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The 2014 Trollbeads Retirement

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jan 27, 2014 @ 11:01 AM

Farewell to the newest beads to be retired!

It seems that so many things occur simultaneously with Trollbeads that sometimes it’s easy to miss something as important as a major retirement.   Once every year or two Trollbeads will discontinue making a number of beads and these beads become discontinued or “retired”.  There are always a variety of reasons for each bead’s demise but every retirement helps make room for the new beads Trollbeads releases throughout the year. 

2014 retired Trollbeads

              Zanzibar                        Pax                           Nightingale                 Purple Kit

I am writing this blog to make sure collectors are well aware of the retirement as even some retailers missed its announcement.   As I already mentioned between the new 2014 Trollbeads Spring release and the Spring Release Debut Events partnering with the 2 limited edition release beads it would be easy to miss this final item…the retirement.

2014 Trollbeads Retirement

I won’t mention all the beads as you can go to our website and see them all listed there in one category, but I will mention the ones I personally will miss the most.  As far as silver beads go if you don’t yet own the Zanzibar bead think about getting one now before they are gone.  It has been in line for a very long time and it is a classic bead and a great size with a great texture.  The Scottish Terrier is a sweet bead and it is the only dog “breed” bead that exists.   I am sad that the first “People’s Bead” Winning bead, the Pax bead is going also.  This is the first winning bead so it is very monumental that it is being retirement.  The “Pax” bead designer, Suzanne Hopping, from Australia joined us for our first Trollbeads Fest and I am proud to call her a friend and I am sad her bead is leaving the line.  Suzanne has gone on to design many beads in a variety of themes.   A second winning “People’s Bead” the World Within, also designed by an Australian Linda Karuso, is also leaving the line in this retirement.  Both of these winning "People's beads" are a must for your collection!

I find it interesting that many of the beads in this retirement are the smaller scale beads.  I know my collectors like the larger scale beads so this is not a surprise to me.   Falling Leaves, Coral Branch, Happy Fish, World Within are all small scale beads but can have a great place on the end of your chains or on a chain of just small silver beads.  Three large beads are going and they are Koala, Panda and Big Earth.  

Two silver and gold beads are leaving the line this time and I am very sad to see the Nightingale leave the line.  The detail in this bead is phenomenal and the golden bird is beautiful.  The Three Stars has always been a slow seller for me but again it may have been due to the smaller scale.

2014 2 retired Trollbeads   Happy Fish                   Spring Drop                      Big Earth               Black & White Kit

In this retirement we see that it is black and white beads and older purple beads that are leaving the line.  The entire Purple Kit (as shown in photo) is being retired. If you look at the advancement of style of the newer beads you can see why these are going. There are two Black and White kits retiring but the entire kit is not going they have developed another kit to reposition the black and white beads that aren't going.

Look at all three of the "Drop" season beads that are leaving the line.  Winter, Spring and Autumn are all going!  Drops on bracelets always add a another layer of interest!

  It is truly very cool when you look at how the styles have changed and how they have developed as the years go by.  There are many retired beads that are glorious but with each retirement the history of Trollbeads becomes deeper and it gives us a chance to consider each bead and make sure we have the ones we want before they are gone!   The good news is that retirements are now announced before the beads are gone and we all have a chance to add them to our collection.  In the early days the beads were retired without any notice and the beads were gone! So take advantage of the retirement "fore-warning" and remember when you purchase in kit form you save $31.00 by getting one of the six beads free!

NB:Please note that if you want any of these beads but can't financially commit at this time we will be happy to save them for you and set up a payment plan.  This is a great way to purchase the "Nighingale" Trollbead!


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