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Announcing TrollbeadsFest! 2015 at Trollbeads Gallery!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Aug 29, 2015 @ 08:08 AM
TrollbeadsFest! 2015 at Trollbeads Gallery

TrollbeadsFest! 2015

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting

our 6th Annual TrollbeadsFest! on

October 2nd and 3rd!

The excitement is make your plans now!

It seems remarkable but this will be our 6th year that we have held this event and we hope you can make it to Massachusetts for this year's TrollbeadsFest!  Visit New England in it's premier season, catch up with old Trollbeads friends and make some new ones and, most importantly, pick up some beautiful Trollbeads! 

This year, like last year, we are hosting the event at Rogers Gallery, our store so there is no entry charge but as usual we will always have a TrollbeadsFest event gift for you!  You'll find the gallery is a more intimate experience and you will get to meet other Trollbeads collectors and see their collections and relax with your beads!

We will be offering the Buy 3 Get 1 Free to help you make the most of your Trollbeads dollar!  We will have hundreds of unique Trollbeads to offer you and many of each of the new Autumn Release so you have choose you bead from many of each bead! So call your Trollbeads buddies and make your plans for a fun weekend!

We have saved our release of the NEW Black Storage Case for this event! Pick up your case here!  These are very limited so we are thrilled to have them for the event!

Trollbeads case at TrollbeadsFest! 2015


Where: Rogers Gallery, Route 6, Mattapoisett, MA 02739 508-758-3641

 Event Schedule

Friday, October 2nd:

9:30 Doors open and bead play begins!

12:00-1:00: Lunch offered. Sandwiches buffet style.

4:00 -6:00: Wine and Charity Bead Auction.

Saturday, October 3rd:

9:30 Doors Open and Bead play begins anew!

10:30 - 5:00 Gail Crosman Moore exhibits her glass bead making skills!  Have a seat and watch the remarkable process unfold.  Gail will be offering her beads for sale as well!

12:00-1:00: Lunch Offered.  Sandwiches buffet style.

If you haven't seen a glass bead being made you have to see it!  We are thrilled for Gail as she designed one of the two newest kits in the 2015 Trollbeads Autumn Collection, the Dreams of Freedom Kit! 

Here is Gail at last year's Trollbeads Fest!  We are so happy to have her here again!

RSVP's: We would appreciate if you could let us know if you are coming and if you would like to have lunch with us.  It helps us plan for food and help! Feel free to email me at

If you need hotel suggestions click on this link and see the area's hospitality suggestions!  If you are coming from a distance it may help to know we are 1 hour from Boston, 45 minutes from Providence and 30 minutes from Cape Cod!

Area Hotels Listings

Gail Crosman Moore at TrollbeadsFest! 2015







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Trollbeads Summer Sale On For Only One More Week!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jun 28, 2015 @ 15:06 PM

describe the imageThis is a simple "reminder" blog!

If your Summer has started anything like mine you have been too busy to read all your emails and too busy to catch up on blog articles but I am taking a moment just to remind you of the Trollbeads Summer Sale. After the City Beads were taken down many emailed me saying they missed the chance as life got in the way!  We still have City Beads (but you need to call) and we still have the Summer Sale so this is your reminder!

It is running now and ends July 6th.  Do yourself a favor and click on over to our site and see the beads we have on sale!  There just may be beads you have been meaning to add to your collection but just haven't had the chance.  The time is now! Click on the link below!

Trollbeads Summer Sale

I have chosen two of my all time favorite beads that are on sale to share with you!

One of my personal favorite glass beads:

Trollbeads Gallery Blue Green feather


The Blue Green Feather Trollbead

has been retired for 3 years and there just aren't that many left of them.  It is a beautiful earthy green that can work well on so many Trollbeads designs.

The Feather design is one I wish they would make more of instead of less of!  The Red Feather was a huge favorite but that was retired too and now impossible to find! There is only one more feather design bead in the line!

