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Trollbeads Continues To Wow Us!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 25, 2016 @ 13:07 PM

We have been so happy with the Summer Trollbeads release and the "Big Ocean" bead continues to break all sales records and everytime I see it on someone's bracelet or necklace it looks different!  No matter how you place this bead with other beads the look is very original!  We have been out a couple of times but now have more in stock!  Check our Critter Beads section on Trollbeads Gallery to see other ocean themed critter beads to use with your Deep Ocean Bead! (the fish bead below is sold)Deep_Ocean_722.jpg

The Trollbeads Day 2016 on July 2nd brought us a beautiful Bracelet set and a gorgeous Gold Clover Bead.  Well received by Trollbeads collectors around the world and it has started many new collectors on a great path to joining a dedicated community of Trollies!  We have plenty of the Anniversary Bead Sets and Gold Clovers in stock!  The finished Anniversay chains I have been seeing on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and on Instagram have been magnificent!  


Besides the great Summer release, the Anniversary Bracelet set and Gold Clover Trollbeads has been releasing some of the best Amber they have ever produced.  The Carved Amber has been sensational and hard to get! From the Snake, the Rose, Fish,  the Sunburst to the little critter amber beads we have been overwhelmed by their beauty.  The kits have been just as great so check out Unique Amber Bead listings when you can to catch yourself more amber beads for your collection! 

Below is a photo from a great collector!  Thank you for sharing it with us!  If you are a member of our Trollbeads Gallery Forum you get to see collector's photos like these daily! 


Trollbeads Fest! 2016

October 7 & 8 2016 

We are so proud and so excited to announce we have just received our specially created 

Event Bead for upcoming Trollbeads Fest!  We won't be showing it until mid-August as it is so special that we

we want to keep it under wraps until closer to the Fest which is October 7&8!  Look for our unveiling on our 

Trollbeads Fest! 2016 link on Trollbeads Gallery!  It is so special ONLY the people that attend the Fest will be 

able to purchase it.  If you are a member of our Trollbeads Gallery Forum you will be offered the bead only if we 

have any left after the event.  Trust me, this is one bead all collectors will be happy to own.  Plus it is only 

$34.00!  We will be adding more information to the TBG Fest Link soon!  

MInus 66 days and counting! 

Please FOLLOW Trollbeads Gallery on Instagram!! 


People's Bead 2016

We are very excited to say that the 2016 People's Bead Winner has been announced!  The winner, 

Giuseppe de Meo from Italy, has created a colorful glass and silver bead that many will love! 

From Trollbeads: When designing, Giuseppe kept the idea of a rainbow of light, full of life in mind. "I designed it to bring calm and hope, and I hope that the sun will return and shine for all". It is a very timely thought. 

It will be on Trollbeads Gallery on September 2nd and in stores and shipped on September 9th! 


So many awesome things are coming our way from Trollbeads!!  


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2015 People's Bead Contest, Easter Trollbeads & other News!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Mar 17, 2015 @ 11:03 AM



Easter Trollbeads GalleryAnyone who has lost their local retailer recently and is worried about the future of Trollbeads...WORRY NO LONGER!  We have been inundated with new collectors and new customers at Trollbeads Gallery and have had conversations with Trollbeads that they are finding similar success.  So much so that the worldwide demand for the Mother's Day Rose and the Good Luck Bracelet has been out of stock! As much as Trollbeads International planned and as much as they created they could not keep up with the worldwide demand.  If you know me you know I can be like a Mother Lion if my customers can't get what they want so I had my dander up...much to the chagrin of the wonderful people at Trollbeads US. After I was told the situation I was a bit more understanding.  Then I sat back and realized what this all means and am so thrilled for Trollbeads that the action continues to the point of being sold out!  For those of you who have waited, fear not the beads and bracelets are on their way!

