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Making Sense:Trollbeads Spring Launch Event & Limited Edition Beads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jan 26, 2014 @ 15:01 PM

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I know there has been a lot of cyber chatter on the upcoming limited edition beads being released by Trollbeads during the 2014 Spring Collection Launch Event and while some chatter has been negative, read this blog and rethink it.  I know there are a lot if unknowns so in my own way I will try to explain it through my viewpoint, for what it's worth.


When any changes are made there are always adjustments to be made and to consider.  In attitude and in actuality.  I say this because until I went through the process of working the limited edition beads into my website did I finally figure out how the sale of these beads will actually happen.  This is a challenge to many of us but now that I have it worked out I hope I can help you figure it out too. This included the whys and the hows. A new offer or policy like this is challenging but I am accepting it with open arms as it shows Trollbeads is willing to try new things and that is always a good thing.  It may not ever be repeated but everything is worth a try.  From my perspective I think of these two beads as a reward for the collector.  If you are willing to invest in purchasing from the Trollbeads line then you should be rewarded with the chance to buy a limited edition bead. I know it sounds backwards but if you follow the limited edition Trollbeads on Ebay and see the high prices the rare ones can bring it may seem to be a right decision. You can certainly see why there are people out who buy up limited edition Trollbeads just to make a profit on Ebay and make no step to buy other Trollbeads and this just isn't fair to the Trollbeads collector. It pushes up the prices for a collector to get the bead. It's a problem with all brands but in this manner Trollbeads is assuring that only true collectors get these beads.  If dealers hold true to the process everyone will win.

For the first time Trollbeads is offering collectors the chance to purchase these 2 limited edition beads after you have spent $150 or more during our Spring Launch Event.  Trollbeads Gallery is holding ours on the day of the new 2014 Trollbeads Spring Collection Release and will end on January 26th midnight. During this time anyone can purchase $150 or more of Trollbeads and then will be able to see the two beads offered.  The logitics we have had to create to offer these beads only to those who have purchased the $150 has been challenging but it's all taken care of. 

The only real problem lies in the fact that the quantity of the "Eternal Love" Barrel bead is very, very limited.  Dealers have been told with their customers who have purchased the $150 they could run a "lottery" or a "drawing" and the winners of the drawing would be given the chance to buy the bead. However Massachusetts has restrictive laws in this area. So Trollbeads Gallery will be offering these on a first come basis. Our inventory will run out quickly and we can only offer each qualifying customer one. Please keep in mind this is the first time for us to manage this type of offer so have patience with us!  As of 1/25 PM we still have beads so let us know if you want one!

We purchased many of the Pink and Orange Armadillo so the avaialibilty on these will not be restricted to one. 

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