Green is in the middle of the color wheel and can be used with so many other colors and at $25.00 you should buy it!  Even if you have one you should get another one!



One of My Favorite Silver Beads:

Trollbeads Gallery Palying Cards               The Playing Cards Bead

The Playing Cards bead was a bead we all first saw when Trollbeads International hosted an event for all dealers in Las Vegas.  It was a spectacular weekend with small seminars and chances to meet with the Trollbeads family and all other dealers.

  We were each gifted one of these beads and Lise Aagaard, the founder of Trollbeads and CEO, as she told us of how she found the molded for this bead amongst her father's things after he passed away. It obviously meant a lot to her to find it and to share it with us.

I think this bead is universal in appeal as we probably all have distant memories of playing cards with our grandparents, our parents and even our own kids, siblings and grandchildren. 

Trollbeads tell a story and with this bead I am reminded of my grandmother teaching me solitaire as a child and her great patience.  We would play during our Summer visits on rainy days.  If you don't have this bead yet now is a good time to get one! What are your memories? 

So before you pull your cards out and start shuffling hope on over to Trollbeads Gallery and check out the rest of the sale beads! What kind of stories can you evoke with your beads?  Can you find beads you can give as gifts to share memories with a sister or a brother? 

Happy Summer to all!  





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Our Holiday Unique Trollbeads are Listed & Upcoming Specials!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

Red Holly 1119For nine years now Trollbeads Gallery has been offering holiday uniques with a great collection of unique Trollbeads we have saved for the entire year.  Our collectors look forward with anticipation for this time very year and this year we have REAL holiday unique beads!  For the first time ever Trollbeads has created a variety of unique beads explicitly for the holidays!  We have all enjoyed the limited edition kits for the last 5 years but these are actual uniques and they are fabulous!  The red holly bead above is just one of them along with the three below so rush on over to our site and see the rest!

Holiday Unique Beads

Holiday Bangle

We have specials on tap for next weekend including discounts on some retired beads and a few others I am still hearing about so if you are interested in finding out more sign up for our emails (I'll send one when I get the full story) or check on our site where we will have a Black Friday Weekend Special category!  It is 5 days long so don't let the word weekend throw you off! Sorry I don't have all the information for you but besides my website, forum and blog to keep up with -I also have two stores and at holiday time you can imagine how busy it can be. Tonight we are hosting a charity benefit at Rogers Gallery for a great local organization called Gifts to Give which helps 30,000+ children living in poverty in SE Massachusetts and when this is over I will dedicate myself to working out which specials we can offer you!  I have provided the website for the organization as it is a remarkable place where everyone partakes in charity and in providing educational outreach, clothing, support and it teaches local children how to give of themselves to help other children.  As you can see I am committed!!

I know a lot of you have been kind to comment on the loss of my dangles on Trollbeads Gallery.  I understand the request of Trollbeads to take them off and I will continue to make them so when I find a way to show and sell them again...I will let you know!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Louise Rogers

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Trollbeads Sale - One Week Down & One Week To Go

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 07, 2014 @ 14:07 PM

Trollbeads Gallery braceletJuly 7, 2014

The Trollbeads Collector Dream Sale has just completed its first week and it was a fast, fun and furious week at Trollbeads Gallery.  There have been such great buys and great choices by collectors taking advantage of 25% Discount and I've enjoyed seeing the beads people are scooping up!