The NEW 2015 Easter Trollbeads will be shipping on this Friday and they are now on Trollbeads Gallery so go take a peek!  I was thrilled to see no new Bunnies and happy to see Dragon goodies! How great is the Trollbeads imagination??  A Dragon Egg so darn cute it has scales!  To me Trollbeads has always had an element of the fantastical -meaning fantasy, fairy tales and magic all rolled into beads and these new Dragon beads and lock do it for me!  I for one will be sporting them as I have a very sweet and meaningful Dragon thing with my grandson Asher.  When he was 4 I told him all about a little boy who discovered a Dragon Egg on our beach after a hurricane had blown all the sand out to sea.  The story would continue each time I saw him and it still brings a smile to my face.  Asher is now 13 so I don't know if he still feels the same way but I will tell you the first Trollbead he ever wanted was the Lucky Dragon and he wore him on a leather necklace!  Now you might be wondering how long can a dragon story go on but consider the issue of that child trying to bring a baby dragon home to Colorado on a plane. Asher's eyes got so big at this point I can still see him as he wondered if what I was telling him actually happened. He suggested he could sneak him on board in his back pack. I asked him "what would happen if he sneezed? It could start a fire!"  I know I have gone on a little long on our baby dragon but that is what Trollbeads is all about.  Creating a collection of beads that keeps your life's little stories as close to your heart as the big ones.

2015 Easter Eblast vs2

Don't forget you only have until March 19th to get a FREE Trollbeads bracelet when you order a clasp!!  Order your clasps here and save $46.00!!  We have had outstanding response so please do not miss out on this opportunity!

Last but not least a large image of Asher's Egg!  Otherwize known as the Dragon Egg!

11477 Dragon Egg aAnd once the egg was hatched....a baby Dinosaur!

describe the image

Get your pencils out and start designing your "People's Bead"!  The contest has begun and the details are below!

2015 Peoples Bead

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Great Bangle Special Continues as does FREE Gift!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 @ 10:12 AM

Bangle new
We have seen many great individual specials offered by Trollbeads this year and to finish off the year they have created a Bangle offer to save collectors $74.00!!  It lasts until Decmber 31st.  While I have emailed and posted it on Facebook and Twitter I have not posted it here on my blog.  I blame this on it being December and I have 2 stores besides my Trollbeads website so I guess I just forgot!  If this is the way you get your Trollbeads information please excuse my oversight!

When you purchase a Silver Trollbeads Bangle you will recieve a free Group 1 Glass bead (a valuie of $34.00) and two free Stoppers.  The bead plus the Stoppers equal a combined savings of $74.00.  If you haven't purchased a bangle yet you have to!!  It is so easy to quickly change the beads with whatever you are wearing and go!  I am always 3 steps behind (I blame this on being an older retailer) and when I want to wear my bangle I have a bunch of loose beads in a bowl on my bureau and just pull three to match what I am wearing! Tada! A busy person's dream come true.  It's so much quicker than remaking a whole bracelet. So if you haven't tried one yet now is your chance! 

A FREE Gift with Purchase!

As many of you know I create dangles to be used on a Trollbeads bracelet.  They have a very small bale so they don't take up much room on a chain so I never felt it was in conflict with the Trollbeads brand.  It actually started because our local Massachusetts collectors wanted something local to add to their chains as our town Mattapoisett is a waterfront summer community so I created sea glass dangles as I make jewelry from sea glass.  This broadened and I expanded to make all sorts of dangles and with the demand I had I created a category on Trollbeads Gallery.  As Trollbeads US is making an effort to strengthan its brand it was requested we remove the dangles from the site.  I am in agreement with the decision so I have offered them as a free gift with a purchase -all in holiday themes.  I did this last year and it was a great success and I am doing it now.  So there is no longer a category listed on my site but we are offering them as a gift with purchase.  Our supplies are getting down there but we are still offering them.  When you purchase $150 of Trollbeads you can choose from the three I have made. The value of the dangles are $38.00.  I am still making all my dangles but I have not yet decided where to post them so until them just contact me directly if you have a request! 

On an interesting note as I was taking down the category on my website I researched what the most popular dangles were and they were the Bee Charm with yellow sea glass and the Dog Bone charm with blue sea glass!  It was fun for me to discover that!! Of course the dangles with the dog breeds were popular too and that must be because Trollbeads only has the one dog bead!


