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Anna Teresa addresses ways to earn money for Trollbeads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 15:08 PM

Guest Blogger Anna Teresa gets creative on funding $$ sources for buying Trollbeads!

I have seen the new Autumn Trollbeads release and I can tell you: it is breathtaking. Unlike the two last releases this time there are SO many beads I want to buy. Glass, stone,silver, gold. I think this time I really get bankrupt. But, as a mother of three cute little sons and with quite some responsibility I have to think of something else than going crazy with all these gorgeous beads. And because I think there are quite a few of you who think just like me, I will share some ways to get bead money.

Trollbeads gallery


1. Check your closets and attic and sell everything you don’t need or use anymore at the flea market. Books, toys, clothes. There are always other people who want to pay a few pennies for it. 2. Do you have gold jewelry you don’t wear?  Not that special ring you got from your grandmother, but old out dated, old fashioned items that just lay around? The gold price is very high, so if you exchange it, you will get a good sum. It is always good to ask two jewelers for a bid to choose the best one. 3. Travel to work or school on your bike, don’t spend money on gasoline, spend it on beads. 4. Give your husband a massage in exchange for a new bead.

So, now you have money to buy beads. Can you feel it burn in your pocket? You just have to spend it. But do you have a good reason to buy a bead? Let me help you with those too. A good reason to buy a Trollbeads is: To celebrate that you are happy and healthy. When you are moody and need to cheer up. When you have a new home for your beads but some rooms are still vacant. Are you on a diet: a bead for every two pounds you have lost, will do. You need new beads to make a combination for that wedding or Fest that is coming up!

Oh well, we can all think of hundred other reasons to buy a bead, can’t we? Just remember one thing: love what you already have and don’t be sad about all the things you can’t have. So when the new release comes out at the end of the week: see, feel, compare and buy those that you love the most.

Anna Teresa is a guest blogger and a professional writer from Holland. She was here in Massachusetts for Trollbeads Fest! 2010.

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Hunting Down Little Trollbeads Treasures by Anna Teresa Bellinzis

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, May 03, 2011 @ 08:05 AM


Trollbeads Gallery Anna Teresa  When I discovered Trollbeads I learned that there was more then only the regular collection. I read about unique beads, limited editions, retired beads and more. I think that makes this brand so special. Collecting Trollbeads is like being on a treasure hunt.

If you really want to be up to date and want to know about every release you really have to put some time in your hobby. Visit Trollbeads dealers, look in all their boxes, snoop on forums for sneak peaks and look on webshops for special beads.  And if you are lucky your piggy bank can keep up with all the great beads that pop out of the great ‘Trollbeads Creators’ in Denmark*.

At the beginning I didn’t know where to start. Did I had to hunt down all the great retired beads like crane, joyful and bead of prophecy? Or should I choose a specific type of unique bead, for instance with buds or flowers, and search a bunch of those? Or should I just buy what I really liked and don’t follow others preferences?

On Trollbeads Gallery Forum there is a topic about collections in collections. It is great to see that some people have necklaces full with unique armadillo’s, bubble beads or ambers. And even retired beads. They have set a goal and are on hunt constantly. I really love to see their photos.

But I don’t have that urge or need for a specific bead. My goal is to collect beautiful regular beads and from the special beads I would like one or two (or a few more) of everything.  Chinese jades, pink agates, picasso jaspers, kimono beads, gemstones. I feel proud when I spot them lying around in a shop. I like to combine them with others to get a nice variety on my bracelet.  

I have a few favorites in my collection like the anniversary cater pillar and anniversary Viking bead (shown below). The retired python, lovely peacock pearls and some great unique beauties, they are my little treasures. I am satisfied with them. For the simple reason that I, mother of three little children, just can’t buy a bead of prophecy or a glass turtle bead. And that is alright, a person has to have something to wish for. In the magical world of Trollbeads everything is possible.

