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Trollbeads Fest! 2017 Information Blog

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 09:08 AM

 Fest Bracelet 828.jpg

On October 6 & 7 Trollbeads Gallery will be hosting our 8th Trollbeads Fest! Our first Fest was a historic event as it was the first of it's kind of Trollbeads celebration and now we are holding our 8th one! Below is condensed information to help you learn about it! If you love Trollbeads you'll want to be here!  

We always have an outstanding Event bead and this year's bead is the Black Longevity Bead shown above.  We will also have over 100 Unique Armadillos and hundreds of Fresh Unique beads and a few beautiful butterfly beads!  Trollbeads is also providing 4 new Event beads that will ONLY be available during events and I can tell you that two are beautiful stone beads! 

Fest Bracelet 825.jpg

So call your Trollbeads buddies and make your plans for a fun weekend! 

We look forward to seeing you!! 

Where: Rogers Gallery, Route 6, Mattapoisett, MA 02739  Telephone 508-758-3641

Event Schedule

Friday, October 6th:  

9:30 Doors open and bead play begins!

12:00-1:00: Lunch offered. Sandwiches buffet style.

4:00 -6:00: Wine and Charity Bead Auction. Auction items listed below.

Saturday, October 7th:

9:30 Doors Open and Bead play begins anew!

10:00 - 5:00 We will have a glass artists making glass beads!  Have a seat and watch the remarkable process unfold.  

12:00-1:00: Lunch Offered.  Sandwiches buffet style.


Buy 3 Get 1 Free to help you make the most of your Trollbeads dollar!  We will have hundreds of unique Trollbeads to offer you and I am already saving the great uniques to have for you!

We will also be offering a free $46 chain with a purchase of any upgraded clasp!

We will also be offering two free silver stoppers with a purchase of any silver or gold bangle.

We will also offer you 25% Off all Fantasy Necklaces.

Our Silent Auction for Charity is for the American Cancer Society and we will be auctioning off the following:


Old Antique Flower

Pokemon Bead

Crazy Lace Agate

Giant Carved Rose Amber

Amber Bead With A Bug!

There is no entrance fee for this event but you will be getting a gift from us as a token of appreciation.

RSVP's: We would appreciate if you could let us know if you are coming and if you would like to have lunch with us.  It helps us plan for food and help! Feel free to email me at 

If you need hotel suggestions click on this link and see the area's hospitality suggestions!  If you are coming from a distance it may help to know we are 1 hour from Boston, 45 minutes from Providence and 30 minutes from Cape Cod!

There is so much to do and see in New England in the Fall!  We hope to see you!

Here is the reservation info for the hotel in Fairhaven, the town next to Mattapoisett.

Hampton Inn has agreed to hold a block of rooms at $149.00 +tax for a standard room with 2 double beds or 1 king bed. These rooms will be held until September 5, 2017.

Booking Link Below!

Guests may reserve by calling the hotel directly and referring to the Rogers Gallery / Troll Beads Block, online at , or by calling 1-800-HAMPTON and referring to Group/Convention code RGT.

 Wrist Shot Fest.jpg

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Trollbeads Updates for Early Summer 2017!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Jun 23, 2017 @ 12:06 PM



There are so many things to bring you up to date on a variety of sale events and new release events coming up with Trollbeads this Summer. Our exciting season began on Saturday when we all celebrated Trollbeads Day with the release of the beautifully organic Trollbeads Day Bead, the Golden Rutilated Quartz, a precious stone with Rutile inside. The Rutile within the bead are like golden needles and make each bead unique. Trollbeads Gallery is selling these beads in our "Trollbeads With A Twist" category so you can see the bead before you buy it! We have just received a new batch of them and we are listing them constantly! Don't miss out on this stunning and very limited bead.  The beauty of stone beads is that each one is totally unique.  Sometimes one is not enough! 

Trollbeads Day 2017 Bead


Trollbeads Day Bracelet 614.jpg

Our July 4th Unique Beads Category is now live! This is the 9th year we have listed these special uniques beads for your July 4th jewelry. Check them out quickly as they are going fast!  It is a favorite time of year for me and for many of us who get to share time with our family and friends to celebrate July 4th and these beads will help you do just this!  July 4th Unique Beads.


Today, June 23rd we have listed the Summer Trollbeads release, a small but mighty little release. It is all about the butterflies! Dancing Butterfly Spacers, Dancing Butterfly Studs and Butterfly Earring Components. Shipping will commence on June 30th.  See photo above!  The Dancing Butterfly Spacers will add a whole new lease on life to your favorite Trollbeads! 

Sale Notice: June 28- July 5 We will be having a Summer Sale Event. There will be a total of about 30-35 beads which will be on sale for 25%. We will be adding all of them to the sale as the week goes on! A progressive bead sale, sort of! Along with this sale we will also be offering the very popular "Free Silver Bracelet Chain with the Purchase of an upgraded Clasp" event!

