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Renowned Photographer Celia Pearson Shoots Trollbeads!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Sep 14, 2011 @ 08:09 AM

Celia Trollbeads photo
The Trollbeads photograph above was taken by my friend and professional photograher Celia Pearson.  Celia is well known for her many years as a professional photographer and whose work has been published in many books, magazines and journals and I always feel honored when she starts working with my Trollbeads.

I'm proud to call Celia a close friend and our friendship all began in 2006 with a gallery exhibition she had at Rogers Gallery (our gallery) displaying her images of sea glass which had just been published in the book "Pure Sea Glass"Sea glass marble. Pearson illustrated the award winning book written by Richard LaMotte and to this day it is the foremost informational text on sea glass.  As with the glass she photographed for the book, Celia's handling of the subtle tones in glass Trollbeads is just as sensitive.

Each year Celia stays with us on her trips north and we pass our time together compatibly while she works her camera shooting our sea glass and I work mine shooting unique beads for my Trollbeads Gallery.  It's a balanced and symbiotic relationship because she shares my love of glass. Whether it's my sea glass or the seductive colors of Trollbeads she'll shoot while she's here, it's a favorite subject for Celia and her camera.

The small photograph above is one Celia took of my sea glass on one of her visits. I remember it was this time she took the photograph for the header bracelet of Trollbeads Forum, the image of the light blues and black bracelet.

Visit Celia's site to see her phenomenal work including her museum installations, exhibits or all of the other work she publishes.

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