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Trollbeads Sale Announced on Retired Beads, Rings & Earrings!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Jan 07, 2015 @ 10:01 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Gold Earrings

Greetings and Happy New Year from Trollbeads Gallery!

What a great way to start the New Year!  Thank you Trollbeads! The sale was announced by Trollbeads and it will start on Thursday January 8th and continue through January 16th.  Of course with retired beads the first you get there the happier you will be!  Once we sell out we will be out! This is a chance for you to pick up retired beads that you haven't had a chance or a reason to treat yourself to. Especially if you are a new collector take advantage of this sale and choose the beads your collection is crying out for!

The beads are a great place to start but Trollbeads rings and earrings will be on sale too.  We will be listing the rings we have in stock only and these will all be listed by the date of the sale...tomorrow! 

50601  Trollbeads Gallery

If you haven't started collecting any of the Earring components start now! All you have to do to start is to purchase the hooks and any earring component will work with them.  There are 3 hook styles available with the least expensive-all Sterling Hooks starting at $25.00 so with the 25% discount they will only be $18.75!  How can you resist this incredible price!  The silver hooks are a nice strong weight and have a shiny silver ball.  The 2nd choice is the silver hooks with a shiny gold ball and these are the Earring Hooks, Silver/Gold. They retail for $101.00 so they will be on sale for $75.75.  Which is a good entry price where you know Trollbeads gold means...solid gold.  The premier pair of Trollbeads Earring hooks is the Earring Hooks, Silver/Brilliant and these have besel set
 .o4 diamond at the end of each hook which makes the earring hooks twinkle! There are $110 and on sale they will be $82.50. I have featured them above!  Now the ULTIMATE pair of hooks from Trollbeads is the Gold/Brilliant Earring hooks!  Wow!  They retail for $373.00 and on sale they will be $279.75.  These are featured above!

The variety of components to use with your earring hooks are limitless.  You can also use 2 components/accessories together to create a very unique look!  Check out all the options here: Earring Accessories They are quite creative and so much fun to work with. The interchangeability is just like Trollbeads-switch out your earring accessories and have a whole new look!

Check out the photos below!  The two side images are the accessories and the middle image is the Snowflower accessories on the Earring hooks!

Trollbeads Gallery Earrings

Our sale items will be listed tomorrow on January 8th so get plotting your course for a great celebration of Trollbeads for 2015!

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