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Trollbeads Fest 2013 & Trunk Show!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 @ 10:09 AM

     Trollbeads Fest 2013!  Is on and we are very excited about the 4th Annual Fest! For anyone who has attended in past years you know how special and how unique this event is.

Trollbeads Gallery Fest 2011

     As some know I had originally planned not to have one this year due to my illness in January.  January is the month I have to reserve the hotel and conference center and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I didn't know what the outcome would be so I was unable to make the commitment I usually do.  I have been very fortunate and have come through the treatments with flying colors (yeah!) and at the last moment have decided to have    Trollbeads Fest in a much more intimate setting, in our gallery.  The collectors love this event so much and it was weighing on me heavily that I couldn't host the event and bring everyone together again so I started thinking why not just hold a smaller event?  After touching base with some past attendees and after listing the event on Trollbeads Gallery Forum I discovered that it was a great idea! So although last minute the party is on!

On October 4th and 5th we will be hosting Trollbeads Fest 2013! At Rogers Gallery in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.  The hours will be our usual "open hours" 9:30-5:00 with the exception of our Wine Event, Friday Night 5:00-7:00. At our Wine Event we will have drawings for charity including great unique beads as we have always done and we will be offering heavy hors d'oerves and wine. This is a wonderful event to get to know your fellow collectors, show off your collection and of course also buy beads and take advantage of the Trunk Show special of receiving a gift of a free bead when you purchase 3.  There are no limits to this special!!

All 3 previous Trollbeads Fest's were very exciting and very memorable for so many reasons.

Trollbeads Gallery Fest 2011

This photo was taken in 2011 when we had 3 Trollbeads designers join us!  From left to right we have Eske Storm, Kim Buck (both silver bead designers and traveled from Denmark) and Kristi Denning.  Kristi, from the United States, won the second annual "People's Bead Award" for her design of the "Ice Bear". Kristi's design won first out of thousands of entrees!

describe the imageThis photo was taken during Trollbeads Fest 2012!  We had Soren Neilsen visiting from Denmark. As the design leader of silver Trollbeads and the first designer for Trollbeads we were very honored to have him with us.  Here is at Rogers Gallery showing us how to create molds for the silver beads.  Sitting with Soren is Alicia Sopola, Ginger Hatten and Alex Rogers. These three traveled from Michigan, Wyoming and Colorado for the event but of course Alex had to...he's my son but he also sells Trollbeads in his Boulder Jewelry Gallery, Starfish!

Trollbeads Gallery Photo

This photo was taken at the opening night of the first Trollbeads Fest 2010!  The photo is of Suzanne Hopping and myself on the right.  Suzanne and her husband Robert traveled from Australia for the event.  Suzanne won the first annual "People's Bead Award" for her "Pax" bead.

Unlike years past we will not be charging an entrance fee but there will be no "over the top" gift bag this year but the event will be worth attending if you can manage it with short notice!  We will be serving a complimentary lunch on both Friday and Saturday but we also have many great local eating establishments in the area. Remember this area is world famous for seafood as New Bedford is a huge fishing port. 

Scott Bouwens Special Event

Glass Bead Demonstration: Scott Bouwens a professional glass artist will be creating glass beads at Trollbeads Fest 2013!  Scott is from the United States and from what we hear he gives a GREAT show! He is fascinating to watch and once you see a glass bead being made you will cherish your collection that much more!  Please note that Scott will be at the Fest for Saturday only.

Trunk Show Specials: Save money and catch up on the new Trollbeads release!  Purchase 3 Trollbeads and receive the 4th bead free...with NO limits to hoe many beads you purhcase!

Along with the bead demonstration and Trunk Show we will have over 300 brand new unique beads coming straight from Denmark for this occasion. This is reason alone to attend the event! If you have ever been to one of our Trollbeads Fests...then you know how special these beads can be.  I am very excited about being able to offer these to you.

Please follow this link to our Pinterest Board ALL on Trollbeads Fests past!  You will see everything from very funny photos to heart warming photos of all past events.  It really is a remarkable event where everyone leaves happy.

Trollbeads Gallery Pinterest Board on Trollbeads Fest!

Where this is last minute we haven't reserved any rooms but just "Google" hotels in and around Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth all close to us at Rogers Gallery.

Rogers Gallery/Trollbeads Gallery

Rout 6, Mattapoisett, MA 02739  508-758-3641 or 888-758-3641

TRUNK SHOW ON TROLLBEADS GALLERY  ANYONE can order during our Trunk Show/Fest. Click on the link to see the full Trollbeads line and start making your list!

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