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2013 People's Bead Release Coincides With Trunk Show!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 12:09 PM


'Peoples Bead Bracelet

2013 People's Bead Release is now on-line to view and on October 4th to purchase!

I am hoping the title of this blog drew your attention.  In the many years I have been a Trollbeads dealer I have never been able to time my Trunk Shows to align with a Trollbeads bead release so I am very excited about this coincidental occurrence!  Trollbeads Trunk Shows are the best way possible to buy beads as you get the best and only deals now available. Our Trunk Show was only scheduled when I decided to hold a mini Trollbeads Fest 2013! and the weekend most people could attend was October 4 & 5.  So although I wish I could say it was my fine business acumen that planned it this way, it was not. Just good timing for collectors.   While the Fest is only on Friday October 4th and Saturday October 5th the Trunk Show continues on-line through Sunday and all day Monday.  Trunk Shows last four days while I personally can only last two days at Trollbeads Fest!

During this time I hope to be listing many, many Unique Trollbeads as I just received an order of 300 unique bead kits...with an invoice that totaled exactly what my first house cost! So while I am dividing the goods between my loyal website customers who can't travel to the Fest and for those who are me there is more than enough to go around.  If I have whetted your appetite to attend...check out last minute air fares as they can be affordable and there are plenty reasonable places to stay! We are within an hour of Boston and Providence so we are easy to get to! For more information on the Fest read the blog prior to this one!

2013 pb close up 03 tb slid

The 2013 People's Bead Winners are a great group of designs chosen from a field of thousands of entries.  When the People's Bead contest started there was only one bead chosen but in the last two contests there have been multiple winners with designs created with a theme defined by Trollbeads.  This year it was based on Traditional Sayings.  There were so many great entries as you can imagine with all the colorful traditional sayings around the world. 

I have to say they are all worthy additions to the Trollbeads line. I am particularly fond of the Books because I collect books, I love the Acorn bead because I love acorns and have them as a logo for my other store Surroundings and I could go on and on about every new People's Bead but you can go see for yourself right now.  What I think I am saying here is they are beads that will strike a universal cord with many and I am very excited about this release! So look on Trollbeads Gallery next week at this time and you will see all eleven 2013 People's Beads and when you purchase them in the note section indicate the beads you have earned free!  Most of you know this but when you buy three beads the fourth bead has to be equal to or less than the lowest of the three you are buying.  So group them to give yourself the most value.  For example if you buy 3 beads at $43.00 chose a free bead at $43.00 even though you can chose a free $31.00 bead.  It's common sense but it is still confusing! If you want to place your order earlier than the weekend you can but just write in the notes "Trunk Show" or email us your order (especially is you want the People's beads as these are not available for sale yet, although on line) and we'll have the beads all set aside for you.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at Trollbeads Fest! 2013.

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2013 Peoples Close books






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