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Collectors: Do You Want to Continue to be Offered Unique Trollbeads?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 15:03 PM unique Trollbead

I love the Internet and I love the ability to find so much information with very few strokes on a keypad. It’s a gift for readers and for blog authors but for the authors this is a gift that comes with a responsibility.The responsibility is to offer accurate information they can count on to form their own opinions.

The title question came to mind because of a Trollbeads blog I recently read. The blog offers information about Trollbeads gossip and is usually entertaining to read. In general, with the freedoms allowed to “anonymous” bloggers, no commitment is necessary by the writers to seek the truth before publishing, after all a lot of blogging is just opinion. The unfortunate thing about the written word; many people take it as the truth. The case I am referring to is opinion but many people may not understand this and it is important that they do. I appreciate this author’s view point but there is a position they have taken and have commented on before, I feel the need to oppose because it can hurt Trollbeads retailers and ultimately the collectors. It has to do with the writer’s opinion on the prices charged for Unique beads. Unless you are an authorized dealer who has personally signed legally binding contracts and the rules are different for each country a business is registered in, you cannot know all of the facts required to voice opinions on pricing. Before commenting publicly many things need to be considered. I am speaking for other Trollbeads retailers as well.

1.The retailer understands that UNLIKE any other product offered by any other source, they DO NOT have a choice in what unique beads they receive to sell.  The beads are purchased unseen. They DO NOT have the ability to return the product if it is unsellable. The retailer also may NOT discount and may NOT have a sale on these beads. This type of buying situation is unheard of in most industries. We do however have the choice to not order these beads to sell but is that in the best interest of the collector?

2. If you are a dealer you must consider the financial ramifications. If your order comes in and there are beads that are the best of the best, there are also similar quantities that are unsellable. If you charge the same price for the best as you do for the unsellable beads knowing you will never sell the undesirable beads, you will never make back the investment or even the required profit to make it a viable on-going category for your business.

3. As a retailer selling this product you have 2 choices.

   A: Is to sell them all at the same price, selling only the desirable beads, learning after a short time that it is a losing proposition and you stop getting them in to offer.

  B: Is to price the beads according to their desirability and in doing so cover the cost of the undesirable beads no one wants. It is a simple formula for succeeding in selling unique Trollbeads which is the only way for us to continue to offer the Unique beads collectors want.

In conclusion for those of you who don’t know me, I have been selling Trollbeads for 4 years and have sold Unique Trollbeads for just about as long and let me tell you I have many Unique beads that will never sell. If I had not priced the Unique beads by their desirability I would have stopped getting them in and stopped selling them over 3 ½ years ago. Trollbeads Gallery is now on Unique Bead #4093. That would mean they’d be 3000 fewer Unique beads in the collections of my customers. Would this have been a good thing? Please let me know your thoughts.

To check the going prices go to the links below.

Regards, Louise Rogers

Trollbeads Gallery Uniques

Trollbeads Gallery New Uniques

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Two Reasons Trollbeads are the Best

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:11 PM

Trollbeads are undeniably the ultimate choice in interchangeable beads and they will remain so for a very long time to come. Why is this so?  There are numerous factors, two of which are discussed here.

With the dozens of brands following the Trollbeads original design, no one brand has ever come close to capturing the magical quality of Trollbeads.  I'm sure I'm not sharing any industry secrets here and even if the folks at Pandora or Chamilia read my blog they couldn’t utilize the concepts I’m discussing and come anywhere close to Trollbeads.  Being the oldest brand brings wisdom and no brand can copy that.

   Trollbeads Gallery 18K gold bead Trollbeads is the only bead line using 18K gold, while others use 14K and some lines even use gold filled.  As with most companies the decisions concerning the choice of materials come from the top at Trollbeads.  Fortunately for us, at Trollbeads the person at “the top” also happens to be one of the designers.  Only the designers should make decisions concerning their creations.  This is at the core of why Trollbeads creations are a true form of art.  In the case with gold beads Trollbeads designers know that the higher the karat, the finer the detail.  The 18K gold is higher in price but instrumental in producing the finest quality, finest detailed beads.  Look at the gold beads and see how light plays upon each detail and reflects the magic in each bead.  "Little Precious" (shown left)is brand new and  “Treasures” with fine seaside detail is a favorite of mine.  “Angel Feathers” had a texture unique to this bead as each feather has an etching-like detailed quality and all together the feathers catch the light like no other gold bead.  Look at the Gold Wisdom bead below and see how the 18K gold cradles the precious stones framing each stone’s color so beautifully.  For the best in quality 18K Gold is imperative.