Trollbeads Gallery Viking bead




*Unique beads come from Tibet and China. Lise Aagaard gets most of her unique beads from refugees, among others. Lise maintains a close relationship with the artists. With each group of unique beads that arrive in Denmark she will go through them and she will chose the best and give these artists an increase in compensation.  The special beadmakers learn the skills of making glass beads and earn money in doing so.

Anna Teresa is a guest blogger from the Netherlands and has a great interest in Trollbeads and is a professional journalist.



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Trollbeads Latest Limited Edition, the Agates!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Mar 07, 2011 @ 20:03 PM
Trollbeads Gallery AgateTrollbeads Gallery Turquoise AgateTrollbeads Gallery Agate

With the introduction of the Spring 2011, Trollbeads also released a limited Edition at the same time.  The Limited Edition was Agate beads, in Pink and in Turquoise.  These beads were very unlike the Crazy Lace Agate Trollbeads released in 2010 so the release was brand new and totally unexpected.  These Trollbead stones are finished with a very high polish and are very smooth and have similar outlines to the Jasper and Picasso Jasper Trollbeads.  No facets just smooth rock.  The two colors also came in 2 choices, solid and striped.  While the solid Agate Trollbeads offer you a very drenched color, the striped Agates add pattern and intrigue to your jewelry.  Once again a hard choice to make and my advice would be to choose what you like and decide where you will use them later.  Photo below and the set at the end of this post shows a solid Pink Agate and the set at the top shows the solid Turquoise set.

trollbeads gallery

Collecting Trollbeads is always about choices but making decision based on what other beads you have to use it with will stifle your collection.  Think about your Trollbeads collection as a painter’s palette, one you have all the colors spread across, and start from scratch designing new creations.  Ok, now think about the beads you said no to because they just didn’t work with what you had?  Your palette would be boring and you chance at self-exploration would once again leave you once again at the boredom door.  Is this where you want to be?  No, I know you don’t because if you did you’d be collecting some other bead brand!  So go back to your local dealer or back to the website of your choice and choose the wildest of the Agate Stripes and know your collection will always lead you to exciting places where you can reinvent yourself through Trollbeads!

The striped Agate has a very interesting story behind its development.  Like many of the interesting varieties of stones, Agates are formed from volcanic activity.  There are nodules or cavities within volcanic rocks that have had layers of silica type materials have form in regular spaces and some are thin and others wide.  These agates when cut opposite to the grain, or transversely, shows the layers as they occurred in time and it is these layers that give our Striped Agate, its name.  Hold the striped beads up to the light and you will see the light through the bead. Trollbeads Gallery Pink Agate (Notice the bead to the right.)

The lighter silica striations go from white to a cloudy but light clear. Sometimes called banded Agate, it is the most exciting to me as a Trollbeads dealer and collector.  When you look at these new Trollbeads remember to purchase for its beauty and then be concerned as to how you might use it.  Don’t give up the chance to own something so strikingly beautiful because you are afraid of its use.

Trollbeads Gallery pink Trollbeads

 For interesting ideas of what to use your Agate LE Trollbeads with join us on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and see what collectors are doing!

Also join us on Facebook and continue your Trollbeads journey by learning and seeing what the rest of the world is doing with their Trollbeads!

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Trollbeads Year in Review, 2010 Part 3

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Jan 21, 2011 @ 05:01 AM

As we continue the accomplishments of Trollbeads for the last year we move on to the Limited Edition Spring Flower sets, Pink and Blue. As with other special releases these were available for a short time and only to Premier Dealers. Premier Dealers are the retailers who sell no other interchangeable bead line. The two Flower sets were composed of 6 beads each and were strategically designed for each set to create complimentary colors for a bracelet or if you wished, the beads could be purchased individually. For the U.S. this was the first time the very unique designs were available to the collectors. Unique beads or OOAK, as they are called in Europe, were being offered abroad in these designs for a while prior to this release. Trollbeads Gallery Spring Flower Sets