There have always been bead retirements at Trollbeads which means in the many years Trollbeads has been around there are many,many retired beads the new collectors have missed out on while trying to purchase the current beads in the line.  This sale has given collectors the opportunity to catch up and buy the retired beads with a competitive edge.  The World Tour Beads are especially a wise purchase now.  We are sold out of some of them but have many styles left as we purchased a great amount when offered them this year. The Netherlands Orange Bead (Orange and Gold), The Hong Kong Skyline (dark blue & glitter) and the Mountain Crystal are all great beads to have and at only $23.25 make sure you have them in your collection.  The Mountain Crystal is a crackled stone bead in clear and white so it's a beautiful neutral bead easy to place on so many designs.  We also have the Frog Prince at a savings of $17.25 makes a large bead affordable at $51.75!  I have always loved the more textural silver beads from the World Tour Beads such as Van Gogh (a silver bouquet of sunflowers) and the Edelweiss from the Swiss collection.  I am reminding you of all these great beads so you don't have this opportunity slip by you.  We all get so busy in the Summer so make sure you check out all of categories!

First Week Best Sellers!

Sale Unique Beads- Of course this would be a best selling category as we have a lot listed in the older uniques because I have always had an enormous inventory of them and I am listing new ones every day.  We have made it quite simple with a category JUST for Sale Uniques!

Nightingale- A retired Gold and Silver bead and a great one to pick up know with a savings of $65.00 bringing it to $195.00. Check this bead out if haven't as the detail is stunning.

Joyful- This is a re-release of a retired bead and a limited edition release at that! A nice round bead with a happy attitude and the savings are $17 selling for $51.00.  I think the people buying this bead are adding a second one to their collection as it's a nice large round bead and adds a lot to every bracelet!

Endless Gold

Gold Beads- We are happy to report that both large and small Gold beads are selling.  They are a big reach for all of us to attain and the sale helps! They still remain a cherished part of the collection and while they are on sale -it's the time to jump.  We still have one retired Gold Scarab left and one Retired Gold Jugend and these are the largest of the gold beads.  The Gold Wisdom was someone's choice to be worn on a gold Bangle.  I know quite a few people who are very happy right now!

The Gold Endless (shown at the left) is a great buy right now as you can save $117.75. 

If you are reading the sale news for the first time I should mention that the sale is for all beads released before Autumn of 2013 but that leaves you with many choices!!

We have all heard there is going to be a price increase in August so now is the time to pick up those Trollbeads with a discount! Happy Shopping!

describe the imageIf you have any questions please call us Toll Free at 888-758-3641.

If you missed out on the small Tranquil Fantasy Trollbeads we jsut got more in!  If you are interested give us a call!

Tranquil Fantasy Trollbeads galleryClick here to purchase!  Tranquil Fantasy Bead

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Trollbeads Gallery is Back on Top!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 11:04 AM small








If you know me and know the way I conduct my business you know that being the #1 Retailer in the United States is not all that important to me but if by claiming this position I am saying thank you to every customer who has ordered from me then I raise my hand! I have all of you to thank for it and for this purpose alone I will announce it and feel all the gratitude for you, the collectors.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart as everyone at Trollbeads Gallery does. 

If you know me you also know I work on my website and on spreading the word of Trollbeads 7 days a week and between 8 hours to 12 hours a day.  It's been my life for 8 years and it's my life by choice because I truly love Trollbeads.  It was 5 years ago at the first Trollbeads Fest we held, that the director from the then Trollbeads distributor announced I was the top retailer in the U.S. and to this day I can remember the cheers that broke out and I remember feeling the pride coming from my dedication to the brand and not from my ego.

Sometime last year, after 4 years at the top, I lost my position as the top retailer by another retailer who purchased more inventory than they needed. Apparently just to become number one and once they did they had this posted everywhere.  On their site, their Facebook page and everywhere in between.  It didn't bother me as I knew by the way I conduct my business and by the way I support Trollbeads, I was still doing my best.  Best for myself, best by my customers and best by Trollbeads. If you are wondering how I figured they over bought inventory to become #1 I know because just recently they had a 40% unauthorized sale on their Trollbeads because as they said themselves "to reduce inventory."  Now I have nothing against a retailer doing what they must to stay in business but when it hurts the brand I have been supporting with years of my time, when it hurts the value of all of our collections and when it gives them a large step up above all other retailers who play by the rules...than I do hold it against them. I am only human.

