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Folklore and Benefits of Tiger's Eye: A new Trollbead!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Sep 05, 2010 @ 10:09 AM
Trollbeads Gallery Tiger's EyeTroll bead

With the new Trollbeads release of the Autumn, 2010 beads there were 3 new stone Trollbeads added to the “Precious Stone” category. One of the new stone beads is the Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye is a member of the quartz group of chalcedonies.  In using the term “Chalcedony” in stones used jewelry you think of the light blue variation with translucency (another new Trollbeads "Precious Stone" bead) but there are actually a few other stones in this group , a few being agates, onyx, jaspers and tiger’s eye. It is one of the chatoyant gemstones. Chatoyancy exhibits a changeable silky luster as light is reflected within the thin parallel fibrous bands. This effect is due to the fibrous structure of the stone’s material.

The Tiger’s Eye stone is mined in Western Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Namibia, and Burma and it was all originally metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rock is the result of the geological transformation of an existing rock type. “Metamorphic” means a changing in form. While deep in the earth’s crust the existing heat, pressure and chemical changes all contributed to the metamorphism.  Through millions of years of erosion and layers of uplifts the rocks are eventually.  Tiger’s Eye has beautiful lateral striations and depending on how the stone is finished, it can look like miniature landscapes.

As with the other stones that Trollbeads has chosen for its “Precious Beads” group, Tiger’s Eye has folklore and legends associated with its history.  Trollbeads has a strong affiliation with folklore in their beads and the Tiger’s Eye fits well with Trollbeads philosophy for chosingTrollbeads designs and Trollbead materials. Many legends about quartz say that wearing tiger's eye (which is a form of quartz) is beneficial for health and spiritual well being. Legend also says it is a psychic protector.  Tigers Eye is also believed to be great for business and that it helps achieve clarity of thought. One Tiger Eye meaning assures the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly and without illusion. All of which clears the way before you to allow your success to enter your life.  Too often, those that come into money after a long lack of money in their life, tend to be abusive with the power that the new found money brings. These newly rich tend to shun those they knew most of their life and tend to be unkind to those with less money. Tigers Eye healing properties prevents the abuse of power, leaving you better able to get along with everyone involved, which makes relationships with those that work for us much smoother.  Another Tiger Eye meaning creates harmony in your life and is especially suited for anyone seeking peace and calm in their life. Does your mind flit from one thought to another, making it hard to concentrate, impossible to meditate? You should use Tiger Eye to ground yourself because Its presence stills the mind and helps you move deeper into meditation and into being a more calm person.

Tigers Eye Meaning: the best abilities of a tiger

Tiger's Eye (also known as Tiger Eye) draws upon the best qualities of a Tiger allowing you to absorb them into your being to get the most benefit from them.

1) Patience: A tiger can wait patiently for hours or even days until the right opportunity presents itself. In business and in life, patience is a virtue. Often we run head long into a project without doing the proper research or learning and we find ourselves having to backtrack. Allow the tiger eye to bring you clear thinking and insight in to the situation.
2) Focused: A tiger will stay focused on the object he desires for as long as it takes. In business, if we allow ourselves to lose focus, we allow our competition to gain a foothold and we miss opportunities to grow and increase our businesses. A tigers eye Trollbead will keep you focused if you allow it to.

3) Determination: A tiger is totally determined to get what he wants and needs. To be successful in your endeavors you need to be determined and wearing the Tiger’s Eye Trollbead will give you the calmness of mind to be determined.  Learn from the tiger and allow the tigers eye gemstone to help maintain and increase your determination is all aspect of life and business.

After writing this I am going to go put some Tiger's Eye Trollbeads onto my Trollbeads necklace! I could definately use some calmness and order in my mind!


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