Right on the heal of the Spring Flower sets Trollbeads stepped up to answer the desperate needs of Haiti following the horrific Earthquake of January 2010 by producing the Haiti Empowerment Sets of Trollbeads. This release brought an even wider and more extraordinary range of new Trollbeads designs to the U.S. and the success was great for Trollbeads, for the collectors and for Haiti. By the end of the release Trollbeads was able to donate close to $300,000 to Haiti’s Habitat for Humanity which provided housing for 50,000 Haitians. As you probably know Habitat for Humanity is a not for profit organization that helps communities build homes for low income home ownership. In Haiti’s case the displacement of so many people has caused an on-going desperate need for housing.

Like other Empowerment Trollbeads the center core is made larger so all bead collectors can partake in the cause. Pandora and Chamelia both require the larger opening.  Below are examples of the Haiti Empowerment Trollbeads.

Trollbeads Gallery Haiti BeadsTrollbeads Gallery Haiti TrollbeadsTrollbeads Gallery Trollbeads Gallery group shot of Haitibeads

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Trollbeads Year in Review, 2010 Part 2

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Jan 13, 2011 @ 11:01 AM
Trollbeads Gallery Spring bracelet

Continuing the discussion on Trollbeads 2010 we move on to the Spring Collection.  In February 2010 Trollbeads released a beautiful collection of new bead designs.  For collectors it was a very welcomed release because it offered a series of black beads and we know how black can be both stylishly modern and pin-stripe suit conservative. Black Armadillo, Black Bubbles, Fashion Flower, Chess, and the new Zebra (not to be confused with the old retired Zebra) are staples in every collection. You can take a bracelet of black and white Trollbeads and add only one other color and it changes the look entirely. The colors that look the best with the black and white beads are red, hot pink and lime green.

Trollbeads Gallery Blaack and white troll beads




The “Aventurine” bead was introduced and like many of the natural “Precious Stone” beads it comes in a variety of tones and lends itself to many applications.  See accompanying photo below.

Trollbeads Gallery Aventurine

 Don’t be afraid to use green in any design as it is in the middle of the color wheel and looks good with many complimentary and contrasting colors.  This release saw the two new tassel beads (shown in photo above) in white pearl and black spinel.  The earlier drop pearls had just been discontinued and the tassel beads have a more up to date, cleaner look.  Filling the gap for” baby” beads, the” Little Boy” and the” Little Girl” beads were introduced alongside the “Hope” bead.  Soft blue, soft pink and soft mint green pearlescent/opaque glass with one cz in each bead.  The silver “Zucchini Flower” bead is big and can be used on standard necklaces, Fantasy Necklaces and on bracelets.  I use mine on a bracelet.  The “Soccer Ball” was happily welcomed by all the soccer moms we sell to and this is one of only 3 beads with any hint toward sports so it fills void. There are other beads that deserve mention but will only name two more I use a lot.  The “Paradise Birds” and the “Carved Flowers” both have the heavier feel and width of the “Limited Edition China” (from 2009) and the “Jugend” bead.  The height and width of these beads allows them to be positioned next to glass beads and they are level with the glass so they don’t get lost.  Finishing up the release was the addition of the “Swan Lock”.  I don’t know any Trollbeads Collector who isn’t always wishing for a new lock and The “Swan Lock”  is regal and  beautiful  and has been very popular. 

As far as the versitality of your use of Trollbeads goes the Spring Collection also introduced the double stand leather bracelets.  These are youthful but can also be sophisticated depending on how you dress them up or down. The leather cord is square and just large enough to effectively hold each bead in place so there is no need to fill the bracelet. Trollbeads Gallery leather

Offered in red, beige, brown and black leather there is such variety it ends up a challenge to come up with the best look.  A nice surprice for me was these bracelets when purchased in the larger size makes a dynamite necklace!

Ok Trollbeads we are all ready for the 2011 Spring release so bring it on!