Gold Wisdom Trollbeads Gallery








Another reason Trollbeads is the ultimate choice and one that sets the bar so high is the special category, Unique Trollbeads. In fact they are so special they are not even mentioned in the Trollbeads catalogs!  These Trollbeads are the absolute favorite of seasoned collectors. Unique Trollbeads are Trollbeads that are created in a very limited quantity and are never identified or given a name as the in-line glass Trollbeads are. There are hundreds of different unique Trollbeads designs. Even the name "Unique" is not universally used.  There really isn’t one name used for these beads and in some cases it may cause confusion, but not for long.  In Europe they are referred to as OOAK, which is the acronym for ‘one of a kind’.  In the United States dealers are asked not to use the ‘OOAK’ term to identify these beads as it is a misnomer and in marketing the beads it is considered misleading and can be could be seen as an untruth.   Very few of the unique beads made are actually a true “one of a kind” as most of these beads are made in multiple, but limited quantities.  The United States distributor, TrollbeadsU.S. refers to them as “Assorted Beads”.

Four years ago when I became a Trollbeads retailer the Unique Beads really were unique in many respects.  That was when fewer beads were being made and these beads were a brilliant use of beads that didn’t meet the quality control parameters for an in-line bead and the glass artists would take these beads and add a dollop of glass with a swirl of color and call it unique, and it truly was!  There would also be Unique beads created as trials for testing future in-line Trollbeads but as demand has increased for Trollbeads the current Unique beads are actually being created for the purpose of being sold as Unique beads. They are equally beautiful and expertly executed, just not as spontaneously created!   What ever your favorite color and what ever your favorite pattern of bead, the Unique Trollbeads will offer you a wide choice.Trollbeads Gallery Flower Unique Beads

Above is a set of blue Unique Trollbeads and the middle set is a group of the Unique Flower Trollbeads which come in a variety of colors.  This is just a small sample!

Below is a "3-Nique" Set from  Trollbeads Gallery.  We pair 3 Unique beads up that look well together and sell them as a set!

Trollbeads Gallery "3-Nique"

 For more samples of Unique Trollbeads visit:

Trollbeads Gallery Uniques!

Please leave a comment and tell me your favorite style/color of Unique Trollbeads!

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New Holiday Unique Trollbeads Listed!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 11:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery Unique Christmas bead   Trollbeads Gallery has just released our yearly group of Holiday Unique beads!  For 4 years now it is a tradition for Trollbeads Gallery to release all of the Christmas color themed Trollbeads we've put aside for the whole year!  Trollbeads Gallery was the first Trollbeads website to offer holiday groups of Unique beads.  Four years ago was the first year we introduced the July 4th themed Unique beads with outstanding success to many people starting July 4th themed bracelets. That was followed by Halloween then Christmas and this wonderful tradition continues with many collectors sporting holiday themed bracelets!

Trollbeads Gallery Christmas Unique bead   Because our Christmas Holiday Unique releases sell quickly we will continue to add new ones through the month of December. It is a very popular release!! So keep your eyes on the site as you never know when we are apt to list more.

Don't forget the many Glass Group 1 beads that work well on holiday bracelets such as Red Stripe and Green Stripe.  There is also the Snowman, Snow, Pax, Angel Feathers, Halleluja and Faith,Hope and Charity beads!  All of these beads are great on Christmas bracelets! 

Trollbeads Gallery Red Stripe     Trollbeads Gallery Snowman     Trollbeads Gallery HallelujaTrollbeads Gallery

And now with the NEW 2010 Winter Trollbeads your ChristmasTrollbeads just has to include an Ice Bear ,a Snowball and a Sparkling Star !

