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Trollbeads "Playing Cards" Bead - Take a Good Look, back!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Sep 06, 2012 @ 20:09 PM

11528 Playing Cards TrollbeThe new Trollbeads Playing Cards bead was an unheralded introduction due to the fact that there were so many outrageously gorgeous glass beads released at the same time.  Well I am writing this blog to convince you go back to the new beads category and take a closer look and think about this bead and what it can mean to you. 

I don't know about you but my life has been peppered with playing cards from my childhood to my adult life and as I think back cards have nothing but positive memories for me.  Think about the rainy days spent in childhood playing cards with your friends or with your siblings.  I'm very visual in my memories and I can see myself lying on my stomach with my elbows entrenched in scratchy carpet while shifting my cards around plotting my next move.  Remember how hard it was peeking at your cards while trying to hold them close to your chest so no one else would see your cards?  My favorite game was "go fish" while "war" was the other one we played because they were the only two games we knew.  I remember taking cards and attaching them to my bike's spokes with clothes pins just so it would sound cool. Now that was fun! Then on the next rainy day we wondered why we couldn't find 52 cards.  I wonder how many packs of cards a family went through back before electronics took kids imaginations in another direction.

Then I travel forward to my late teens when I learned how to play "rummy" with my friends. We'd play while sailing and drinking brandy.  Now move a little more through the years and my husband and I played an endless game of rummy as we traveled through Europe on the U-Rail pass in the early '70's. I can't remember who won but the card game lasted us through France, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.  We'll still play once in a while when he can get me away from my Trollbeads and my computer!

Now I move forward a few more years and we have children and spend the winter holidays in Maine with my in-laws. In the eastern most town in the U.S. there isn't much to do in the evenings so cards were our main entertainment.  In my husband's family there's been a card game called 10,000 and it's a game everyone visiting played no matter how many cousins and siblings we were the table would shrink and grow accordingly.  It was the best time for all of us from the 6 year olds to the 80 year olds.  The memories I have of these card games are touched with humor and fondness as I think of the youngest generation each year, sitting higher in their chairs while the oldest generation were sitting a bit lower each year. We all played with the same competitive zeal no matter our age.  Through the years since we've had the enjoyment of sharing this game with friends and relatives and I love to think about the  memories everyone has and by sharing it, will have thanks to playing cards.

The saying goes that every story has a bead.  With the "Playing Cards" it's the bead itself that holds the stories...all 10,000 of them and for me they're my memories. 

Can you share what the "Playing Cards" bead means for you? Let us hear it!

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