Christmas words Collage

We are looking forward to a very large and wonderful collection to come out with the Spring 2015 collection along with the new Valentine beads so stay tuned!!

Everyone at Trollbeads Gallery, Rogers Gallery and Surroundings wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year! 


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Trollbeads Fest! 2014 Is Almost Here: Oct 3 & 4

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Sep 23, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

Gail Crosman Moore photo    We are just upon Trollbeads Fest! 2014 and the excitement is building! We are very excited to have been receiving some of the most beautiful Unique beads we have ever seen!  New and exciting and I want to thank Trollbeads for taking such great care of my customers and collectors. Gail Crosman Moore will be present and making beads on both days!!

   This is the Fifth Trollbeads Fest! and we are thrilled to be a major part of the history of Trollbeads in the U.S.  Each of the past Trollbeads Fests were memorable for a variety of reasons and I am sure this one will be too.

The most important bit of information to share with you, the collector is the special we will be offering to you both here in our gallery during the Fest but also on-line on our website.  We are offering to classic and much beloved "Buy 3 Trollbeads and get the 4th Trollbead free" special.  This was the classic Trollbeads Trunk Show Special and when Trunk Shows went away almost a year ago many collectors were very sad.  But it's back! What is great is that it is even offered past the Fest until October 16th. The occasion of this special is always the perfect time to stretch your Trollbeads dollar and get more for the holiday as gifts to yourself or to loved ones.  If you are new to Trollbeads I want to explain that the free Trollbead or the 4th of the deal must be equal to or less than the lowest price bead of the 3 you are paying for.  So group your beads accordingly to make the most of the deal.  If you buy 3 $31.00 Trollbeads you are entitled to a free $31.00 bead or a $28.00 bead.  Another example would be if you purchase 2 Trollbeads at $63 and 1 at $31 you can only receive another $31 bead or a $28 bead free.  Plan your purchases now and plan them wisely.  We have new 2014 Catalogs available so if you are coming to the Fest you can get one or if you request one we can mail it to you!  This new catalog has everything as of this date and is a great book to have!!

 How to order on line during the event? On October 3rd - October 16th you will be able to take advantage of this offer by purchasing the first 3 beads and in the notes section at check out write the free bead(s) of your choice. 

One of the most exciting things about Trollbeads Fest! (besides all the glorious beads) is the comarderie between the collectors.  We have a number of attendees that have been to every one of the Fests and can't wait to renew their friendships each year.  Last year we were not able to commit to the large function hall we started at so we did a small scale Fest in our own gallery and everyone loved it!!  Less craziness but also less cost as I don't have to charge admission as I did when we held it at the event center.  Of course we don't have the large gift bag anymore but we do have free gifts for everyone that attends!!

Special Event Trollbeads This year we have been sent a beautiful group of glass Trollbeads that are called "event Trollbeads".  They are with a vine design or flower designs and we will be offering them on-line after Trollbeads Fest!  Below are the photos and we have mulitples of most of them. This is the first year where we have been offered so many beauties. Year's past we had one bead as an event bead!


Stemmed Flowers Event Troll





describe the image

Schedule for Trollbeads Fest! 2014

Friday: October 3rd 9:30 - 7:00 With a Wine and Cheese Event from 5:00 to 7:00.

2:00-6:00 Gail Crosman Moore glass bead making demonstration.  She returns for a full day on Saturday.

Lunch is offered between 12:00- 1:00.

The  Wine and Cheese events are fun because we donate great beads to a charity raffle and have fun watching the winners announced at the end. 

Saturday October 4th 9:30-5:00

Gail Crosman Moore will be here demonstrating her glass bead making.  Come see the flame work in process and see the finished beads.  You will also have a chance to buy some of her great beads that have a wild side to them!

Lunch is offered from 12:00-1:00


Trollbeads Fest Mug

Here is this year's free gift along your purchases!!  A mug filled with local cranberries covered in chocolate!! 

What is your excuse for not attending? We are on the South Coast of Massachusetts which is an hour south of Boston and 45 minuted East of Providence.  There are plenty of hotels around and where we have people coming from Europe and from all over the U.S. you can tell it is worth the trip!  New England in the Autumn is the most beautiful place...come for a visit!