Sale Notice: On June 30-July 7 We will be having another favorite sale event! The Buy 3 Unique Beads & Get 1 Free! As usual we will be listing as many unique beads as we can so you will have a lot to choose from!  

Announcing the "Bracelet Helper" has now reached the U.S.!  

Beginning on July 1st you can receive one of these great wooden bracelet helpers with any order over $75.00.  





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Buy 3 Trollbeads & Get 1 Free Is Here!!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Apr 11, 2017 @ 15:04 PM


Greetings Trollbeads Collectors!

I know many of you are already making your shopping list!  This particular sale is a great time to add bead to your collection that you have had on your wish list and save money at the same time!  

We have seen a lot of new collectors join our ranks recently (which we are very excited about!) and I thought I would write this blog to help newbies better understand the best way to take advantage of this sale.

The first thing to know is that it only comes around once or twice a year so take advantage of it! 

The second thing is to gain a good concept of how to group your beads in such a way that you save as much as you can!

  1. Create a group based on the same price and your free bead can be that price too. In other words if you are buying a $63.00 bead, a $46.00 bead and a $31.00 bead you can only get a free $31.00 bead.  
  2. If you create a group of three beads at $63.00 your free bead can be a $63.00 bead. It obviously means the more you spend the more you save but that’s the way it usually is!  So if you have your heart set on a couple of the $31.00 beads it is best to have them all be $31.00 but it really doesn’t matter to us.

 Jump on over to our website now and take a look around!  Trollbeads Gallery

If you have any questions just call the office during regular business hours toll free:


Items not included in the sale are all Limited Edition Beads such as the new Mother’s Day Beads.  Also excluded is the New Spring Collection.

On Trollbeads Gallery all you have to do is to buy your 3 beads and at check out write your free bead in the notes section!  Very easy!  Again please call us if you have any questions. 



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Trollbeads New Kindred Spirit  Collection!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Feb 10, 2017 @ 12:02 PM


As one of the leaders in spreading the Trollbeads news I have to admit I have been very lax in writing enough blogs.  This is my first blog of 2017 and while understanding this I have to think why I can’t get to it more often!   Then I think of my days and the time I spend processing and listing unique beads has gradually grown through the years and as of today I must admit that probably 75% of my time is spent working on unique beads for my website.  I’m definitely not complaining as I am thrilled the Trollbeads unique beads are so popular.  Even when I go on vacation I shoot the photos before I go and leave the beads for Penni (our shipping manager) and gradually process and list them while I am away.  My family thinks I need an intervention but I enjoy it so I do it!  If you haven’t recently seen my unique offerings and how often they change take a look now at: Trollbeads Gallery Unique Beads.

I’m sure if you are reading this blog you undoubtedly have seen the great new 2017 Spring Trollbeads Release “Kindred Spirits.   The collection is online now on Trollbeads Gallery and is quite wonderful.  Trollbeads original and premier silver bead designer, Søren Nielsen has created a majority of the new beads and I am one of his biggest fans.  Check out Hourglass, Bumpy Ride, Rhythm Drum and Moonlight Dancing.  They are all classic Trollbeads and classic Soren in design with outstanding details.  On the other hand we all know Soren has another side to his design personality and this is supported by his Troll and Fairy designs in this collection.  Each Fairy and Troll looks like they all just climbed out of an enchanted forest and it’s this appeal that speaks to our inner child and what makes us love Trollbeads.  Soren’s designs are fresh yet stay in line with what Trollbeads has been and should be! 

Another long time designer for Trollbeads, Mette Saabye, has created the new Water Lily Lock, the Water Lily Family, the Water Lily Spacer and the Single Water Lily Spacer.  Mette is a very active and diverse artist in Copenhagen and her talent is in all mediums.  One of her most popular beads is the Endless bead.  It has been in the line for many years.  I was fortunate to meet Mette when I was in Denmark and so enjoyed seeing her studio and gallery.  Look at her exquisite Water Lily Spacer Bead below on the bangle. Designed as a Spacer it can sit on your bangle or Neck Bangle and not move and not need stoppers!

SpringBangle-TrollbeadsGallery.gifThe new glass"Enchanted Days" kit will literally leave you enchanted for days!  It is a great kit in its entirety! It is important to remember when you purchase any kit of 6 beads you receive 1 bead free!  