Sparkling Star Trollbeas Gallery

Trollbeads GalleryTrollbeads Gallery Snowball

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Trollbeads New Bead Release!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Nov 07, 2010 @ 07:11 AM

Trollbeads Gallery New TrollbeadsThe New Trollbeads release for the Winter 2010 is coming out in the U.S. on November 12th! There are  all sorts of wonderful new additions to the Trollbeads line!!  We are particularily excited to see the 2010 People's Bead Award Winner the "Ice Bear" bead designed by Kristi Denning from Maryland. Kristi was at our Trollbeads Fest! 2010 in October and she had with her the model she made for the contest.  The "Ice Bear" will be a huge favorite, especially for all the people who were lucky enough to meet Kristi at Trollbeads Fest. Below Kristi is holding the model for her award winning design.  Just this weed Kristi received the Gold version of the "Ice Bear" as an award from Trollbeads Denmark.

Kristi Denning Trollbeads Fest Winner of Peoples Bead



Another favorite will be the new "Pink Diamonds" bead.  The "White Diamonds" and "Black Diamonds" Trollbeads are two of the more popular beads for Trollbeads Gallery customers.  The new silver Star Trollbead and the new Snowflake Trollbeads look to be a great addition also.  There is one new 18K Gold bead and it looks to be very interesting, I can't wait to see it in person!

The brand new Trollbeads earring components are frosty and fun and interchangeable! Add them to your holiday wardobe!  We have begun to create more earring designs with the interchangeable accessories to much acclaim from our customers and Trollbeads will continue to add fresh components with each new Troll release.

New Holiday release at Trollbeads Gallery

While Denmark enjoys a white Christmas,  the designers at Trollbeads have not forgotten those on the other side of the world that celebrate Christmas with beach parties and blossoming cherry orchards. For Premier Partner Program members, Trollbeads has two Special Edition glass kits - Christmas in Hawaii with blue nuances and Christmas in Australia with patterns of Cherry Blossoms.  These two glass kits will be sold separately and will add a great set of colors for your holiday jewelry designs. 

For those of you looking for a more traditional Trollbeads look please check out the Red Stripe Glass Bead, the Green Stripe Bead which is much darker than the photograph on the website and is perfect with the red stripe!  Also think of adding White Diamonds !  With the old silver Trollbeads favorites like the Snowman bead and the silver Snow bead and the new snow bead we should all be able to make many very unique Christmas designs this year.  Very soon Trollbeads Gallery will be releasing our holiday favorite "Holiday Uniques". We have assembled a huge quanity and are quite excited by our selection! Many beautiful unique (referred to OOAK in Europe) in greens and reds are being photographed as I write this!  We will announce it on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and we will send out an email when they are released!

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Trollbeads Fest! 2010 Don't Miss Our "Gallery Rewards"!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:09 PM

Trollbeads Fest! 2010 Logo

      Attention Trollbeads Collectors:

Registrations for TrollbeadsFest! 2010 are going fast and furious! We've already sold out all of the spots for the Sunset Cruise of Historic New Bedford Harbor! (We are trying to arrange another one, so your ship may not have sailed without you!)

The Trollbeads Fest! 2010 exciting schedule of events gets better nearly every day, so make sure you check back frequently! Can you believe that It’s already September, Labor Day is just a Monday away and our summer is over? Got end of the summer blues? We’ve got just the antidote!  Rogers Gallery Rewards! We’ve created a special program for Trollbeads Rogers Gallery friends and it’s pretty simple. Invite friends, family members, co-workers and even strangers to TrollbeadsFest! 2010 by midnight, Labor Day, Monday, September 6th(has now been extended!) and you’ll earn 5 Rogers Gallery Rewards for each sign up. All they have to do is put your name in the field at the bottom of the Registration form and we’ll take care of the rest. Rogers Gallery Rewards can be used in store (no on line orders) and they must be redeemed between October 19, 2010 and December 31, 2010. Perfect timing for Holiday Troll shopping! So shake off those end of the summer blues, start sharing your passion for Trollbeads with others and earn some Rogers Gallery Rewards in the process!This offer ends Labor Day, Monday, September 6, 2010.

We are cooking up some inspiring events to further your knowledge and love of Trollbeads and we are accumulating the most amazing collection of Unique Trollbeads so don't miss it! We have been hording beads for months for this!  Hundreds and hundreds of exquisite Unique Trollbeads!  The $50.00 admission covers so much but just think, the gifts we have lined up for your Troll gift bag alone is worth more than 3 times the price of admissison! Trollbeads collectibles...coming up with them has been the most fun.