Call for hotel suggestions! 888-758-3641

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So Many New Trollbeads Releases!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, May 13, 2014 @ 13:05 PM


Bohemian Pendants RowIt has been a very busy time for Trollbeads with everything that has been introduced for this Spring and Summer. All of these exciting products can be seen and purchased on Trollbeads Gallery.

Where do I start?

The Bohemian Collection Pendants has added a great new set of silver pendants to use with the Sterling Silver chain necklaces.  (See above).There are 6 new designs and you can see all 6 above here.  They are designed to be easlily assembled with you glass beads to create very unique presentations so you are the designer! To celebrate the arrival of summer, Trollbeads will introduce the BOHEMIAN SUMMER collection on May 23, 2014.  The launch will include the debut of décor pendants. The collection will consist of six delicate pieces: Romance, Whale, Bohême, Poetry, Vintage and Flower Meadow. Romance is an oversized heart that can embrace a favorite glass bead, placing love right where it belongs – in the heart. A symbol of strength, whales are the graceful creature of the sea and this pendant is perfectly paired with summer blue glass beads. Bohême combines two gorgeous elements: flowers and hearts; intricate details make a statement on their own that are enhanced with ethereal glass beads. The Poetry pendant exquisitely captures the elegant beauty of a flower. Elaborate details are found on the Vintage pendant including a delicate garland with a majestic teardrop pearl. Three sweet blooming flowers come together on the Flower Meadow pendant to form a lovely bouquet enclosed by tiny leaves; the small size makes the pendant perfect for bracelets as well. These expertly-crafted pendants are the perfect way to create unique customized combinations.


My Sweet Starter Bracelet

Trollbeads introduces a new starter bracelet this summer, MY SWEET STORIES. This limited-edition sterling sliver piece features a stunning green glass bubbles bead, an elegant sterling heart, and a decorative clasp.  The translucent green bead is not only one of the most important colors of the summer season – it also symbolizes the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of Denmark. My Sweet Stories bracelet is the ideal Trollbeads starter bracelet as it’s universally-appealing, simple and stylish.

2014 Sparkling Bangle Verti

Another great release and priced to be a special with a savings of $37 are the Sparkling Bangles.  They come in the 5 Diamond Beads which is a Group 3 Glass bead at $63, a Bangle and 2 stoppers. The retail price for these sets is $236 but the special price is $199.00!

Even if you already have a bangle get another one as they are great when used in multiples!


 Along with these Trollbeads releases we also have ground breaking released from Trollbeads by "X"!  Besides the new links we also great cords!!  These can be used with all your X links!

Trollbeads Gallery X

The sterling silver FLOWER CLOUDS pendant, a standout piece in the X by Trollbeads collection, is reminiscent of Denmark’s national flower, the daisy. Daisies are symbolic in that they convey innocence, loyal love and Purity. Mix and match the versatile and playful FLOWER CLOUDS pendants together with iconic rubber X links to create a unique bouquet style necklace, one that is sure to make a statement. The light-weight link is versatile and can also easily be incorporated into any X by Trollbeads bracelet.  Or wear it with one of the three colors of NEW necklace cords.

Trollbeads Gallery Clouds B

The INFINITY is another new pendant in the X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection. The intricate sterling silver tri-cornered INFINITY symbolizes the philosophy that everything has three distinct, yet interlocking, levels – physical, mental and spiritual. The never-ending interlocked loops look simple, yet they represent an unbreakable bond. INFINITY can be creatively styled on the newly introduced ASIAN CORD collection (seen here with double X links in bronze). The ASIAN CORD collection is available in three lengths and in three summer colors including soft green, pink and black. For another personalized twist, string the INFINITY with rubber X links to create an edgier, unexpected combination.

Infinity collageThe X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection introduces the hauntingly beautiful BIRD SKULL pendant. Birds are the majestic and graceful creatures of the sky that symbolize beauty and freedom while the skull represents fearlessness and strength. This piece is the perfect combination of “pretty and tough.” The BIRD SKULL pendant can be paired with a variety of chains or an ASIAN CORD. Mix it with rubber X and double X links to create everything from choker styles to long, elegant necklaces. 

