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Summing up the year Trollbeads 2010

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Feb 02, 2011 @ 17:02 PM

With all the outstanding Trollbeads releases in 2010 it has taken a full 5 articles to complete the story, with this being the final one.  The World Tour of Trollbeads continued with the set for Italy.Trollbeads Gallery Italian World Tour beads The glass bead was created in the colors of the Italian Flag and the silver beads all had great meaning to the history of Italy including pasta wrapping around a fork!

The final World Tour Trollbeads set for 2010 was for Holland complete with 4 beads also including a windmill, wooden shows and a bead representing Van Gogh's Sunflowers! All great designs for a great country filled with many Trollbeads fanatics!

Trollbeads Gallery World Tour Trollbeads Holland







You would think the year was full and productive as it stood but next came the extraordinary "Skeleton" necklace, available only in Europe. It was sensationally dramatic with a gold collar and it was unlike anything yet produced by Trollbeads. This may have not been the most popular release due to its size and price but it served to show us there is still a wildly adventurous side to this great company!  I would love to find one for our Trollbeads Museum!Trollbeads Gallery Skeleton Necklace

The most popular release was the introduction of the Limited Edition Picasso Jasper Trollbeads.  These are natural, organic and very popular! It's releases like this one that puts Trollbeads so far above the other brands and I hope they never stop testing the limits. Each Picasso Jasper bead has a variety of veining and colorations giving great drama.

Trollbeads Gallery Picasso JasperNatural stone, when polished, has a quality to it that separates if from glass and amber giving it Trollbeads a nother whole medium to offer its collectors.

Trollbeads Gallery offers the Picasso Jasper here!




The last release for 2010 was the Holiday Trollbeads collection offering a few very spirited beads! New earring components, the Ice Bear, Sparkling Star, Pink Diamonds bead were among the new releases along with others shown in the image below.

Trollbeads Gallery WInter beads release


Accompanying the Winter Trollbeads were two sets of new glass offered as a Limited Edition.Christmas in Hawaii and Christmas in Australia each offers a new depth of colors and designs never before seen!Hawaii Australia Christmas Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Gallery offers the Limited Edition Christmas Trollbeads here! They are available both as sets and as individual beads.

Thank you for your outstanding imagination and creativity Trollbeads!! We all very excited with anticipation for 2011!

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Two Reasons Trollbeads are the Best

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:11 PM

Trollbeads are undeniably the ultimate choice in interchangeable beads and they will remain so for a very long time to come. Why is this so?  There are numerous factors, two of which are discussed here.

With the dozens of brands following the Trollbeads original design, no one brand has ever come close to capturing the magical quality of Trollbeads.  I'm sure I'm not sharing any industry secrets here and even if the folks at Pandora or Chamilia read my blog they couldn’t utilize the concepts I’m discussing and come anywhere close to Trollbeads.  Being the oldest brand brings wisdom and no brand can copy that.

   Trollbeads Gallery 18K gold bead Trollbeads is the only bead line using 18K gold, while others use 14K and some lines even use gold filled.  As with most companies the decisions concerning the choice of materials come from the top at Trollbeads.  Fortunately for us, at Trollbeads the person at “the top” also happens to be one of the designers.  Only the designers should make decisions concerning their creations.  This is at the core of why Trollbeads creations are a true form of art.  In the case with gold beads Trollbeads designers know that the higher the karat, the finer the detail.  The 18K gold is higher in price but instrumental in producing the finest quality, finest detailed beads.  Look at the gold beads and see how light plays upon each detail and reflects the magic in each bead.  "Little Precious" (shown left)is brand new and  “Treasures” with fine seaside detail is a favorite of mine.  “Angel Feathers” had a texture unique to this bead as each feather has an etching-like detailed quality and all together the feathers catch the light like no other gold bead.  Look at the Gold Wisdom bead below and see how the 18K gold cradles the precious stones framing each stone’s color so beautifully.  For the best in quality 18K Gold is imperative.

Gold Wisdom Trollbeads Gallery








Another reason Trollbeads is the ultimate choice and one that sets the bar so high is the special category, Unique Trollbeads. In fact they are so special they are not even mentioned in the Trollbeads catalogs!  These Trollbeads are the absolute favorite of seasoned collectors. Unique Trollbeads are Trollbeads that are created in a very limited quantity and are never identified or given a name as the in-line glass Trollbeads are. There are hundreds of different unique Trollbeads designs. Even the name "Unique" is not universally used.  There really isn’t one name used for these beads and in some cases it may cause confusion, but not for long.  In Europe they are referred to as OOAK, which is the acronym for ‘one of a kind’.  In the United States dealers are asked not to use the ‘OOAK’ term to identify these beads as it is a misnomer and in marketing the beads it is considered misleading and can be could be seen as an untruth.   Very few of the unique beads made are actually a true “one of a kind” as most of these beads are made in multiple, but limited quantities.  The United States distributor, TrollbeadsU.S. refers to them as “Assorted Beads”.