In my mind I am happy Trollbeads Gallery is #1 again but it means nothing if being #1 is only based on the quantity purchased from Trollbeads.  So much more goes into it and the grace with which a retailer conducts their business which in turn reflects the best on Trollbeads is what I feel is the most important.

Here's to looking forward to the next large release which is coming out very soon!! Yeah!Don't forget that Mother's Day is quickly coming up and there is no better way to tell your mother how you feel than through Trollbeads.  The Mother's Day 2014 Trollbeads collection.

* I took this photo quite a few years back when these beads came out.  From left to right they are the Violet Flower, Golden Quartz and the Azure Bubbles.

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What Makes "Trollbeads Gallery" Different?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Oct 17, 2013 @ 10:10 AM

 Header trollbeads gallery

As an Authorized Trollbeads dealer for many years now I take great pride in trying to offer my customers Trollbeads in a pleasing and stimulating way.   As dealers we all try to offer you the best we can but for Trollbeads Gallery I have always tried to offer Trollbeads in a unique platform so the customer’s experience is a pleasurable one.  I’ve always offered Trollbeads in categories I feel are helpful to the buyer whether it is showing regular glass beads as in “Standard Trollbeads But with a twist” or by saving unique beads all year long to present at either Halloween, Valentine’s Day, July 4th or of course our biggest offering, the Christmas uniques.  Years ago we even had the “Mini-Beads” category which we plan on resurrecting soon when I get my small unique beads photographed.  But in any case when I work to present our Trollbeads so they are easier to see, easier to compare and easier to collect I feel I am doing my job well and I enjoy what I do.  I’ve spent years building trust with my customers and even if they don’t see what they want they feel free to email me knowing besides what I have on the site I have hundreds more  in the gallery or in my stash.   Besides our inventory we strive to offer you the best possible customer service we can. With just myself listing beads and working the website and Penni processing and shipping the orders we will do what we can to make collecting Trollbeads a joy as it should be.

Trollbeads Uniques: Unlike many sites that sell on Facebook and have Facebook parties this is something I just can't manage.  It's only me and Penni in the office and I am short the man-power to do this.  What I do do is list new unique beads pretty much everyday of the week.  This is to offer my collectors a fresh and ever changing assortment of unique Trollbeads to hunt through when they can look and not make them feel like they are in a lottery. Call me old fashioned, that's fine.  The unique below is a beautiful Pinwheel I just listed today!

Trollbeads Gallery Unique

Holiday Uniques: For 8 years I have always offered a special holiday section of unique beads and at this time I have Halloween Unique's listed and even as get closer to the holiday I still add new beads because so many collectors love Autumn and orange is a great color for Autumn themed bracelets and not just Halloween. Check back though out the year as I also offer Holiday Unique releases for Valentines Day, July 4th and Christmas too! Below is a sample of Halloween.  It won't be long before I start photographing my red and green collection for Christmas.

Trollbeads Gallery Bead





Trollbeads Unique Trios: We have been offering these for almost a year and they are always popular depending of course on the unique beads I get in.  I have always tried to find 3 beads that work well together so it can either be a perfect Trollbeads Bangle design as is or the starting point for a new bracelet design.  It takes me awhile to put beads together so the time I take in matching sizes and colors saves you time.  Just recently I have started adding Trios that are actually the same design but in 3 different colors, as shown below.  Creating bracelets from like design beads but in many different colors has been getting more and more popular so these kits will help those that have those projects in mind.

Trollbeads Gallery trio

      Trio Trollbeads Gallery

 Critters Unique Beads: We have a category just for the "critter" unique beads now coming in from Trollbeads.  It's a fun category to look at because all the critters have just great colors and viewing them all together makes it easy to compare the variety of Ladybugs, Turtles, Butterflies and Fish being offered. 

