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Trollbeads & Trollbeads Gallery Review for 2012

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 @ 14:12 PM

People's Bead Award Trollbeads

I don't think there has ever been a year as active with Trollbeads releases as there was in 2012.  Every time we turned around there was new beads and it was so exciting and for dealers it was so exhausting!  You know of course I say that with a smile. What a year and what a dynamic year for meeting new collectors and for staying close to our long time collectors.

We had all the regularly timed releases from the 2012 January, the Chinese Zodiac Limited Edition beads shown below, Spring, Autumn Shades and the large Christmas release but we also had surprise releases such as the Limited edition Easter Eggs, the Malawi Unique beads, the limited edition Dice beads,the Big World bead, the Bavaria Bead and the Asian Hearts bead. In the fall we had the "Joy and Luck Starter Bracelets" release. Even writing this and checking my website I am sure I am overlooking something!


2012 Chinese Zodiac eblast

















In early October we were so excited at Trollbeads Fest 2012 to introduce the three new   Halloween Trollbeads.  The  Pumpkin was the biggest seller next to the Inner Glow which as most of us know glows in the dark!!  How cool is that??   The Spider is a favorite of mine but many people have a strong aversion to spiders so was not as strong a seller as the other two spooky releases.  It was fun to have silver beads to go along with our traditional Halloween Unique offerings!  We had dozens of orange and orange with black unique beads in our selection this year and I am already saving up for Halloween 2013!

Trollbeads Gallery Halloween









Of course we were all thrilled when dealers everywhere were able to purchase all the World Tour Trollbeads!! Trollbeads Gallery is still well stocked on all of the bead with only a few exceptions being sold out.  Check your beads and check what remains as what remains we are getting very low on!  The kit below is the African Kit with the most glorious Lion ever created in silver, called African Pride! We still have a few left!  A bead that had a timely yet very quiet release at this time was the Big World bead.  It's a wonderful bead with a caging beneath the atlas design of the world. A great center bead when used on a necklace.

Africa World Tour Kit Troll

Another larger then usual release was the People's Bead Award winners.  What used to be one bead ended up to about a dozen new beads as we all chose the top Spirituality beads.  We had many favorites in that group and we had two of those created for Trollbeads Gallery in the 18K Gold!  In the photo at the top of the blog we have the Prayer Bead, the Stay Positive below that and nestled in the Prayer bead is the Spirit Light one of the two new glass beads from the Spirituality collection.  The second glass bead is the Chakra Colors bead which is shown blow along with the Rosary Bead.

Rosary, trollbeads gallery









Besides all the many new releases it was a great and very dramatic year for Unique bead advances.  The Unique beads as you know are always changing and in 2012 we saw some phenomenal advances and surprises.  Trollbeads Gallery got in some exquisite heart Unique beads and I auctioned them off on our Facebook Page where 100% of the proceeds went to Homes for our Troops.  This is a non profit that raises money to build homes for the severely wounded.  We raised $1500 and were sent a thank you certificate.   Thank you all who participated in this endeavor. This fall we had some fun Turtle beads that we auctioned off for the Sandy Relief effort and raised over $1000 for the Red Cross. It makes us all feel like we are in a  win-win-win effort!  Other unique beads from new glitter beads, critter beads such as fish and birds.  They haven't been plentiful but they've all been fun to see.  The Unique beads we received for Trollbeads Fest 2012 were stunning but I have to admit I didn't get to see many of them as they were purchased before I could see them!  They arrived from New Jersey just prior to the event! I did see some beauties though. I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us as far as the unique beads go!

Shortly after that the collection of "Starter Bracelets" came out in a great variety if colors each with their own meaning.  They have continued to do well and I know at the holidays many sold as gifts and made many people happy!  I've had many seasoned collectors pick them up also as who can pass up sensational polka dots?  See the image below!

Starter Bracelets Trollbeads Gallery

Personally for us at Trollbeads Gallery we enjoyed fast a paced year as you can imagine with all the bead releases and with the Trunk shows.  We work very hard to offer you new unique beads selections everyday and to offer the best customer service we can manage!  We have a very small office and it is actually JUST Penni and myself that carry the load but we love Trollbeads and we love our customers so we are indeed very lucky. 

In June of this year we were honored with the Trollbeads Hero Award (click to see video) and we were treated to a trip to Las Vegas along with many other Trollbeads dealers and heros from all around country.  In July Rogers Gallery was visited by both the Danish and the US CEO's.  Jan  from Copenhagen and Michael from Princeton came and their visit coincided with a visit from Kate and Jeff  from our Forum and from New York.  Kate had built a memorable bracelet honoring and celebrating Jeff's service for our country.  To honor of Kate's Trollbeads bracelet they were given a very special bead in a touching and informal ceremony.  In October we had our 3rd Annual Trollbeads Fest where we hosted a hundred plus of the country's most ardent collectors and it was a blast.  Our dear friend Soren Nielsen came over from Denmark to be with us and we were also joined by Micheal Belleveau, Trollbeads United States CEO who helped sell unique beads!  It was another wild event and as hard as we try we still have lines at the Unique tables but do hope in time to conquer that problem!  Thank you for all of you for joining us from the Netherlands, Wales, Denmark and all across the U.S. who made it to our event.  We always include a special gift bead in out Trollbeads Fest bag and this year Lise was very kind and made available a very limited quantity of "Sea Blue Agate" beads that had never been released.  Our Trollfest attendees were thrilled.  We are now offering the remaining Sea Blue Agate beads on our site.  Click on the link above.

SM Sea Blue Agate Trollbead

One last mention goes to Lise Aagaard.  Lise has succeeded, yet again, in creating the best Christmas kits ever!  Another very quick sell-out and I only wish I had purchased more! That's not something I can say often as I over buy everything but both kits were glorious.  The addtion of the new Bangle Bracelets has been a tremendous addition.  If you have somehow missed these check them out!  You can wear them without any beads or wear them with one bead or many!  Always remember you will need two stoppers when you wear them with beads. The photo below shows the bangle with the Flying Geese bead and with two of Linda Karuso's "World Within" beads in the 18K Gold!


Flying Geese on Bangle

SO here's to 2013 and from what I've seen of the extensive group of beads coming out in late January we have a lot to look forward to! 

Thank you Trollbeads and a huge thank you to all of our Trollbeads collectors around the globe.

Happy and Healthy New Year!

Warm regards, Louise Rogers

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