Bird Skull PendantBird Skull Model

We have a brand new color of Rubber Link! Ocean Blue!  Below we have it in a ready to wear bracelet. The Summer Ocean Bracelet is $105.


 describe the image



The same bracelet completed in the black links and bronze links is just $75.00.  The "My Heart, Bronze" has just been released!  A classic black and golden tone bracelet is versatile and can be worn all year long!

XbT Starter Bracelet Bronze

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Trollbeads Gallery is Back on Top!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 11:04 AM small








If you know me and know the way I conduct my business you know that being the #1 Retailer in the United States is not all that important to me but if by claiming this position I am saying thank you to every customer who has ordered from me then I raise my hand! I have all of you to thank for it and for this purpose alone I will announce it and feel all the gratitude for you, the collectors.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart as everyone at Trollbeads Gallery does. 

If you know me you also know I work on my website and on spreading the word of Trollbeads 7 days a week and between 8 hours to 12 hours a day.  It's been my life for 8 years and it's my life by choice because I truly love Trollbeads.  It was 5 years ago at the first Trollbeads Fest we held, that the director from the then Trollbeads distributor announced I was the top retailer in the U.S. and to this day I can remember the cheers that broke out and I remember feeling the pride coming from my dedication to the brand and not from my ego.

Sometime last year, after 4 years at the top, I lost my position as the top retailer by another retailer who purchased more inventory than they needed. Apparently just to become number one and once they did they had this posted everywhere.  On their site, their Facebook page and everywhere in between.  It didn't bother me as I knew by the way I conduct my business and by the way I support Trollbeads, I was still doing my best.  Best for myself, best by my customers and best by Trollbeads. If you are wondering how I figured they over bought inventory to become #1 I know because just recently they had a 40% unauthorized sale on their Trollbeads because as they said themselves "to reduce inventory."  Now I have nothing against a retailer doing what they must to stay in business but when it hurts the brand I have been supporting with years of my time, when it hurts the value of all of our collections and when it gives them a large step up above all other retailers who play by the rules...than I do hold it against them. I am only human.

In my mind I am happy Trollbeads Gallery is #1 again but it means nothing if being #1 is only based on the quantity purchased from Trollbeads.  So much more goes into it and the grace with which a retailer conducts their business which in turn reflects the best on Trollbeads is what I feel is the most important.

Here's to looking forward to the next large release which is coming out very soon!! Yeah!Don't forget that Mother's Day is quickly coming up and there is no better way to tell your mother how you feel than through Trollbeads.  The Mother's Day 2014 Trollbeads collection.

* I took this photo quite a few years back when these beads came out.  From left to right they are the Violet Flower, Golden Quartz and the Azure Bubbles.

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2013 People's Bead Release Coincides With Trunk Show!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 12:09 PM


'Peoples Bead Bracelet

2013 People's Bead Release is now on-line to view and on October 4th to purchase!

I am hoping the title of this blog drew your attention.  In the many years I have been a Trollbeads dealer I have never been able to time my Trunk Shows to align with a Trollbeads bead release so I am very excited about this coincidental occurrence!  Trollbeads Trunk Shows are the best way possible to buy beads as you get the best and only deals now available. Our Trunk Show was only scheduled when I decided to hold a mini Trollbeads Fest 2013! and the weekend most people could attend was October 4 & 5.  So although I wish I could say it was my fine business acumen that planned it this way, it was not. Just good timing for collectors.   While the Fest is only on Friday October 4th and Saturday October 5th the Trunk Show continues on-line through Sunday and all day Monday.  Trunk Shows last four days while I personally can only last two days at Trollbeads Fest!

During this time I hope to be listing many, many Unique Trollbeads as I just received an order of 300 unique bead kits...with an invoice that totaled exactly what my first house cost! So while I am dividing the goods between my loyal website customers who can't travel to the Fest and for those who are me there is more than enough to go around.  If I have whetted your appetite to attend...check out last minute air fares as they can be affordable and there are plenty reasonable places to stay! We are within an hour of Boston and Providence so we are easy to get to! For more information on the Fest read the blog prior to this one!