Aqua turtle 1016

Standard Trollbeads But With A Twist: This is definitely a Trollbeads Gallery original! These are standard glass and stone Trollbeads that are different in some way. These differences are not defects but just differences found in beads because they are all hand made and differences happen and it is these differences that makes Trollbeads so special.  I started this category because it is something collectors love to do when they go to Trollbeads stores-to hunt for beads that are just a little different and I wanted collectors who can't get to a store to enjoy the same hunt.  We've been doing it for quite a while now and it's a very popular category.  To photograph beads daily is a labor of love but I do try to restock inventory as often as I can so check back if you don't find what you are looking for.  You'll notice some beads are just perfect for this category like the Azure Bubbles as every bead is unique.  I also include beads that are not that different because it's fun to offer a bead as it is supposed to be!  I also include any limited edition releases and retired Trollbeads in this listing as we all know it's nice to see the actual bead you are buying. Look at the Blue Desert bead and the Kahaki Stripe below and you'll see how different some beads can come in!  The stone beads are always unique, especially the Tourmalinated Quartz,so it's helpful to see those photos too. The fun part is to see what number each bead is. The Tourmalinated Quartz I just listed is #30 so that is the 30th of that bead I have listed.

Blue Desert bead 1016Khaki Stripe Twist 522 Tourmalinated Quartz

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Trollbeads Fest 2013 & Trunk Show!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 @ 10:09 AM

     Trollbeads Fest 2013!  Is on and we are very excited about the 4th Annual Fest! For anyone who has attended in past years you know how special and how unique this event is.

Trollbeads Gallery Fest 2011

     As some know I had originally planned not to have one this year due to my illness in January.  January is the month I have to reserve the hotel and conference center and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I didn't know what the outcome would be so I was unable to make the commitment I usually do.  I have been very fortunate and have come through the treatments with flying colors (yeah!) and at the last moment have decided to have    Trollbeads Fest in a much more intimate setting, in our gallery.  The collectors love this event so much and it was weighing on me heavily that I couldn't host the event and bring everyone together again so I started thinking why not just hold a smaller event?  After touching base with some past attendees and after listing the event on Trollbeads Gallery Forum I discovered that it was a great idea! So although last minute the party is on!

On October 4th and 5th we will be hosting Trollbeads Fest 2013! At Rogers Gallery in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.  The hours will be our usual "open hours" 9:30-5:00 with the exception of our Wine Event, Friday Night 5:00-7:00. At our Wine Event we will have drawings for charity including great unique beads as we have always done and we will be offering heavy hors d'oerves and wine. This is a wonderful event to get to know your fellow collectors, show off your collection and of course also buy beads and take advantage of the Trunk Show special of receiving a gift of a free bead when you purchase 3.  There are no limits to this special!!

All 3 previous Trollbeads Fest's were very exciting and very memorable for so many reasons.

Trollbeads Gallery Fest 2011

This photo was taken in 2011 when we had 3 Trollbeads designers join us!  From left to right we have Eske Storm, Kim Buck (both silver bead designers and traveled from Denmark) and Kristi Denning.  Kristi, from the United States, won the second annual "People's Bead Award" for her design of the "Ice Bear". Kristi's design won first out of thousands of entrees!

describe the imageThis photo was taken during Trollbeads Fest 2012!  We had Soren Neilsen visiting from Denmark. As the design leader of silver Trollbeads and the first designer for Trollbeads we were very honored to have him with us.  Here is at Rogers Gallery showing us how to create molds for the silver beads.  Sitting with Soren is Alicia Sopola, Ginger Hatten and Alex Rogers. These three traveled from Michigan, Wyoming and Colorado for the event but of course Alex had to...he's my son but he also sells Trollbeads in his Boulder Jewelry Gallery, Starfish!

Trollbeads Gallery Photo

This photo was taken at the opening night of the first Trollbeads Fest 2010!  The photo is of Suzanne Hopping and myself on the right.  Suzanne and her husband Robert traveled from Australia for the event.  Suzanne won the first annual "People's Bead Award" for her "Pax" bead.

