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Free Unique Trollbead by Purchasing $99 Trollbeads & CONTEST

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Apr 30, 2013 @ 20:04 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Unique beadsExciting News!! 

From May 1st to May 12th Trollbeads Gallery will be offering you a free unique bead when you spend $99 on our website!  You can go directly to our Unique bead offerings by clicking on this link:  Trollbeads Gallery Unique Beads.

Trollbeads is offering this to Celebrate Mother's Day! Thank you Trollbeads!

To follow Trollbeads guidelines you may only receive one free bead at a time so if you spend  $99 (and slightly over) you can chose one free unique bead but to receive more than one bead free you need to place multiple orders!   In other words if you intend to spend $300 (or more) you can get 3 free Unique beads but you have to do it in 3 separate transactions.   To receive the free Unique bead just add it to your cart and as you are checking out simply type in Free Unique Bead in the "Coupon Code" box.  If by any chance you find a unique bead that is higher than the $45.00, which is the  average unique bead cost, your invoice will show the $45.00 credit only. 

I will be adding Unique beads every day as usual so keep checking back as the days go by!

You may want to go through our popular "Twins and Trios" category were we list unique beads in twos and in threes.  Four of the kits are shown above. Like my regular unique bead offerings I try to add new kits daily.  Many people like to have matching glass beads to wear on either side of a silver bead on the Trollbeads Bangle bracelet and the trios are great because we match 3 beads for you so there is not so much guessing if you are worried about your ability to match on-line!


Build You Own Trollbeads Bracelet Contest! 

Another new program brought to you from Trollbeads!

This is very simple!  All you have to do is visit:'s-New page and fill out an entry form.  That's it!  Enjoy the deep wealth of the site while you are there.  The Trollbeads Museum is fascinating and there is a wealth of information for you.

Last day to enter is 5-12-13 and there is no purchase necessary. Check back to the same site for the results!

From Trollbeads Universe:

Enter to Win!Sunglasses silver bead

Build Your Own bracelet ($500 value) or Start Your Story Bracelet ($99 value)!

Two winners will be selected and announced the week of June 3rd.


Good luck and enjoy :)

No purchase necessary!



















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Trollbeads Unique Beads Offered In a New Format

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 12:02 PM

Trollbeads Gallery twins trio

Twins and Trios!

At Trollbeads Gallery we've been selling unique Trollbeads for so long and in so many formats and in so many ways and I thought it would be fun to come up with just one more way to make choosing and purchasing unique Trollbeads easier for the collectors. Even prior to this I added one more unique selection for Valentine's day but now that is behind us we are releasing this new category today, February 15th.  Being snowed in helped with this creative endeavor and while I am starting out with about 70 kits I promise to be adding more in the near future.  Like you all my creative juices get flowing but instead of creating bracelets I like creating even more alluring ways to show you Trollbeads. Yes, the Trollbeads Devil lives in breathes within me! Let this be a warning for those who get weak in the knees around unique Trollbeads. 

Starting before the new year I have been saving (perhaps hoarding is more like it) and matching beads and setting them aside in either groups of two identical beads as in "twins" or in groups of three beads that would match each other.  The "trios" kits I have offered before from time to time but the twins is a new format which was brought about by the need to have a balanced design on the new Bangle Bracelet. Yes, I have been listening to your requests! I have had collectors wanting matched uniques in times past but the need was more for a necklace design but now with the Bangle there is even a greater need.  The Trollbeads Bangle below is a quick design using twin unique beads.

TrollbeadsGallery bangle

One surprize for those of you who have been seeking out the "Small and Beautiful" beads in a rather relentless fashion (and those of you know of whom I speak) will find I am showing the same designs but in a larger bead as these new beads have come in with the Universal core.  Judging from the style and the colors of these beads I am guessing they are coming from the Malawi bead makers but as I said this is just an educated guess. Below is a Bangle made with beads also found on the "Small and Beautiful" kits.


Red Flower Twins


When listing these new "Twins and Trios" Kits I will make a mention in the description area as to whether the cores are Universal or Classic and from what I am gathering many of you are really buying your beads based on the style and less on the size of the core and this makes finding what you want so much easier!  But just in case you are holding out just for the classic core I will have the size core mentioned in the description. 

Our Valentine's Trunk show was a success-even with the blizzard and I wanted to thank everyone who had to wait through our loss of internet and power.  Another reminder is that our special pricing on Gold Trollbeads over $500 and Gold/Silver Trollbeads over $250 is an everyday deal now.  That was a little confusing over the Trunk show but now that the trunk show is over and the special prices will be more clear.

Post Script:  I just released these maybe an hour or 2 ago and the response has been wonderful.  I'm not referring to the sales but to the emails, calls and mentions. It seems like many of you have wanted something like this to make choosing matches more easily and I will promise to add more next week!

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