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Anna Teresa addresses ways to earn money for Trollbeads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 15:08 PM

Guest Blogger Anna Teresa gets creative on funding $$ sources for buying Trollbeads!

I have seen the new Autumn Trollbeads release and I can tell you: it is breathtaking. Unlike the two last releases this time there are SO many beads I want to buy. Glass, stone,silver, gold. I think this time I really get bankrupt. But, as a mother of three cute little sons and with quite some responsibility I have to think of something else than going crazy with all these gorgeous beads. And because I think there are quite a few of you who think just like me, I will share some ways to get bead money.

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1. Check your closets and attic and sell everything you don’t need or use anymore at the flea market. Books, toys, clothes. There are always other people who want to pay a few pennies for it. 2. Do you have gold jewelry you don’t wear?  Not that special ring you got from your grandmother, but old out dated, old fashioned items that just lay around? The gold price is very high, so if you exchange it, you will get a good sum. It is always good to ask two jewelers for a bid to choose the best one. 3. Travel to work or school on your bike, don’t spend money on gasoline, spend it on beads. 4. Give your husband a massage in exchange for a new bead.

So, now you have money to buy beads. Can you feel it burn in your pocket? You just have to spend it. But do you have a good reason to buy a bead? Let me help you with those too. A good reason to buy a Trollbeads is: To celebrate that you are happy and healthy. When you are moody and need to cheer up. When you have a new home for your beads but some rooms are still vacant. Are you on a diet: a bead for every two pounds you have lost, will do. You need new beads to make a combination for that wedding or Fest that is coming up!

Oh well, we can all think of hundred other reasons to buy a bead, can’t we? Just remember one thing: love what you already have and don’t be sad about all the things you can’t have. So when the new release comes out at the end of the week: see, feel, compare and buy those that you love the most.

Anna Teresa is a guest blogger and a professional writer from Holland. She was here in Massachusetts for Trollbeads Fest! 2010.

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