Unlike years past we will not be charging an entrance fee but there will be no "over the top" gift bag this year but the event will be worth attending if you can manage it with short notice!  We will be serving a complimentary lunch on both Friday and Saturday but we also have many great local eating establishments in the area. Remember this area is world famous for seafood as New Bedford is a huge fishing port. 

Scott Bouwens Special Event

Glass Bead Demonstration: Scott Bouwens a professional glass artist will be creating glass beads at Trollbeads Fest 2013!  Scott is from the United States and from what we hear he gives a GREAT show! He is fascinating to watch and once you see a glass bead being made you will cherish your collection that much more!  Please note that Scott will be at the Fest for Saturday only.

Trunk Show Specials: Save money and catch up on the new Trollbeads release!  Purchase 3 Trollbeads and receive the 4th bead free...with NO limits to hoe many beads you purhcase!

Along with the bead demonstration and Trunk Show we will have over 300 brand new unique beads coming straight from Denmark for this occasion. This is reason alone to attend the event! If you have ever been to one of our Trollbeads Fests...then you know how special these beads can be.  I am very excited about being able to offer these to you.

Please follow this link to our Pinterest Board ALL on Trollbeads Fests past!  You will see everything from very funny photos to heart warming photos of all past events.  It really is a remarkable event where everyone leaves happy.

Trollbeads Gallery Pinterest Board on Trollbeads Fest!

Where this is last minute we haven't reserved any rooms but just "Google" hotels in and around Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth all close to us at Rogers Gallery.

Rogers Gallery/Trollbeads Gallery

Rout 6, Mattapoisett, MA 02739  508-758-3641 or 888-758-3641

TRUNK SHOW ON TROLLBEADS GALLERY  ANYONE can order during our Trunk Show/Fest. Click on the link to see the full Trollbeads line and start making your list!

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Update: World Tour Trollbeads Availibility etc.

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jan 06, 2013 @ 16:01 PM

Trollbeads gallery World Tour collage

Update! The World Tour Trollbeads In a Nutshell

I've seen many new Trollbeads enthusiasts and collectors join our ranks this year and with the new collectors come a lot of questions about past releases and one of the releases that has garnered most of the questions has been the World Tour Trollbeads.  What are they? Why are some not available?  Are they limited editions?  So forth and so on.  I'd like to make a brief description to bring the newbies up to date while not giving too much info in case this becomes boring for the more informed. I am writing this now because as I was doing the year end inventory I discovered that some of the World Tour beads are very low in inventory and I ran out of a few before Christmas. I thought giving a fair warning would be helpful for those of you who are waiting for the right time to is it!  The whole collection was done in a small scale limited edition and was originally only created to be sold in each of the country's the beads represented. When the tour was completed we were treated with the news that every dealer in every country would have a small window of opportunity to purchase the kits from all countries.  Even though I purchased many (I always over do it) I am already finding myself running out of some and running low on others.

The World Tour is a group of 12 kits of Trollbeads, 4 beads to a kit, with each kit representing the 12 countries Trollbeads is most well known and appreciated in.  Through out the tour which lasted many months a new kit would be introduced every few months.  The beads were designed to best celebrate the culture and history if each of the 12 countries.  What a great tribute and one that was appreciated by collectors everywhere.

The first release was appropriately Denmark and the Danish Kit was kicked off at a World Tour Celebration event in Copenhagen.  The Danish beads were the Viking Ship (my favorite for the Denmark set), Design Troll (sold out) and the Runes -a beautiful Amber bead.  Amber had been hard to get as of late and the Runes amber bead was sold out for months but we now have a good quantity available. The markings on the side of the bead is Denmark engraved in Runes.  The glass bead of the kit was Anemones, a very pretty green flower bead.  This bead is one of the beads low in stock.  The World Tour glass beads while being limited were very well priced at $31.00.