TGLBE-00141-Enchanted-Days-Kit.gifThe glass kit was designs by a lovely trio of artists Tashi, Dhundup and Dolma. Tashi, Dhundup and Dolma are the designers of the 2014 Summer Limited edition glass beads. They have all created beautiful beads for the Trollbeads Collection since 2004. Originally from Tibet, but now living in Dhramsala , the home of their spiritual leader Dalai Lama.  Many Tibetan artists have been given the chance to create beads and support themselves while living in Diaspora with the humanitarian efforts of Lise Aagaard.  This is just one of the many reasons why I love the Trollbeads brand. Below are the 3 enchanted designers!



The glass bead “Prefect Moments” is a perfect mate to the bead I asked to have made for my Trollbeads Fest 2016. I have never seen a bead so successful!   I am so pleased they have released this beautiful bead to accompany the Fest bead!   It is the bead at the top of the blog! 

There are two new Trollbeads rings in this collection too!  The Venus Flower Ring (below left) designed by Søren Nielsen incorporates a Black Onyx stone and the Twisted Ring Of Change by Kim Buck.  The ring in the center is what you will get and the ring on the right is a suggestion of how you can use your beads on the ring.  It works exactly like the original Ring Of Change.  You have so many rings as it is your imagination and your collection that can offer you a world of rings!

TAGRI-0381-90 Venus Flower Ring b.jpg           Twisted-Ring-of-Change-a.gifBlog-Twisted-Ring-of-Change.gif

I would like to finish up this blog with a request for you to follow me on Instagram.  If you don't have Instagram yet just download it on  your phone!  It is that simple.  I always strive to add at least one or two new photos everyday and you never know when a great bead (one you've been wishing for) shows up!  If it does just email me and ask for it!  Just go to Instagram and search for Trollbeads Gallery and you can look at some of the great photos of Trollbeads I have added. :-)  Thank you for your follow! 



Trollbeads & Trollbeads Gallery December Blog!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Nov 26, 2016 @ 15:11 PM


Happy Holidays From Trollbeads Gallery! 

We have kicked off the Holiday Shopping Season with a bang!  Our Black Friday Sale is on and running until Monday, November 28th.   We have sold out of a few retired beads but we still have a lot on offer to make your Christmas cheerful and bright!  If you haven’t checked out the beads included in the sale you can do so by clicking on this link!  Trollbeads Gallery Sale     We have up to 50% savings on over 70 beads and two locks!  It has been one of most successful sales to date! 

Our Christmas Unique Trollbeads are wonderful this year and I have been very busy trying to keep the inventory fresh and filled!  I add new beads everyday so check this page out too!  I am very proud to say that this is our 10th year of providing this colorful category of beads that I hoard the year through just to offer them to you at this time of year!  Some of these beads can also be a part of an older holiday kit that we have broken up to sell as separates. 

Speaking of Holiday Kits, we are now offering the Winter Wonder kit in separate bead form.  I photograph each bead so if one is sold out just check back and I will have another one soon!  It is a beautiful kit with all glitter beads!  I have them listed with the 2016 Winter Collection and with the “Trollbeads With A Twist” beads.

As many of you know Trollbeads has had a serious problem with the smaller retailers dropping the line in the last few years and it has been a sad thing for many collectors finding themselves with no local source.  I have written about this in emails but have not discussed this in my blog.  I am so happy to say that the trend is reversing itself and new stores are being opened again!  I believe this will be further helped by the fact that Pandora has recently been reported to have closed 450 small dealers in hopes that some of these dealers will step up and open a Pandora concept store but there have been many closures.  I know of one store that signed up with Trollbeads and on the first day of selling converted 115 Pandora collectors to Trollbeads collectors.  If you have Pandora and don’t know about Trollbeads you are happy but once you see the difference in the quality and in the craftsmanship there is no comparison.  Trollbeads hands down.


There is a change that has been in the works both here and in Denmark.  The founder of Trollbeads, Lise Aagaard and her husband Peter are once again in full control.  They had stepped down as the CEO’s but after much thought have taken over the reins to guide the company back to the DNA that made Trollbeads what it is.  They have appointed their son Robin Aagaard the CEO of the Trollbeads U.S. to help bring back to the U.S. the service and the guidance that made Trollbeads the brand we all know and love.  I can tell you after 10 years as a dealer I can’t be happier with the changes.  The above photo shows Lise at Trollbeads Fest 2016 signing autograph cards for our happy Fest attendees, Sharon and Trudy. 

Peter and Lise came to our Trollbeads Fest in October and Lise gave a great informative talk on how they have helped countries in the third world and people who need employment by building studios and training them how to make beads.  They have a few very successful on-going self-supportive workshops including the original one in India with the displaced Tibetans that have been creating the unique beads for years for them.   The positive difference they have made in the world is huge and I am so proud to be a part of this success.  Lise explained that her decision to do this came from a line she had read. “If you want to make a positive change in the world take what you do well and teach it to those in need how to do it.”  I can tell you she has made a very positive change for many people.  They showed us videos of the workshops and it was very enlightening.


