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The Trollbeads 2013 Autumn Collection is Here!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Sep 05, 2013 @ 23:09 PM



Trollbeads Gallery 2013 FallThe Trollbeads 2013 Autumn Collection


It seems with all the pre-release photos that surreptitiously appear on the internet from blogs to rogue retailer Facebook pages it seems our wait for the new beads to be released has dragged on forever. But the time has finally arrived!  They have definitely been worth the wait. It is a really remarkable release. 
We have two new very exciting Group 1 Glass Kits and each kit has 6  If you can manage it at all (I know some of you have been saving up for this release) you should feel very good about buying the beads in Kit form.  Remember when you buy then in a Kit you get a free bead!  A savings of $31.00! 

Trollbeads Gallery native Heaven Kit

 Purple Heaven Kit shown at the left is kit we are waiting for with such anticipation because of the additional Aurora glass beads, the Aurora Flower and the Aurora Stripe.  So many feel in love with this irredescent glass with the Aurora bead Trollbeads released on the Limited Edition Trollbeads Aurora Bangle earlier this year.  If you haven't yet purchased one we still have them on Trollbeads Gallery although we are running low.  If you are interested please email us and we will send you a photo so you can choose your own Aurora Bangle. 

If you have the Aurora Bangle you probably have come to understand why Trollbeads released it alone on the Bangle.  It has an inner glow no other beads, until this release has ever had.  It outshines all others...well at least until now that is. We still have some Aurora Bangles available!


Native Elements Kit

This kit offers us so many brand new "elements".  We have 2 groups of beads with similar looks that are all ground breaking and exciting.  The Pod beads are a incredible addition to the line and they are designed by a new glass bead artist, Gail Crossman Moore from the U.S.  Like the "Rocky Beach Kit" designed by Scott Bouwens from the U.S. they offer us a very artistic look.  The really cool "Aqua Edge" beads are a tryptic of colors that challenge my descriptive ability. If you follow my listings on Trollbeads Gallery you know that I have listed over 10,000+ unique beads ALL with individual descriptions so that is saying something.Native elements TrollbeadsBeyond the Group 1 glass bead we have 2 new styles of beads in the Group 2 beads.  The Group 2 beads are $43.00 versus the $31.00 of Group 1 but they are worth it.  Both new design introductions are outrageously cool.  Let me mention here if you think I am being overly effusive...this release deserves every calorie these sweet descriptions contain.  Have you ever heard me this overwhealmed?  Both the Faceted Beads and the Engraved Beads bread even further ground.  Take a look and I am sure you'll agree!

 Engraved Fushia Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Gallery Masala facet

Now the new Silver Trollbeads would take another whole blog but let me just tell you that the Flowers of the Month will be making you wish you had a reason for buying every month.  The way I look at it I'm good with getting my 2 grandsons months but my sons are both January, oh but then there is the two daughter-in-laws, mine and my husbands so I guess I am half way there! Really, they are all glorious in their sculptural beauty.  Each flower holds a pearl.Two are shown below on a Fantasy Necklace design.  There are roughly two sizes as there are two prices depending on the size, $53 and $56.

Trollbeads Flowers of the Month

     We are finally honored to accept a delightful Skeleton to the line and he is wonderful.  Thank you Soren! This is a work of art and for many of us a wait well worth it. Skeleton Spirit is shown below sitting next to Saffron Facet Bead and the new Prince and Princess bead.

Skeleton CloseUp 01




 One more mention!  The I Luv You bead is subtle and sweet with a touch of a contemporary flair.  I have created a collage below so you can see all 3 sides of it! 

I luv you Fall collage





Nicolas Aagaard has delighted us with the many colors of leather bracelets and now he has offered us two more!  A sophisticated Black and Grey Leather Bracelet and a Light and Dark Brown Bracelet is now available. Thanks Nicolas!describe the imagedescribe the imageI know, I know...I have left the best for last.  A new faceted Precious Stone Bead...the Sapphire.  It comes in many tones so one will never be enough!  But then again I have always felt that way about sapphires.

A heartfelt thanks to the Aagaard family and everyone at Trollbeads for once again showing us why this brand is the best bead brand on the market. The original and the most artistic bar none.  Thank you for exhibiting the phenomenal talent and professionalism with which you manage this business.  Having owned a gallery for as long as Trollbeads has been in business I am in awe on how you balance artistry and business because it's one of the most challenging combinations of two opposing worlds.

Thank you for reading my blog and please leave comments!  Louise Rogers

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