Please note (as explained above) these are only to be used at Rogers Gallery and not on-line.

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NEW RELEASE Trollbeads=A Very Busy Week in Review

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sun, Aug 22, 2010 @ 09:08 AM

New Trollbeads Bracelet from Trollbeads gallery

It has been a hectic week for all Trollbeads collectors and dealers alike! The price increase and the new Trollbeads has been full of highs and lows.  We can all agree this is an amazing release of new beads.  I can't wait to work with the beads and create bracelets using old beads along with the new.

On Trollbeads Gallery Forum our members are sharing their new beads and bracelet designs.  There is one image with warm tones using the new Red Symmetry bead and the retired Tiger bead.New Beads!

The price increase has been a confusing issue for stores and websites and I have discovered that although the price change does not have to be completed until the 30th, we were asked by TrollbeadsUS to make the changes immediately. It was confusing to me as they mentioned the cahnges would go into effect on the 16th  and should be completed by the 30th.  I just read the 30th. In the past I believe we were given one date so there wasn't any confusion before.  My apologies goes out to any Trollbeads website or Trollbeads dealers for not understanding the pricing
schedule (I still don't) but I will be attempting to get the prices changed this 's prices will be changing as soon as my webmaster reports in!

As some of you know I was in New York last week on business while all of this was taking place with no internet connection!! Knowing I was not in town, my web assistant loaded the new beads on the site but unfortunately downloaded them all from the Denmark site. This created confusion because the pricing is different and I want to apologize to anyone that was effected by this. 

Regarding Unique Beads:  As you know, when we have released new Unique beads at an assigned time there is a horde of people all trying to buy the same beads and because of the way the site works, it doesn't show as sold until the bead is paid for.  This means one bead can sell at the same time to many people.  To prevent this from happening we will be adding smaller groups of beads and not announcing it as a large release. I will also be adding by ones and twos so keep your eyes on the site!  For my Forum members I will announce new beads "groups" by posting an image of a single unique bead as I did this week. New Unique beads.


Trollbeads Fest is gearing up and more and more plans are coming together. Please remember the event is limited to first come - first serve.  I would hate any of my Forum friends to miss out. We will have many, many unique beads and I'm sure we'll have a few drag down fights over them so that will be fun to watch! (Smile) The collectibles in the gift bag alone makes it worth it!  The dinner on Saturday night can only hold 150 and promises be a great event with fun awards along with a welcome to New Bedford from the Mayor! Register at .  It's coming way tooooooooo fast! 





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Trollbeads Gallery Offers New Trollbeads Release of Unique Beads

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Jul 29, 2010 @ 12:07 PM

Trollbeads Unique OOAK One of a Kind Bead

Thursday July  28, at 8:00 P.M.(E.D.T.) Trollbeads Gallery will be listing over 60 New Unique Trollbeads.  There are extraordinary new Amber sets. One set has 2 rare Pink Amber in it!  There are Mini Beads and of course many beautiful Unique Trollbeads.  This is a very inspiring groups of summer colors for a mid summer celebration! Remember when a Unique Trollbead is purchased, it is gone!  Tune in on time! Please take note, in between releases we will add Unique beads so keep your eyes on the site!

 Trollbeads Gallery has earned a reputation of offering one of the best selections of Unique Trollbeads.  The term "Unique" was an original term Trollbeads Gallery started to use three years ago and it remains a perfect term for us.  Trollbeads U.S. (the U.S. Distributor of Trollbeads) refers to the beads as "Assorted" and the European market refers to them as OOAK or "One of a Kind".  The dealers in the U.S. have been asked to refrain from using the OOAK term as it has a misleading connotation.  While these Trollbeads are unique there is often more than one of each style created.  Our "Unique" term is referring to the beads' style more than the quantity made.  Whatever the name, the beads are spectacular!  What differentiates these beads from other Trollbeads Glass I beads are their designs and also they are not given names.  In the U.S. Trollbeads retailers are alloted a limited quantity each month.  From the quantity we receive we split the shipment between our store Rogers Gallery and our website.To access the new Trollbead Uniques follow the link below!

What's New!    (New Beads Thursday Night 7-30, *PM EDT)


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