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Trollbeads Year in Review, 2010 Part 1

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Jan 09, 2011 @ 07:01 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Smooth Crazy Lace Agate*


As I was deciding what to include in my 2010 Trollbeads summary it astonished me to see how much Trollbeads accomplished in just one year.  Too much, in fact, it will take more than one blog to include all of the special releases that made 2010 such a remarkable year for Trollbeads and Trollbeads Collectors. Thank you Trollbeads!

February 2010 Trollbeads released a Limited Edition of the Crazy Lace Agate beads.  This bead is one of many different colors and forms of agate and is a deep rich pink with veins of purple, gray, rust and black running through the stone which gives the beads a wide variety of appearances.  For the first time there were actually two shapes created.  Europe was offered the smooth Crazy Lace Agate and the U.S. was offered the bead in a faceted version.

Crazy Lace Agate is known as a healing stone.  It provides balance and it protects the wearer.  It brings laughter to its possessor.  Crazy Lace Agate is used to help in making decisions by balancing the energies used in the physical, the emotional and the mental which keeps the possessor focused and better able to make good decisions.

As with all of the limited edition releases, only the Premium Trollbeads dealers were offered the Crazy Lace Agate beads.  Premium Partner dealers are dealers that offer no other competing interchangeable bead line. Crazy lace Agate was only available for a very short time and is no longer attainable through Trollbeads. Trollbeads Gallery sold many of these beads and is always looking for more to sell under our retired Trollbeads line.  We have the beads and will soon be adding them to our retired website. Please email if you have any you would like to part with!


*Photo taken by Trollbeads Gallery Forum member! The four smooth pick beads are Crazy lace Agates.

crazy lace agate 300x80

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Two Reasons Trollbeads are the Best

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:11 PM

Trollbeads are undeniably the ultimate choice in interchangeable beads and they will remain so for a very long time to come. Why is this so?  There are numerous factors, two of which are discussed here.

With the dozens of brands following the Trollbeads original design, no one brand has ever come close to capturing the magical quality of Trollbeads.  I'm sure I'm not sharing any industry secrets here and even if the folks at Pandora or Chamilia read my blog they couldn’t utilize the concepts I’m discussing and come anywhere close to Trollbeads.  Being the oldest brand brings wisdom and no brand can copy that.

   Trollbeads Gallery 18K gold bead Trollbeads is the only bead line using 18K gold, while others use 14K and some lines even use gold filled.  As with most companies the decisions concerning the choice of materials come from the top at Trollbeads.  Fortunately for us, at Trollbeads the person at “the top” also happens to be one of the designers.  Only the designers should make decisions concerning their creations.  This is at the core of why Trollbeads creations are a true form of art.  In the case with gold beads Trollbeads designers know that the higher the karat, the finer the detail.  The 18K gold is higher in price but instrumental in producing the finest quality, finest detailed beads.  Look at the gold beads and see how light plays upon each detail and reflects the magic in each bead.  "Little Precious" (shown left)is brand new and  “Treasures” with fine seaside detail is a favorite of mine.  “Angel Feathers” had a texture unique to this bead as each feather has an etching-like detailed quality and all together the feathers catch the light like no other gold bead.  Look at the Gold Wisdom bead below and see how the 18K gold cradles the precious stones framing each stone’s color so beautifully.  For the best in quality 18K Gold is imperative.

Gold Wisdom Trollbeads Gallery








Another reason Trollbeads is the ultimate choice and one that sets the bar so high is the special category, Unique Trollbeads. In fact they are so special they are not even mentioned in the Trollbeads catalogs!  These Trollbeads are the absolute favorite of seasoned collectors. Unique Trollbeads are Trollbeads that are created in a very limited quantity and are never identified or given a name as the in-line glass Trollbeads are. There are hundreds of different unique Trollbeads designs. Even the name "Unique" is not universally used.  There really isn’t one name used for these beads and in some cases it may cause confusion, but not for long.  In Europe they are referred to as OOAK, which is the acronym for ‘one of a kind’.  In the United States dealers are asked not to use the ‘OOAK’ term to identify these beads as it is a misnomer and in marketing the beads it is considered misleading and can be could be seen as an untruth.   Very few of the unique beads made are actually a true “one of a kind” as most of these beads are made in multiple, but limited quantities.  The United States distributor, TrollbeadsU.S. refers to them as “Assorted Beads”.