2013 pb close up 03 tb slid

The 2013 People's Bead Winners are a great group of designs chosen from a field of thousands of entries.  When the People's Bead contest started there was only one bead chosen but in the last two contests there have been multiple winners with designs created with a theme defined by Trollbeads.  This year it was based on Traditional Sayings.  There were so many great entries as you can imagine with all the colorful traditional sayings around the world. 

I have to say they are all worthy additions to the Trollbeads line. I am particularly fond of the Books because I collect books, I love the Acorn bead because I love acorns and have them as a logo for my other store Surroundings and I could go on and on about every new People's Bead but you can go see for yourself right now.  What I think I am saying here is they are beads that will strike a universal cord with many and I am very excited about this release! So look on Trollbeads Gallery next week at this time and you will see all eleven 2013 People's Beads and when you purchase them in the note section indicate the beads you have earned free!  Most of you know this but when you buy three beads the fourth bead has to be equal to or less than the lowest of the three you are buying.  So group them to give yourself the most value.  For example if you buy 3 beads at $43.00 chose a free bead at $43.00 even though you can chose a free $31.00 bead.  It's common sense but it is still confusing! If you want to place your order earlier than the weekend you can but just write in the notes "Trunk Show" or email us your order (especially is you want the People's beads as these are not available for sale yet, although on line) and we'll have the beads all set aside for you.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at Trollbeads Fest! 2013.

Call Toll Free 888-758-3641 or email


2013 Peoples Close books






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Trollbeads With A Twist

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, May 15, 2013 @ 18:05 PM

Twist Trollbeads Collage





Trollbeads with a Twist is a category we have had on Trollbeads Gallery for about 2 years.  It’s a sleeper of a category but when someone discovers it they become “twist” fan and will continue to check in to see if I’ve added something new.   The listings are not plentiful but I try to always offer you beads to choose from!  What is Trollbeads with a Twist? 

Trollbeads with a Twist is just as it sounds.  Here you will find standard glass beads and stone beads from the Trollbeads line that are in some way unique from the bead as it is usually offered. This is due to the fact that every Trollbead is made by hand and there is bound to be differences.  With  working with customers purchasing Trollbeads in my gallery I discovered that there are those collectors who love to seek out the unusual beads.   We all search for that special something that speaks to us whether it’s a color or a theme but when you’re hunting for beads that are somewhat “off” from what they are meant to be the discovery is all that much more rewarding.   With this in mind I was wondering how I could offer this experience for people who don’t have local Trollbeads retailers. There are many collectors who only have the opportunity to buy Trollbeads on line and that is when “Trollbeads With a Twist” came in to being.  Through the years I have had some great offerings in this category and I am sure to have many more.  I also include retired Trollbeads but many times this is merely so my customers can actually see the retired bead before they purchase it. 

If you are wondering why I don’t offer more beads in this category it is because there are only some beads that come in with a unique look or that vary at all in their appearance.  Think about your collection of standard glass beads, not including your unique beads, and think about the beads you love the most and I’ll bet they are the beads that vary from bead to bead.   Don’t get me wrong as there are many stunning beads that don’t vary but for me it’s the ones that do I feel closer to.  It's the thrill of finding the perfect bead.  Some of our all time favorites are Azure Bubbles, Blue Desert, Organic Bubbles, Wildcat and of course the Armadillos.  The numbers next to each of the Twist listings refer to the number of beads I have listed here and when Azure Bubbles got up to the 80’s I started over again!  Blue Desert is always a fun one because there are so many features that can be unique to it.  Sometimes it is green, sometimes pinkish red with the blue.  The level of the “glitter” within the Desert beads is good to check for also.  The Wildcat is now retired but in its day I had versions that included ones with a heavy presence of black, some with more green, some with more blue and some with more of a brown presence.    The Feather beads are also great beads to keep your eye on!  The Red Feather and the Blue Green feather are retired but I still list them as I made sure I had plenty in stock when they were retired.  The “feathers” in each bead can come out in so many style from a calm “combed” look to a crazy “teased” look.

