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New Holiday Unique Trollbeads Listed!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 11:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Unique Christmas bead   Trollbeads Gallery has just released our yearly group of Holiday Unique beads!  For 4 years now it is a tradition for Trollbeads Gallery to release all of the Christmas color themed Trollbeads we've put aside for the whole year!  Trollbeads Gallery was the first Trollbeads website to offer holiday groups of Unique beads.  Four years ago was the first year we introduced the July 4th themed Unique beads with outstanding success to many people starting July 4th themed bracelets. That was followed by Halloween then Christmas and this wonderful tradition continues with many collectors sporting holiday themed bracelets!

Trollbeads Gallery Christmas Unique bead   Because our Christmas Holiday Unique releases sell quickly we will continue to add new ones through the month of December. It is a very popular release!! So keep your eyes on the site as you never know when we are apt to list more.

Don't forget the many Glass Group 1 beads that work well on holiday bracelets such as Red Stripe and Green Stripe.  There is also the Snowman, Snow, Pax, Angel Feathers, Halleluja and Faith,Hope and Charity beads!  All of these beads are great on Christmas bracelets! 

Trollbeads Gallery Red Stripe     Trollbeads Gallery Snowman     Trollbeads Gallery HallelujaTrollbeads Gallery

And now with the NEW 2010 Winter Trollbeads your ChristmasTrollbeads just has to include an Ice Bear ,a Snowball and a Sparkling Star !

Sparkling Star Trollbeas Gallery

Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Gallery Snowball

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