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The New Trollbeads Are Outstanding!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Nov 19, 2010 @ 21:11 PM

Trollbeads Gallery New Beads

The NEW beads are in!! The Trollbeads new 2010 Winter bead release includes a wonderful group of wintery themed beads just perfect for the blustery days of winter.

I couldn't resist using as many of the new "Pink Diamonds" Trollbeads as I could feasibly manage. They came in this morning and I love them! You can see the new "Ice Bear" along with the "Snowball" . The "Ice Bear" was the winning design for Trollbeads 2010 People's Bead Design Contest.  Kristi Denning of Maryland won first place with her delightful bear design.  Kristi received an 18K Gold "Ice Bear" as a very special gift from Trollbeads.  The first People's Bead Design contest was last year and was won by Suzanne Hopping of Australia for her "Pax" bead.  Susanne also received a Pax bead in 18K Gold and having seen it in person during Trollbeads Fest!, it is exquisite!  I have included the "Pax" bead in the bracelet above so both winning beads could share the stage!

Along with the new release Trollbeads there was also a beauty of a limited edition release of two glass sets "Christmas in Australia" and "Christmas in Hawaii" and they offer everything we all love in the glass Trollbeads. 

Christmas in Australia Trollbeads Gallery will soon be offering these limited eChristmas in Hawaii Trollbeads Gallerydition Trollbeads individually!




Trollbeads Gallery BraceletYou can see two of the Trollbeads from the "Christmas in Australia" set on this bracelet along with the new "Sparkling Star" bead.  The  stars reflect the light beautifully!


Trollbeads did it again, another huge winner of a release!  Thank you!!

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When Are New Trollbeads Introduced?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Jul 06, 2010 @ 18:07 PM
Earth Bead Reissued Retired Trollbead.describe the image

New Trollbeads Releases are a very exciting time for everyone involved with Trollbeads! Trollbeads  introduces new products to its line throughout the year.  These new introductions are one of the ways Trollbeads stays ahead of the design curve by always challenging the norm to create something exciting, new and fresh.  There are usually two large introductions of new Troll beads to the existing line per year.  You will notice new color themes among the glass beads introductions and subject themes among the silver and gold beads.

Some of the new Trollbeads introductions include Limited Edition (L.E.)Trollbeads and are only offered to Premium Partner dealers. Trollbeads Gallery is a Platinum Level Premium Partner and receives the limited edition beads upon release. Trollbeads Gallery announces all new release bead information to our email list so be sure you have signed up! These smaller limited edition Trollbeadsl releases occur throughout the year.

The new products may include Italian glass beads in the three Glass Groups,faceted semi precious stone beads,18K gold beads, silver beads, new Trollbeads locks along with other new items of supporting jewelry. In early 2010 the Troll leather bracelets added a whole new dimension and a new way to wear your Trollbeads.

Each introduction is a very exciting time for Trollbeads, Trollbeads dealers and for the Trollbeads collectors. August will be our next big new Trollbeads introduction which will include the People's Bead 2010, the re-release voted for from the Trollbeads Museum from all the retired Trollbeads.

Earth was a collaborative design between Nicolas Aagaard and his grandfather Svend. It came to life in 2000 the same year that the Trollbeads 'bead on bracelet' concept was copied for the first time.

You'll find Earth, along with the Autumn Collection, at your local retailer from August 2010 (from Trollbeads Universe)

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