Another very important distinction between beads is the size.  Some beads can come in a whole range from tiny to huge and collectors tend to hunt out their preferred size when given the choice.

Below is a list of Trollbeads that make great twist beads that are currently in the line!

1. Azure Bubbles-the queen of Twist Beads!  Some collectors have made bracelets of just this bead!

2. Blue Desert-so many great versions.

3. Organic Bubbles-varieties are not as plentiful as they are in the Azure Bubbles but still can be found.

4. Florence and Milan-always fun beads to check out for the varying bumps and tones.

5. Fireflies – once you start looking at this bead you will see how the wings change.

6. Milky way - a nice variety of silver particles in each bead.

7. Silver Mountain and Golden Cave-always varies in so many great ways.

8. Chakra Colors and any of the Chakra beads as the gold banding can vary.

9. Cozy –love the variety of black lines within the bead.

10. Whitecap-This bead is a great twist bead! Although a blue and green bead it can also have pink!

11. Moon Ocean-some can have a  coating of mirror glass and can be light blue or dark blue.

12. Faceted Stones as these are natural and differ from stone to stone.  My favorite one is the Golden Quartz because there is a wide variety from dark to very light!

Great Twist Retired Trollbeads

  1. Wildcat - A wide variety of tones
  2. Grey Wolf - Came in wide variety from wild and wooly to thin calm lines.
  3. Orange and Green Armadillo - So many tones!
  4. Clear Brown Braid- So many unique types of braids.
  5. Clear Blue Braid- Again this bead seems to have a variety of braids.
  6. Issy - The orange whisps of glass varied in depth and in tone.
  7. Twisted Bud - So many kinds of twists!
  8. Fur Animal- Again with fine details they can vary.
  9. Red Feather and Blue Green Feather - our personal favorite.
  10. Aventurine - as this was another stone bead that came in a variety of colors from very dark green with sparkly inclusions to a very light green.

If you check my Trollbeads with a Twist and see a bead you love sold just remember I am always adding new beads so keep checking back!  Prism Small Trollbeads

Here is a perfect example of a "Twist Trollbead" yes. this is a Turquoise Prism!  Usually the bead has a soft flow of purple going through the bead but this one the purple ended up on one half and the turquoise is on the other!


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Free Unique Trollbead by Purchasing $99 Trollbeads & CONTEST

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 20:04 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Unique beadsExciting News!! 

From May 1st to May 12th Trollbeads Gallery will be offering you a free unique bead when you spend $99 on our website!  You can go directly to our Unique bead offerings by clicking on this link:  Trollbeads Gallery Unique Beads.

Trollbeads is offering this to Celebrate Mother's Day! Thank you Trollbeads!

To follow Trollbeads guidelines you may only receive one free bead at a time so if you spend  $99 (and slightly over) you can chose one free unique bead but to receive more than one bead free you need to place multiple orders!   In other words if you intend to spend $300 (or more) you can get 3 free Unique beads but you have to do it in 3 separate transactions.   To receive the free Unique bead just add it to your cart and as you are checking out simply type in Free Unique Bead in the "Coupon Code" box.  If by any chance you find a unique bead that is higher than the $45.00, which is the  average unique bead cost, your invoice will show the $45.00 credit only. 

I will be adding Unique beads every day as usual so keep checking back as the days go by!

You may want to go through our popular "Twins and Trios" category were we list unique beads in twos and in threes.  Four of the kits are shown above. Like my regular unique bead offerings I try to add new kits daily.  Many people like to have matching glass beads to wear on either side of a silver bead on the Trollbeads Bangle bracelet and the trios are great because we match 3 beads for you so there is not so much guessing if you are worried about your ability to match on-line!


Build You Own Trollbeads Bracelet Contest! 

Another new program brought to you from Trollbeads!

This is very simple!  All you have to do is visit:'s-New page and fill out an entry form.  That's it!  Enjoy the deep wealth of the site while you are there.  The Trollbeads Museum is fascinating and there is a wealth of information for you.

Last day to enter is 5-12-13 and there is no purchase necessary. Check back to the same site for the results!