Four years ago when I became a Trollbeads retailer the Unique Beads really were unique in many respects.  That was when fewer beads were being made and these beads were a brilliant use of beads that didn’t meet the quality control parameters for an in-line bead and the glass artists would take these beads and add a dollop of glass with a swirl of color and call it unique, and it truly was!  There would also be Unique beads created as trials for testing future in-line Trollbeads but as demand has increased for Trollbeads the current Unique beads are actually being created for the purpose of being sold as Unique beads. They are equally beautiful and expertly executed, just not as spontaneously created!   What ever your favorite color and what ever your favorite pattern of bead, the Unique Trollbeads will offer you a wide choice.Trollbeads Gallery Flower Unique Beads

Above is a set of blue Unique Trollbeads and the middle set is a group of the Unique Flower Trollbeads which come in a variety of colors.  This is just a small sample!

Below is a "3-Nique" Set from  Trollbeads Gallery.  We pair 3 Unique beads up that look well together and sell them as a set!

Trollbeads Gallery "3-Nique"

 For more samples of Unique Trollbeads visit:

Trollbeads Gallery Uniques!

Please leave a comment and tell me your favorite style/color of Unique Trollbeads!

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The New Trollbeads Are Outstanding!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Nov 19, 2010 @ 21:11 PM

Trollbeads Gallery New Beads

The NEW beads are in!! The Trollbeads new 2010 Winter bead release includes a wonderful group of wintery themed beads just perfect for the blustery days of winter.

I couldn't resist using as many of the new "Pink Diamonds" Trollbeads as I could feasibly manage. They came in this morning and I love them! You can see the new "Ice Bear" along with the "Snowball" . The "Ice Bear" was the winning design for Trollbeads 2010 People's Bead Design Contest.  Kristi Denning of Maryland won first place with her delightful bear design.  Kristi received an 18K Gold "Ice Bear" as a very special gift from Trollbeads.  The first People's Bead Design contest was last year and was won by Suzanne Hopping of Australia for her "Pax" bead.  Susanne also received a Pax bead in 18K Gold and having seen it in person during Trollbeads Fest!, it is exquisite!  I have included the "Pax" bead in the bracelet above so both winning beads could share the stage!

Along with the new release Trollbeads there was also a beauty of a limited edition release of two glass sets "Christmas in Australia" and "Christmas in Hawaii" and they offer everything we all love in the glass Trollbeads. 

Christmas in Australia Trollbeads Gallery will soon be offering these limited eChristmas in Hawaii Trollbeads Gallerydition Trollbeads individually!




Trollbeads Gallery BraceletYou can see two of the Trollbeads from the "Christmas in Australia" set on this bracelet along with the new "Sparkling Star" bead.  The  stars reflect the light beautifully!


Trollbeads did it again, another huge winner of a release!  Thank you!!

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Trollbeads New Bead Release!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Nov 07, 2010 @ 07:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery New TrollbeadsThe New Trollbeads release for the Winter 2010 is coming out in the U.S. on November 12th! There are  all sorts of wonderful new additions to the Trollbeads line!!  We are particularily excited to see the 2010 People's Bead Award Winner the "Ice Bear" bead designed by Kristi Denning from Maryland. Kristi was at our Trollbeads Fest! 2010 in October and she had with her the model she made for the contest.  The "Ice Bear" will be a huge favorite, especially for all the people who were lucky enough to meet Kristi at Trollbeads Fest. Below Kristi is holding the model for her award winning design.  Just this weed Kristi received the Gold version of the "Ice Bear" as an award from Trollbeads Denmark.

