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New Trollbeads, Troll Price Increase & You are Shareholders!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Aug 19, 2010 @ 17:08 PM

Trollbeads Gallery New Glass Trollbeads August 2010The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for Trollbeads collectors.  On a very high note the "Autumn 2010" Trollbeads release is the best release yet.  The new glass introductions are exquisite and are amazing to work with.  There is so much you can  create with all of the colors and textures.  We have only just begun to utilize the new Troll offerings to their fullest extent. Thank you Troll designers, we are thrilled! Link to see New Trollbeads!

While receiving the images of the new beads we also learned that Trollbeads Denmark has notified us of a price increase across the board averaging 10%- 28%.  There has not been a price increase at Trollbeads since 2008 while all during this time the raw prices of precious metals have increased steadily.  None of us are happy about the price increase but it was a necessity. The chart below clearly illustrates the increase in the gold market.  As a gallery owner who sells many lines of jewelry, I have experienced rising prices on a weekly basis.  Many wholesalers of gold and silver jewelry have the freedom to base their daily invoices on the price of gold that day.  A business like Trollbeads has to set their prices for the present and future and cannot be keeping up with the changing prices on a daily basis so "across the board" changes like this has to occur. 

I believe our love of Troll will survive the increase and collectors, new and old alike will understand that this price increase was necessary.  Just think of yourself as a shareholder.  You understand the prices need to rise so your company can continue to invest in the future with new designers, new designs and in a very bright future and as a shareholder you have helped assure it!

So go and buy any and all of the beads your little Troll heart desires before the increase on August 30th!

New beads Trollbeads

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