Following Denmark we saw the World Tour Kits from Germany and the Netherlands released with such perfect beads!! Two of my favorites was from Germany, the Beetle and the Frog Prince.  It is shown below with a crowned from sitting on his green thrown!The Netherlands Van Gogh bead is a beauty with sculptured Sunflowers in an interesting rounded shape which celebrated one of the many artists to come from the Netherlands, Van Gogh.  See below!


The Frog Prince Trollbeads GalleryVan Gogh Trollbeads gallery


The World Tour Kit release from the Baltic States was exciting as it gave us another Amber bead, Baltic Amber, shown below, which people loved because of its facets that dance in the sun and it is only $43. The Baltic Amber bead was out of stock at TBG for awhile and then we got some back in stock late fall.  The kit also gave us another silver and glass bead, the Iron Wolf.  The sweet Mushroom Family, shown below was a favorite of many cooks! At Trollbeads Gallery we still have a few of these.  A great bead at $28.

Mushroom Family Trollbeads Baltic Trollbeads Gallery

As you can well imagine there are so many other beads to talk about from the World Tour and as I am limited to space here on the blog please take the link to our website and look through  all the beads to see the grand tribute Trollbeads created for each of the countries they are represented by.  I have left the images of the sold-out beads visible on the site so you can see them close up.  Below is a list of just some of our favorites at Trollbeads Gallery but not mentioned above!  Follow the link at the bottom of the blog and enjoy the designs!


Japan- Blooming Sakura Beauty of a glass bead! (Far below left)

Switzerland- Edelweiss (sold out) A beautiful flower. (lower right)

Austria- Amadeus  (almost sold out) Great for all Musicians! (lower left)

Italy- Love Locks

Hong Kong- Chinese Auspicious  (Shown below upper right)

UK-Tea Party- (Shown below upper left)

World Tour Collage


 Blooming Sakura Trollbead

 The World Tour collection is another aspect of Trollbeads that sets it apart from the other bead brands on the market.  The carefully executed release of each of the countries beads as far of sense of timing and the overall plan shows the amount of forethought that typically goes into every major or minor Trollbeads release. The depth of this artistic line is so much more complex in design and in meaning than any other brand and this is why Trollbeads has continued to evolve and continued to inspire other bead brands for over 35 years. If you are new to Trollbeads one other thing to remember is this line is family owned and operated and manages to hold it's own in a world of huge mega conglomerate bead brands so spread your love of Trollbeads to help support the original brand! 

See the Whole World Tour Here!







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Trollbeads Best Money Saving Deal Ever!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 @ 15:12 PM

Trollbeads Gallery image 



A Great Christmas Gift Idea - one that keeps on giving!

The new starter bracelets are so exciting and we have many in stock just waiting for you to jump in on the action and become involved with this awesome Trollbeads endeavor! It's up to you, the true collector so continue reading and do your part! 

  Have you read about Trollbeads "Joy and Luck" Starter Bracelets or seen them anywhere? If not you will want to read this blog. Each one of the six colors have special meanings and who doesn't love polka-dots? 

 Each Starter Bracelet is priced at $99 you save $60! Included is a chain, a clasp, a Lucky Knot silver bead and a glass bead! Now that is one amazing deal!

These new Starter Bracelets have been designed and specially priced to introduce new collectors to the Trollbeads collection!