Kristi Denning Trollbeads Fest Winner of Peoples Bead



Another favorite will be the new "Pink Diamonds" bead.  The "White Diamonds" and "Black Diamonds" Trollbeads are two of the more popular beads for Trollbeads Gallery customers.  The new silver Star Trollbead and the new Snowflake Trollbeads look to be a great addition also.  There is one new 18K Gold bead and it looks to be very interesting, I can't wait to see it in person!

The brand new Trollbeads earring components are frosty and fun and interchangeable! Add them to your holiday wardobe!  We have begun to create more earring designs with the interchangeable accessories to much acclaim from our customers and Trollbeads will continue to add fresh components with each new Troll release.

New Holiday release at Trollbeads Gallery

While Denmark enjoys a white Christmas,  the designers at Trollbeads have not forgotten those on the other side of the world that celebrate Christmas with beach parties and blossoming cherry orchards. For Premier Partner Program members, Trollbeads has two Special Edition glass kits - Christmas in Hawaii with blue nuances and Christmas in Australia with patterns of Cherry Blossoms.  These two glass kits will be sold separately and will add a great set of colors for your holiday jewelry designs. 

For those of you looking for a more traditional Trollbeads look please check out the Red Stripe Glass Bead, the Green Stripe Bead which is much darker than the photograph on the website and is perfect with the red stripe!  Also think of adding White Diamonds !  With the old silver Trollbeads favorites like the Snowman bead and the silver Snow bead and the new snow bead we should all be able to make many very unique Christmas designs this year.  Very soon Trollbeads Gallery will be releasing our holiday favorite "Holiday Uniques". We have assembled a huge quanity and are quite excited by our selection! Many beautiful unique (referred to OOAK in Europe) in greens and reds are being photographed as I write this!  We will announce it on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and we will send out an email when they are released!

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Trollbeads Announces New Bead Release for Autumn 2010

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Aug 10, 2010 @ 12:08 PM

Trollbeads New Release silver Earth bead,Troll beads at Trollbeads Gallery.Word has just come from Trollbeads U.S. that a new Trollbead release will out to Premier Platinum Trollbeads dealers by August 16th-17th. Trollbeads Gallery will send out an email the second we get them in.

We have not been given marketing images yet so I can't show you how beautiful they are but I can give a description.  First, you all know they are re-releasing the beautiful old Earth Bead, designed by Nicholas Aagaard, a member of the third generation of the famous Trollbeads family.  Earth is a large scale Trollbead and quite handsome.  It's a great bead for men but will work well on necklaces and large bead bracelets for everyone! I can't wait to see the Earth bead on the leather necklaces.

The new glass bead sets are wonderfully different.  Two sets of 6 beads each, available separately.  One set has the tones of a "lake in the forest in autumn". Two of the beads have a wonderful thick glass swirl on the surface and two of the beads are Flower beads.  The other set of new glass beads are like tiny canvases of contemporary art.  Red, Green and other strong colors and will be sure to add a spark of color to your holiday bracelets and autumn bracelets.

There is a new set of silver horoscope zodiac beads.  Each bead is a tiny sculpture and they are all very Troll like in their style and detail. The rams head is another very masculine bead and until I see the beads in person, I can't comment on the others but I can't wait to see them!  Also in silver are 3 new "shape" or design beads and I think they will be great for men or woman.

There are 3 new Precious Stone beads.  Golden quartz, which is GORGEOUS!!!!  It is faceted and will give texture, warmth and  sparkle to your jewelry designs.  Chalcedony and Tigers Eye is in the smooth stone finish and the same size as the smooth version of the Rose Quartz bead.  All three new stone Trollbeads are such great additions to the Precious Stone group which like so many other reasons, places Trollbeads so far above any of the competing bead lines. 

It may seem like a long wait in Troll time but in a week's time we will have them!

Thank you Trollbeads for another phenomenal batch of beads!!

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