belleveau, TrollbeadsUS CEO who has deep knowledge and vast experience in the fine jewelry industry wrote the following in an email to his retail partners.

"Our wish is to expose the Trollbeads name/products to many more women, so they can appreciate it as we do, and become collectors.  We need more of them urgently…..We are too small to advertise our way to prosperity in this regard, so we must make bold yet measured tactical moves to familiarize people with Trollbeads." 

Now tell you how I feel and why this partnership with Bed, Bath and Beyond is brilliant. There is something I have believed this from the first day I saw Trollbeads eight years ago and while it may not very politic for me to say this I can't hold back.  Trollbeads is the ultimate jewelry brand because it has always maintained its inner values to create artful beads, it stays true to its mantra and it involves itself with humanitarian efforts in the creation of its products.  When I look at the brands that have copied the Trollbeads concept, grown and been purchased by huge conglomerates I am perplexed as to their success because the beads are inferior when compared on all standards until I see how it happened and then my perplexity turns to sadness.  I see the average consumer as someone who doesn't know about Trollbeads and while enjoying the original concept they haven't seen Trollbeads to compare. It's a shame based on how the market works and it's time to change this trend and it's time to start beautifying the wrists of more American woman.  It's time to share the beauty of the beads and it's time to share the brand we have been fortunate enough to have found. 

I know when the word first went out on Friday there was fear expressed by collectors but by rethinking the reasons behind the decision we should embrace it.  My research into Bed, Bath and Beyond business history led me to the Bloomberg Business Week website where it lists Nordstroms as one of BBB's competitors.  As a retailer for 36 years I recognize this as a monumental compliment to this new retail partner of Trollbeads and to Trollbeads for making this decision.


Louise Rogers






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