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Trollbeads Fest! 2012 Musings and Heartfelt Thanks

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Oct 24, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Fest

  Having just had the largest Trollbeads event to date early this month I am still finding myself continuously going over the event's happenings. With the many "new" collectors and the many "experienced" Fest attendees I spoke to or worked with over the course of the event there is so much to recollect and process.  I've been trying to accomplish a great blog about the fest and share it with you but it's just too hard, so just let me ramble, OK?

What was originally designed to be a 2 day affair has actually turned into 5 days.  Collectors are arriving at Rogers Gallery a few days early and are staying a couple of days later each year.  This is a huge compliment to all of us that are apart of the Fest's creation.  Fall in New England is a reason alone to come but I think our ever growing enthusiasm for all things Trollbeads draws attendees from all over and it makes for a festive, fun filled and sometimes emotional event.  The photo above is Trudy and Lex Borger attending their 3rd Trollbeads Fest! from the Netherlands! They have traveled to attend every year!

Soren Trollbeads designer

Each year we have Trolbeads "people" join us to add personality and of course to add their knowledge of the creation of Trollbeads and for the closeness it gives us to the beads and the people that make the beads. Soren Nielsen, Trollbeads premier silver/gold bead designer for over 30 years came to us from Copenhagen this year.  It was Soren's second visit to Rogers Gallery in Mattapoisett and it was just as magical as the first. From my visit to his studio in Denmark, sharing Glog with him at Tivoli and seeing him at other events I have come to know Soren and I'll share a secret with you. I've only seen it myself a few times but if you look closely at Soren's left shoulder you'll see that Soren sometimes has a small shadow lurking there. Never stare right at it because it will hide from you but it's something that resembles a small trollish like imp sitting on his shoulder.  I'm thinking this imp plays tricks on those it doesn't know and by the mischievous look you'll see in Soren's eyes, Soren knows all about it, in fact they mirror each other in a curious way.  This little troll even switches beads on bracelets when no one is looking! But as naughty as Trolls are apt to be I'll bet anything he's been Soren's creative muse through the years. Think of the massive quantities of ideas and creations that just roll off Soren's fingers and form into miniature red wax sculptures destined to be Trollbeads. I've heard Lise Aagaard, Soren's sister discuss how prolific an artist Soren has always been and ever with her talent and energy she was expressing just how productive his talent is.  How can any one man achieve what he has without the help of a muse? Many of you have seen Soren as he takes your wish and creates a mold from it making your wish reality ... now if that isn't magic I don't know what is.  

Soren Trollbeads gallery

Maria Af Rolen, winning People's Bead designer is shown here with Soren as he gives her some inside tips for creating a wax mold.  Maria was also a guest designer at the Fest and she signed Trollbeads Coffee Table Books and bead cards for her "Stay Positive" bead. Her bead has been a best seller at Rogers Gallery and at Trollbeads Gallery.  We special ordered her        Stay Postive in 18K gold for the event and it is stunning!  On a side note we donated one to our charity raffle along with 4 other beads and we raised almost $1500 for the inner city children of New Bedford, our host city's are museum for afternoon art classes!


Trollbeads Gallery Glass bead demonstration Sarah Johnston, a staff glass bead artist from TrollbeadsUS and demonstrator came to Trollbeads Fest for a second time and once more gave such great inspiration with her "on site" glass bead making.  Each time I have seen Sarah I have seen her beads are getting more and more intricate and more glorious. So many people sat and just watched her as she stared at her glass and flame while rotating her mandrel with such ease. There is something so meditative about flame work and someone like Sarah can make it look easy but it is not!


Trollbeads Gallery Fest with CEO  This year was Michael Belleveau's first Fest and he added so much with his professional air.  It's difficult for me to remain professional with all the emotions and madness around so I'm glad he added it! He gave a talk in the afternoon on the brand and on it's exciting future (as much as he could divulge anyway!) and he helped with the selling of the unique beads!  I don't think that part was in his job description but he was a natural. Thank you Michael!  Michael also helped judge the Trollbeads Fest bracelet contest along with Soren and my son Alex Rogers who was with us from Colorado where he sells Trollbeads at Starfish in Boulder.  Claudine Swan won the award and her winning bracelet is below along with her description of it's many meanings. Fellow Trollbeads Gallery Forum member Frede Wellons came up with this Fest challenge to design a bracelet incorporating the Joyful bead.

If you are a collector of anything you know the immense thirst you have to learn and absorb anything you can about that which you collect and when you add the collective emotion that occurs with a gathering of "like minded' collectors you can just imagine the outcome!  At Trollbeads Fest! 3 we tried to give everything we could to further the thrill of the quest and the satiation of fulfilling that quest. The unique Trollbeads we were supplied with were out of this world. Mind you we did have our issues with the length of time and of the line to see the thousands of unique beads but it seems no matter how we plan it there's always a line! The Trollbeads Museum helped with some of the waiting but in hindsight I always wish I had done this or that but then I would we all feel if there wasn't a line? Trollbeads collectors are a serious bunch and with the quality of the beads Trollbeads supplied us with I know everyone left very happy and that's what it's all about.  

Everyone at Rogers Gallery and Trollbeads Gallery are so grateful for everyone who took the time from their busy lives to attend our event and want to say we missed those of you who were unable to attend (and wanted to so badly) and thought of you all often.  We had a few that due to family illness could not make it and hope all is well with you and yours.  We also want to extend a HUGE thanks to Trollbeads Denmark for sharing Soren and for providing the chance to offer the very special stone bead we received to provide in the gift bags.  The biggest thanks goes to TrollbeadsUS and for everyone there that supported us and even attended Trollbeads Fest!  Thank you also to Colin from Texas and Kim Murray who both worked so hard and thanks to all of my staff and our star rep Kim and her reps Judy and Liz for their help.