From Trollbeads Universe:

Enter to Win!Sunglasses silver bead

Build Your Own bracelet ($500 value) or Start Your Story Bracelet ($99 value)!

Two winners will be selected and announced the week of June 3rd.


Good luck and enjoy :)

No purchase necessary!



















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Meet Trollbeads Designer Mette Saabye!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 18:04 PM

Metta Saabye Trollbeads 

Please note that the blog has been changed to reflect the "future" date of this release.  We had jumped the gun on this release believing it was April 1st! 

On April 19th Trollbeads will introduce a brand new collection of jewelry by Mette Saabye.  Mette has been one of Trollbeads bead designers for many years and in this introduction Trollbeads gives us a whole new direction of jewelry! 

Like many of the Trollbeads designers Mette is an artist and jewelry designer her in own right and has her own avid collectors.  They visit her here at her studio and follow her jewelry through her shows at galleries and museums. Many of her pieces are considered avant garde and extremely artful and for the first time she has designed a group of "Elderberry Designs" jewelry including rings, a brooch and earrings for Trollbeads to include in their line.

Her fresh designs and fresh attitude is probably what attracted Lise Aagaard to Mette from the beginning.  Mette has a style that is all her own and with the jewelry just released we can see how Lise was attracted to her artistry and flair. It's easy to see Mette's personality in her designs and if you've been lucky enough to ever meet her you can see her warm smile come shining through the flowers in these new pieces she has so painstakingly created.

The new Mette Saabye Trollbeads jewelry collection consists of eight pieces with half of the pieces being her stylish rings. The will be offered in five sizes.  The other rings offered are a smaller scale.  My favorite of all the pieces are the earrings which range in size and in style. There is even a pair of clips offered and let me tell you if you don't have your ears pierced it is very difficult to find clips these days! The most simple of the earsticks otherwise known as posts and are quite affordable and very sweet with one flower.  The larger pair offered have a "bunch" of three flowers and each flower has a 18K gold center.  This is my favorite pair and one I will purchase for my own use.  The largest pair are the ear clips and are called "Elderflowers Earclips". This is a grouping of six flowers around a center flower and all of these flowers have the 18K gold center also.  Earrings this size are always very flattering and the clips allow the larger earrings to sit on your ear in the best position regardless if your ears are pierced or not. To see the whole collecton visit Trollbeads Gallery on April 19!

The creme de la creme is the Elderflowers Brooch!  A stylish statement piece that many of our wardrobes are missing!  The brooch is over two inches in diameter and looks like a bed of "sweet william" flowers, growing altogether.  It is quite dramatic and beautiful.  The photo below is a Trollbeads model wearing Mette's pieces. I am sure we would all look as beautiful if we were to wear the pieces as well...but isn't the brooch stunning?  Congratulations to Mette for having her designs selected and thank you to Lise at Trollbeads for stepping outside of the "bead" box to produce this line.

MSbyTB key smallimage












A while ago I was very fortunate to travel to Denmark to work on a project and had the privilege of visiting Mette in her own studio in Copenhagen.  I have to tell you she is just as lovely in person as she is in her photographs.  Mette's studio is tiny and magical with walls finished in gold leaf making the studio seem like a gem itself.  When you are in it you feel like you're in a special treasure box surrounded by fascinating jewelry created by Mette and a small selection of other very talented jewelry designers. Behind the viewing area there is a small design and workroom where Mette and her assistant work with complete with all the jewelry tools you can imagine.  It was so much fun to see it all - the beauty of the front and functionality of the workshop.

When you see the jewelry created by Trollbeads designers I think it's fascinating to see if you can discover what of their style or themes come out in the Trollbeads they have designed.  If you have the Coffee Table Trollbeads book you have already been able to see this but being in Mette's studio was a special treat for me trying to see the relationship between her own jewelry pieces and the that of her bead designs for Trollbeads.

The special photos below were taken on my visit.  You can see from the outside view just how dear the studio is and how it was decorated for the holidays.  Below the outside view is a photo of her studio and the jewelry cases next to a photo of Mette laughing and enjoying herself.

Mette%27s exterior

    Mette Saabye Studio

Mette%27s shop

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