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Exciting Year at Trollbeads Means Keeping it all Straight!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Mar 17, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

Spring Release Trollbeads Gallery

If you are a committed Trollbeads collector you have had a very busy 2014 thus far and hold on to you hats…it's only going to continue!

The year began with the 2014 Spring introduction on January 3rd.  I say “introduction” because if you haven’t been paying close attention there is a new way of introducing beads and that is to first introduce the beads and then to release them for shipping and at a future date. You can purchase them earlier then the ship date but you can't be shipped until the ship date.  It’s a new trend to take the pressure away from trying to hide them from public viewing before the release date which was too hard and not worth the effort.  So now dealers get to show the beads in advance. Keeping the schedule in mind is not easy so I will create a chart to have at the end of this blog within a day or two.  The Spring release has been a very successful launch with many of the new glass kits being purchased more than the individual beads as all 6 beads are gorgeous.  As most of you know when you buy a kit you get a free bead as you only pay for 5.  The new Swan bead, Falcon bead and the new Rabbit beads have the detail of earlier animal beads leaving cuteness out of the equation so they have been very well received.

Mothers Day Trollbeads Gallery

On February 7 we say the introduction the 2014 Mother’s Day Collection with a shipping date of March 21st.  The glass bead is a ground breaking design for Trollbeads as it is a multi-color glass bead yet it is faceted.  Along with the glass bead the two silver beads have a fanciful appeal and the earring components resemble the silver beads.


Animal Trollbeads Gallery

Late January we started seeing a new look to the classic uniques that were coming in and they included the opaque animal print beads, shown above.  They came in roughly 2 colors, one on a white background and the second in a dark yellow/orange. The other beads of this group were some great new heart beads including multi colors of glitter. We were all loving these uniques when all of sudden they stopped coming in but what came next was the newest release of small and beautiful beads!  This craze has its origin in the delightful designs and details including their small scale and the use of blue glitter.  This is the second wave of these beads to come in and the last wave was in 2013. 

Small and Beautiful collage 317

March 7 was the introduction of two new collections.  The Easter Collection has a new kit of sensational Eggs and a new sterling Bunny.  Until I saw the image of the bunny from the front I was not excited about another Bunny but the paws of this one reminds me a children’s Easter book I was once enamored with but it was too long ago for me to remember the title but it still brought back my love of it.  The shipping date is March 28. 

describe the image

  The second collection introduced on March 7 was the Cherry Blossom Collection.  This group includes a very exciting and stunning new Fantasy Necklace with an emerald which is being held by a pretty sterling Cherry Blossom bale.  This is the first time the bale has been unique to the Fantasy Necklace design.  There is also a new Cherry Blossom Pendant bead which can be used with all of the Fantasy Necklaces.  Like the new bale it is textural and eye catching.  The group is also accompanied by a pair of Emerald Earring Components.   The Emerald Faceted Stone Bead was released with the 2014 Spring beads and it’s glorious soft green tone with its gentle patterned fissures has been a hit so we are all thrilled to see the Emerals used again in this collection.   The Cherry blossom group will be shipping on April 11.

2014 Banner Cherry Blossom LE Clos

Stay tuned for a date release chart you can print out and pin or pin to your Pinterst Board!

In the midst of all these releases there was also a release of "X" by Trollbeads and the introduction was on Feb 12 with a shipping date of Feb 26.  The Hummingbird is one of my favorites along with the Poppy Decadence.  Our group of X collectors have been growing steadily with a great jump coming from the Special event now running!  If you spend $100 on any X links you will be given 10 FREE Rubber links.  So if you have been waiting to jump on board it's a great time!  Our special ends on April 15th! 

BloomXBite NEW X

2014 Release Schedule    
Collection Introduction Date Shipping and On Sale Date
Spring Release  January 3  January 24
Mother's Day  February 7  March 21
Easter  February 7  March 28
Cherry Blossom  March 7  April 11



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X-Ploring "X by Trollbeads" !

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Oct 11, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

Mette Bracelet me Trollbead

X At Trollbeads Gallery

X is a new jewelry concept created by Lise Aagaard and designed by Lise and other leading existing Trollbeads designers such as Soren Nielsen, Mette Saabye, Nicolas Aagaard plus other Trollbeads designers.  "X by Trollbeads" is a jewelry line that clearly displays the forward thinking and the forward moving direction of Trollbeads and I for one am very excited by it.  When placed in the hands of everyone that is drawn to it ... something great happens! The links turn into a personal creation reflecting a part of you in a whole new palette of sophisticated patterns and textures.  When you think about each link it is similar to the classic Trollbeads line in that it tells a story but in it's early days X  has less vocabulary than the Trollbeads bead line! It's minimalist and sophisticated but don't let that scare you!  You will love working with it. How can you not love that the rubber links are only $2.00.  With this in mind it is easy to come up with a design early on with mostly rubber links and then add the silver and bronze links slowly making your "X" purchases more easily afforded. 

During Trollbeads Fest last weekend I enjoyed watching everyone discover the possibilities as they had a chance to play with it creating different pieces.  I thought we had created a lot of things but when you add more people to the mix you end up with even more ideas and more creations.  Our Trollbeads rep Kim was here and she was the "X-Lady" in charge of the X jewelry.  Kim wore a great asymmetrical necklace she created and an image of Kim wearing it is shown here - doesn't that make you want to start creating?

Kim at Trollbeads Fest












The possibilities go on and on but for a couple of examples Liz, who spends a lot of time sailing with her family made a bracelet of "Lover's Bond" Links and it had such a nautical feel to it.  Then Mary Anna our Trollbeads Fest song writer and musician created a bracelet with the guitar link which is called "Rock and Roll".

How does it work?  It's designed so each link features an x shaped beveled edge which created a slight separation so with a simple twist two links are joined together.  So the lengths are defined by you and the design is too. The links are made from high quality silver, bronze, gold and black rubber links designed so you can create the unexpected! Look at the video below to see a glimpse of Denmark and of Isobel Aagaard!  If you need guidance as to how many links needed to create a bracelet just go to our site and you'll see the chart there.

X is totally unique and very exciting and we are thrilled to report that initial sales have been brisk and we are seeing more men take part in this line than in the bead line by Trollbeads. We are so excited to have taken it on and added it to our Trollbeads website.

Click on this link and see an introduction and visual guide on how to link the "X" products by Isobel Aagaard the daughter of Trollbeads head designer and leader Lise Aagaard and see how easy it is! You'll be X-tremely happy you did!

"X by Trollbeads" Conceptual Video 

Below is a fun themed "X" bracelet created with all of the X animals.  See how unique it looks?

Trollbeads Gallery animals bracelet









Below is the "Rock n' Roll" X bracelet which gives the bracelet a muck edgier look with the "Rock n' Roll" link and the others used in this bracelet.

Trollbeads Gallery X bracelet










To see more jewelry created with X just click on the link to our:

"X by Trollbeads" Pinterest board!

"X by Trollbeads" on Trollbeads Gallery  We have the full line in stock!

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