As many of you know Trollbeads was the original bead brand and came into being 36 years ago. Today the company remains true to their mantra and continues to maintain a level of artistry not seen in any of the other bead brands that have come into being utilizing the Trollbeads concept. Trollbeads works with the best materials available and maintains a level of doing business that demonstrates their core of high standards. Their humanitarian efforts are deep and committed by creating jobs in parts of the world desperate for gainful employment and giving these people in need individual purpose. How have they managed to stay at this optimal level?  They've done it by being a family owned business and it's this aspect that keeps Trollbeads so special. It's the owners commitment to their company and their people that makes this brand so special. It's this closeness that trickles down to all of the collectors through out the world that puts this brand so far above the competition.  It's not about volume and it's not about trying to be the biggest.  It's about connection and the stuff that keeps people together.  Think of yourself as the chain and and as you collect your beads you are  collecting those near and dear to you to become a part of your Trollbeads collection. Think about it - how many of your beads represent a loved one in your life? So many times I see photos on Trollbeads Gallery Forum of people from all over the world getting together through a friendship they have formed through Trollbeads alone. I see it during Trollbeads Fest and am always awed by it. It's a remarkable connection.

If you are reading this blog then you are a Trollbeads collector and please ask yourself who can I share this with?  Why not share what you love and bring joy and luck to your friends by either telling them about this deal or by purchasing one for them giving them the most thoughtful holiday gift ever?  Not only are you opening your heart but you are opening their world to something you enjoy and love. It will strengthen the connection you already have and it could add a depth not there before. Life is all about connection.  If it is more appropriate for you to go in with a friend then find another friend who loves Trollbeads to share the cost with! 

A quick list of ideas of who you can give the starter bracelet to (to get you thinking):

1.Go in with friends at work to give one to a co-worker or start a Trollbeads club at work!

2.Your Mother or Mother in law- then your family will always have gift ideas!

3.Your sister -just imagine the fun you can have traveling buying Trollbeads together!

4.Your daughter-no matter how young starting a collection now to offer later is meaningful.

5.Your husband or brother-we have many men collecting and wearing Trollbeads.

6.Your hairdresser-you can compare and talk beads with each haircut!

7. Your child's teacher-make this a group gift!

8. A sick friend -just imagine the joy this could bring them!

If you have other suggestions please let me know! I will add to this list and it will be fun to see the ideas!

There's no better feeling at the holidays then sharing so I would like to take it one step further and include Trollbeads gifts to be sent with the bracelet when you buy one for a friend AND for following up on this challenge we have a gift for you of a $10 TBG Gift Certificate. Please help us share the incomparable history and beauty of Trollbeads to others. To qualify for this extra group of gifts the Starter Bracelet must be sent directly to the recipient and we will gift wrap it and enclose a note from you.  Along with this bracelet they will receive the following:

1. Trollbeads Mood Book ($5.00 Value)

2. Trollbeads Memory Book ($15.00 Value and TBUS is sold out)

3. Trollbeads Catalog and Inspiration Brochures

4. Trollbeads Bumper Sticker (a TBG original)

Click here to order!  Trollbeads Starter Bracelets

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Trollbeads Gallery Auctioning Turtle Beads for Hurricane Victims

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Nov 03, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Turtle
There has been such devastating news coming from the areas in New York and New Jersey where Hurricane Sandy did the most damage.  Daily we are witness to heartbreaking news and bearing witness to the sense of total loss it's time for each of us, in some small way to step up and do what we can. 

At Trollbeads Gallery we have some unique Turtles and Armadillos and we are planning on offering them for auction in the form of a loose auction.  We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the organization we feel will pass on as much of the money as it can.  I will be doing some research and will report back.  For past disasters we have donated to the Red Cross but will feel better if we do some research first. Any and all suggestions are welcome.  If you leave a suggestion in the comments section it does not get viewed until I accept it so if you don't want the comment to go live just say so.

We are holding the Auction on Trollbeads Gallery Facebook Page and we will announce the winner at 5PM tomorrow, Sunday November 4th. I will be posting another bead after this one is over and will continue to do so until it is a viable way to raise money for this cause.

If you have any friends that may be interested please pass on the news!  The more the merrier in this case and we want the word to get out!

You can email me your bid at or leave it on the Facebook page. 

Thank you everyone!! 

Warm regards, Louise Rogers and the Rogers Gallery/Trollbeads Gallery staff.

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