Four years ago when I became a Trollbeads retailer the Unique Beads really were unique in many respects.  That was when fewer beads were being made and these beads were a brilliant use of beads that didn’t meet the quality control parameters for an in-line bead and the glass artists would take these beads and add a dollop of glass with a swirl of color and call it unique, and it truly was!  There would also be Unique beads created as trials for testing future in-line Trollbeads but as demand has increased for Trollbeads the current Unique beads are actually being created for the purpose of being sold as Unique beads. They are equally beautiful and expertly executed, just not as spontaneously created!   What ever your favorite color and what ever your favorite pattern of bead, the Unique Trollbeads will offer you a wide choice.Trollbeads Gallery Flower Unique Beads

Above is a set of blue Unique Trollbeads and the middle set is a group of the Unique Flower Trollbeads which come in a variety of colors.  This is just a small sample!

Below is a "3-Nique" Set from  Trollbeads Gallery.  We pair 3 Unique beads up that look well together and sell them as a set!

Trollbeads Gallery "3-Nique"

 For more samples of Unique Trollbeads visit:

Trollbeads Gallery Uniques!

Please leave a comment and tell me your favorite style/color of Unique Trollbeads!

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New Holiday Unique Trollbeads Listed!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 11:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Unique Christmas bead   Trollbeads Gallery has just released our yearly group of Holiday Unique beads!  For 4 years now it is a tradition for Trollbeads Gallery to release all of the Christmas color themed Trollbeads we've put aside for the whole year!  Trollbeads Gallery was the first Trollbeads website to offer holiday groups of Unique beads.  Four years ago was the first year we introduced the July 4th themed Unique beads with outstanding success to many people starting July 4th themed bracelets. That was followed by Halloween then Christmas and this wonderful tradition continues with many collectors sporting holiday themed bracelets!

Trollbeads Gallery Christmas Unique bead   Because our Christmas Holiday Unique releases sell quickly we will continue to add new ones through the month of December. It is a very popular release!! So keep your eyes on the site as you never know when we are apt to list more.

Don't forget the many Glass Group 1 beads that work well on holiday bracelets such as Red Stripe and Green Stripe.  There is also the Snowman, Snow, Pax, Angel Feathers, Halleluja and Faith,Hope and Charity beads!  All of these beads are great on Christmas bracelets! 

Trollbeads Gallery Red Stripe     Trollbeads Gallery Snowman     Trollbeads Gallery HallelujaTrollbeads Gallery

And now with the NEW 2010 Winter Trollbeads your ChristmasTrollbeads just has to include an Ice Bear ,a Snowball and a Sparkling Star !

Sparkling Star Trollbeas Gallery

Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Gallery Snowball

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The New Trollbeads Are Outstanding!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Nov 19, 2010 @ 21:11 PM

Trollbeads Gallery New Beads

The NEW beads are in!! The Trollbeads new 2010 Winter bead release includes a wonderful group of wintery themed beads just perfect for the blustery days of winter.

I couldn't resist using as many of the new "Pink Diamonds" Trollbeads as I could feasibly manage. They came in this morning and I love them! You can see the new "Ice Bear" along with the "Snowball" . The "Ice Bear" was the winning design for Trollbeads 2010 People's Bead Design Contest.  Kristi Denning of Maryland won first place with her delightful bear design.  Kristi received an 18K Gold "Ice Bear" as a very special gift from Trollbeads.  The first People's Bead Design contest was last year and was won by Suzanne Hopping of Australia for her "Pax" bead.  Susanne also received a Pax bead in 18K Gold and having seen it in person during Trollbeads Fest!, it is exquisite!  I have included the "Pax" bead in the bracelet above so both winning beads could share the stage!

Along with the new release Trollbeads there was also a beauty of a limited edition release of two glass sets "Christmas in Australia" and "Christmas in Hawaii" and they offer everything we all love in the glass Trollbeads. 

Christmas in Australia Trollbeads Gallery will soon be offering these limited eChristmas in Hawaii Trollbeads Gallerydition Trollbeads individually!




Trollbeads Gallery BraceletYou can see two of the Trollbeads from the "Christmas in Australia" set on this bracelet along with the new "Sparkling Star" bead.  The  stars reflect the light beautifully!


Trollbeads did it again, another huge winner of a release!  Thank you!!

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