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Trollbeads is Off To a Great Start in 2016! See What's NEW!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 14:01 PM
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Greetings to all of you Trollbeads enthusiasts!  We have just released two new collections and are eager to share them with you!  By giving you a summary of the new items I hope to show you just how much there is in a more concise manner.  Please follow one of the links to see the collection for yourself!
Shipping on January 15th is the NEW 2016 Valentine's Trollbeads Collection.  It is a small collection compared to Trollbeads standards but when you see the depth of the NEW 2016 Spring "New Beginnings" Collection, you will understand.  You also need to consider how many Heart and Love themed Trollbeads there is in the line and you'll know there are many to design the sweetest of all Valentine's Day bracelets!
In the 2016 Valentine's Day Trollbeads Collection we have one new silver bead and one new glass bead!  Below is a photo with two images of each bead as it helps to understand the whole bead this way.
Trollbeads Gallery Valentine%27s Day
The other item in this collection is the new Trollbeads Ring Of Change.  
Through the years we have seen other designers create more detailed bead holding rings but this is Trollbeads first ring of its kind.  A very contemporary and striking tubular ring in sterling silver created in a very mimalistic style. 
The photo below highlights the ring with a variety of beads, both silver and glass! Trollbeads Gallery Ring Of Change
This collection has so many wonderful new items for the Trollbeads collector that I find it easier to discuss them by category.
Silver Beads:  There is a total of 14 new silver beads. Including a new Silver stopper!! For the first time Trollbeads has created a second choice for us with the new Oxidized Silver Stopper.  It's same price as the regular Silver Stopper at $20.00 and it will another look to your bracelet designs.
There are too many new silver beads to talk about each one but the Spiritual Dragon, the Heaven Crane and the Soft Wind of Change bead are some beauties.  The Whale Spirit is similar to the Whales pendant but in a more bracelet friendly size.  
Silver Locks:   There are two new silver locks, the Heaven Crane Lock and the Turn Around Lock.  It's always nice to have more locks to chose from!  We are all still waiting for a new larger lock, like the Flower and the Fish, but the wait continues...In the meantime the new locks are shown below and I included the chain so you can see the side of the Turn Around Lock!
Trollbeads Gallery Locks

The glass bead additions has the most variety.  They range from two new faceted beads, 3 new beads with crystals and 6 new Group 1 beads.  The tones are all light in sweet pastel shades.  For the first time ever the beads with Crystals (or CZ's) have CZ's in colors.  The pink or the Fragile Purity has light green cubic zirconia, the light blue or Honest Love has pink cubic zirconia and the light green or Healing Heart has lavender cubic zirconias. A subtle addition which is just lovely.  The two faceted are also pastel and will be great used with the other glass beads from this collection.  In the collage below you can see some of the new Trollbeads!
Trollbeads Gallery New Glass Beads
Pendants:  There are 3 new Pendants... all with a different use in mind! 
Trollbeads Gallery Soft Winds Pendant
The Soft Winds Of Change Pendant (above) was primarily designed for the new Changeable Fantasy Necklace as it has an invisible clip but can be worn on any Trollbeads necklace. Inside the silver "cage" there is a soft pink pearl.   
Also shown in photo down below!
Trollbeads Gallery Anemone
The Troll Anemone Pendant is a stunning floral pendant best worn on a standard necklace, either silver, leather or gold.  The stem curves around the necklace and with the flower creates a delicate yet stong look.  I look forward to having the time to work with this pendant!
                               The Freedom Feather Pendant, the third pendant, was created to wear with the Classic Fantasy Necklace, as you see in the photo below!  
Trollbeads Gallery Freedom Flower
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I hope this brief summary helps you get to know the new beads in an overall fashion!

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