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Top Selling Trollbeads in Glass 1

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 @ 12:03 PM

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Top Ten Best Selling Glass 1 Trollbeads


I know how much fun it is to see what the best selling beads are at Trollbeads US and they have just published a list for the top 10 in each of the Trollbeads catagories. I have included links to their photographs. 

For Glass 1  (all sell for $31.00)

Beach  This bead has a soft sparkling within the blue glass giving it an appearence of the ocean on a sunny day.  One side of the bead has a sand color and sometimes dark grey which signifies the beach. It is incredibly clever and makes most customers smile when they see it.

Midnight Flower  A deep cobalt glass with floating aqua flowers floating differently within each bead

Whitecap My all time favorite because there is always a variety of colors, all in the same family but some have more blue and some have more green and that's not even addressing the pink that comes through occasionally.  (photographed above)

Grandma's Favorite  A lovely soft violet toned bead with darker toned flowers.

Conch  A wonderfully textural bead with many soft bumps.  A nice lighter neutral Trollbead to own.

Blue Petals  Blues in a soft pattern of petals.  A good balance bead for the Midnight Flower.

Sea Urchin  So much like the Sea Urchins from the Ocean.  Very natural and neutral tones.

White Stripe Alternating stripes of clear and white stripes.  You can never have too many stripes and you can never have too many white beads.

Azure Bubbles A perfect example how one Trollbead can have so many looks.  Hand created beads are the best.

Summer Dot In design, whether interior design or fabric design polka dots have always maintained  their popularity.  This bead is a soft and true pink.

In future Blogs I will be listing all the Trollbeads categories of the top 10 sellers.

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Six Trollbeads That Can Offer You Something Different

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 18, 2011 @ 11:07 AM

 Trollbeads Bracelets with White cap




Just recently I received an order of Trollbeads and as I was looking over the White Cap beads I noticed that out of 24 I had 2 that were so out of the ordinary, I put them aside!  The bright green was more dominant than the blue greens and I know they’ll be a use for that bead for someone for a design needing that color! You can see many of the White Cap beads above in this Trollbeads Bracelet.

When you want to be inspired to build a new bracelet look at the Glass 1, 2 and 3 Trollbeads but look for the differences and try to find something so different that it will be special.  There are many beads that have different appearances than their sister beads because the glass Trollbeads are all created by different artists with different subtle techniques and for a lot of the beads look for different sizes.  Many look at these differences as problematic but I don’t.  I look at them like they are “almost uniques” and I try to find a way to use these beads to their best advantage that I might not use their sister bead for. It seems that many of us Trollies love a good challenge.

Beads to look for these kind of differences in:

White Cap: Besides the bright green tones look for the pink deep within the bead!

Azure Bubbles: Now the differences in this bead really is quite obvious and this bead was created to be different and for this reason I always keep a couple of dozen on hand so everyone has the choice.  The colors I have used on bracelets because of the beads dominant color is: Purple, Brown, Sage Green and Blue.  If you haven’t seen a lot of this bead you may not know how many colors are represented in this one bead.Look at the variety of Azure Bubbles beads in the photo below!

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Blue Desert: The color range in this bead can go from grey blue to sky blue and then you’ll see a few of these with swirls of yellow, pink and green.  We have collectors that ask for beads like this because the look is so different and the combination of colors is striking, like a sunset.

Pink Desert: This beads ranges all over the pink scale from deep pink with blue casts to a very light pink. All of these tones have a place to fit within the Troll color range.

Purple Prism: As we know many of the Purple Prisms are a shading of purple so the value is quite soft.  I love getting in the stronger color purple but it is a rare occasion! 

 Khaki Stripe: Rarely we will get the Khaki Stripe bead in with a strong hue of pink over the khaki and we have also had blue over the khaki and also has come in a soft yellow, which is quite pretty with the black contrasting stripes. In the photo below you can see a Khaki Stripe with pink!

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