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Our Holiday Unique Trollbeads are Listed & Upcoming Specials!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

Red Holly 1119For nine years now Trollbeads Gallery has been offering holiday uniques with a great collection of unique Trollbeads we have saved for the entire year.  Our collectors look forward with anticipation for this time very year and this year we have REAL holiday unique beads!  For the first time ever Trollbeads has created a variety of unique beads explicitly for the holidays!  We have all enjoyed the limited edition kits for the last 5 years but these are actual uniques and they are fabulous!  The red holly bead above is just one of them along with the three below so rush on over to our site and see the rest!

Holiday Unique Beads

Holiday Bangle

We have specials on tap for next weekend including discounts on some retired beads and a few others I am still hearing about so if you are interested in finding out more sign up for our emails (I'll send one when I get the full story) or check on our site where we will have a Black Friday Weekend Special category!  It is 5 days long so don't let the word weekend throw you off! Sorry I don't have all the information for you but besides my website, forum and blog to keep up with -I also have two stores and at holiday time you can imagine how busy it can be. Tonight we are hosting a charity benefit at Rogers Gallery for a great local organization called Gifts to Give which helps 30,000+ children living in poverty in SE Massachusetts and when this is over I will dedicate myself to working out which specials we can offer you!  I have provided the website for the organization as it is a remarkable place where everyone partakes in charity and in providing educational outreach, clothing, support and it teaches local children how to give of themselves to help other children.  As you can see I am committed!!

I know a lot of you have been kind to comment on the loss of my dangles on Trollbeads Gallery.  I understand the request of Trollbeads to take them off and I will continue to make them so when I find a way to show and sell them again...I will let you know!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Louise Rogers

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