The Winning Bracelet

Trollbeads Fest winning braClaudine Swan, winner wrote the following about her design.

"Thanks everyone…I tried to show what Trollbeads Fest means to me.

Joyful was the focal bead…thrilled to be there.

Treasures, Stay positive and Ice Bear to salute the designers I met at the Fest.

Lighthouse and Water to remind me of the Harbor Tour I took last year.

The Crab because we always eat at Turk’s Seafood.

The Heart unique Trollbead as Trollbeads helps us meet new friends.

The dice is for luck to find great beads at Trollbeads Fest.

The amber and other beads reminds me of the beach at Mattapoisett.

Finally the Swan lock because I always drool over the retired Swan in Louise’s museum…and NOW I have a wax swan Soren carved for me."

If you haven't seen the Award Ceremony where we won the Hero Award in Las Vegas here it is and is shows Michael Bellevue speaking of Trollbeads Gallery and about Trollbeads Fest!

Click on link: Trollbeads Hero Awards

Clink in link: Images from Trollbeads Fest! 2012


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Trollbeads Fest! 2011 is all over but the memories!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Oct 02, 2011 @ 16:10 PM

(Below photo:New Bedford's Mayor Scott Lang,Louise and Trollbeads CEO Peter Aagaard.)

New Bedford's Mayor Scott Lang and Peter AagaardSometimes when you are so close to something you can’t see it clearly until enough time goes by. Last weekend we hosted Trollbeads Fest! 2011, our second Fest. If you have planned a large event or a wedding you know what I am talking about. Months before the event the planning begins and hotel rooms are blocked off and the various caterers are scheduled. Then you start ordering the favors. The closer you get the more consumed you become by the event and you begin hearing from the guests frequently and the excitement grows. By a week or two before the event you start to lose sleep and the lists in your head that you check off from 2AM to 4AM drift off into a haze of pre-dawn dreams. During the event you notice something is not in place... but you know you had it on “the list” or did I? I must have dreamt that. There may not have been many things that were missed or things that anyone else noticed were missing but I noticed and that’s the important thing. So you go through the motions hoping everyone is enjoying themselves, learning and meeting new people all around Trollbeads and hoping no one is noticing that the list of your dreams was never been checked off. I am still coming down to earth so I will use the post-Fest comments made by the attendees. It's these comments that have convinced me everything went well after all. The first commentary is from Sandra McCann, a great collector who also came to last year’s fest. Thank you Sandra.

"I thought Louise and her crew did an exceptional job again this year! I enjoyed every moment of it and it's probably because I went out to dinner on Friday night after the Gallery Reception. Catching up with old friends and making new friends was definitely one of the highlights for me!!! I agree with Mary Anna about an appointed time for the famous "WRIST SHOT" photo! They seem to me a MUST when any Trollies get together and at FEST, the more the merrier!!! Also, Laura's suggestion of NAME TAGS. Most of us "know" each other from our avatar, not our name. A NAME TAG with our avatar on it would be GREAT!!! I absolutely LOVED the Aarggard's involvement in this years FEST! Having Peter there REALLY made it a BIG DEAL!!! It just shows how involved the family is in the whole business and as collectors, we can actually MEET them... truly a MUST!!! Having Kim Buck there was FANTASTIC! His passion for design really shows in all that he creates!!! The slide presentation by him was just AMAZING! Now I completely understand why my DOUBLE HEART bead comes apart when I take it off my bracelet.... makes me love it and HIM even more!!! And of course there was Eske Storm!!! I don't think I have ever met a more charming man who truly was such a GOOD SPORT! He was such a delight, really. Having the designers involved in FEST, in my opinion, was one of the highlights for me as a collector. To be able to talk to them really makes the beads come to LIFE!!! Having Sarah there to make the glass beads was great too!!! The idea that I think was the BEST was the LE Trollbeads Fest Bead!!! That idea, Louise was just OUTSTANDING!!! Not only was it a BEAUTIFUL bead but the fact that all who attended got the same bead and can remember what a fabulous time they had at FEST.... amazing!!! So I would suggest the same thing again for next year..... this really brings us all together in a very unique way. The dinner was just outstanding!!! I didn't go to the dinner last year and I've been kicking myself ever since because of that decision! So this year I decided I HAVE TO GO! It brings the whole FEST to a conclusion. Mary Anna's singing was just GREAT! I loved her fun songs and that she had printed out the words so we could all sing along... that really, for me, was one of the highlights of the dinner.I loved the GIFT BAG!!! I think I told you but in my house we actually FIGHT over the different mugs you've given me over the years! First the beautiful engraved TROLLBEADS GALLERY glass mug, then the engraved TBG tall mug and then last years Travel Coffee Mug.... truly we fight over it because it doesn't leak! LOL When I saw the reusable COLD TRAVEL CUP, I was in complete heaven!!! But seriously, soooooo very generous with the Gift Bag!!! Thank you!!! I loved every moment of it and would love for you to do another one next year, Louise. I know that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into such an event but if you truly knew how happy you've made all of us by creating an event that we can get together IRL and talk about what has brought us all together (TROLLBEADS!) and laugh (boy did we do A LOT of that!!!)..... you should be soooooo very proud! THANK YOU!!!!! xo

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