At this point I want to thank all of my loyal customers for continuing to support our business.  Like every small business it takes great product and great service but we know that is available elsewhere so we just want to say a huge thank you.  It is particularly difficult when you are in competition with your supplier.  Trollbeads is a huge company compared to us so it is daunting for us to see the volume of ads they pay for on Google where we cannot do this.  While I love the company for so many reasons it also pains me as a retailer to compete with such a large professional company with professional ads and multiple ads.  I know a lot of manufacturers are tending to open retail websites but it is still a hard thing for us to work with.  So once again thank you for your continued support from a very grateful small business owner and thank you from Penni, Carole and Ruth who love helping you with Trollbeads!

The 2016 Winter Collection & The Fest Longevity Bead!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Nov 02, 2016 @ 14:11 PM


Chain Winter.jpg


The NEW 2016 Winter Collection is here and it is the best yet!  The Winter Wonderland Kit is the ultimate glitter kit.  All 6 beads are incredible and all must haves!  I have shown the kit to many collectors and they are all very excited about its potential! Of course the other Holiday Kit, the Wishes and Kisses Kit, has more traditional holiday colors and will add color to your 2016 Holiday designs.


The most exciting addition for me is the new silver Neck Bangle.  We have been playing with it and love all the possibilities.  It is comfortable to wear and fun to design.  With the new spacers and with the stunning additional spacers added in this collection the design capacity is endless!



The new series of Zodiac Stars are a great next generation of the retired Stars.  New stones and a new design with a dotted design around the points of the star design.  They are shown above on the top Neck Bangle photograph.  The New Star beads have their own category as a sub category to the New Winter Collection.


The Magic Bow Bead is actually a pendant you can wear on your Fantasy Necklaces.  The Double Bow bead is a fun way to connect your Trollbeads chain bracelet to your Trollbeads Bangle bracelet!  As shown below! 


The only new animal themed Trollbead is the Love Goat which is a funky goat with a heart face!  It’s amusing in its own goat like way!

This collection sees two new 18K Gold Beads added to the Trollbeads Collection.  Both the Nodes of Joy and Family Love are only available in gold and are great designs. 

Trollbeads Fest Longevity Bead INFO:


The past few months have been filled with us trying to keep track of people wanting the Fest Longevity Bead and trying to send Paypal Invoices as we couldn’t just list it on the site.  We have NEVER had a more labor intensive bead ever and have now put all the remaining inventory on our website so you can have access to it directly. We have never had such a demand on a bead!  BUT, in order to qualify for a bead you must spend $150.00.  If you spend $300 you can buy 2 and so on. 

How do you quality?  It is no longer available to purchase alone.  We have eliminated the original $6.00 processing fee, so the bead is again only $34.00.  Once your cart totals $150.00 you will be given a link to purchase the event bead.   The ease of it is somewhat hampered by our website’s limitations.  If you order more than one only having spent $150 the money will be refunded to you and you will get one!   Happy Shopping!!


Autumn Trollbeads and Our Autumn Fest Is Approaching!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Sep 27, 2016 @ 14:09 PM


 Everyone here at Trollbeads Gallery and Rogers Gallery has been very busy preparing for a very busy Autumn. From the new Autumn Trollbeads “Spirit of Life” Collection, the release of the 2016 People’s Bead “Celebrate Life” to the many faceted plans of Trollbeads Fest! 2016 on Oct 7 & has been non- stop action!

The new “Spirit of Life” Collection release has given us surprises and beauty in its beads.  I am happy to say that the beads have been selling well across the collection.  In the silver beads it is no surprise that the Mexican Sugar Skull has been the best seller seconded by Vision of Light that has such fine beads of silver on the edge. I also like the price at $31.00. Chihuahua is a cute bead for those who love small dogs!


The new glass beads from the Collection have been well received across the board with a definite popularity on the three Nature Beads with the design that hearkens back to the old Python design.  The “Soul of Flowers” has been more popular than I thought it would be and it seems to go in multiples.  I have added a few of the glass beads to “Trollbeads With A Twist” so you can see each individual bead before you buy it!

The two new stone beads are great additions to what is now a large family of faceted stones Trollbeads has.  The Calcite Rock has a very earthy look to it with brown being the predominant color with greens and golds and like most of the stone beads each one is very unique.  The second stone bead is the “Feldspar Azurite Rock” bead which has two colors, a deep aqua and Grey.  The difference in each bead is how the colors are balanced.  Once again we have added these two stone beads to the“Trollbeads With A Twist”category.

The newCaroline Jessamine Lock is a very sculptural lock and if you love flowers this lock is for you!  All four sides has a flower which means there isn’t a dull side.  It’s easy to use as you just hold on the flowers and work it from there!

There are two new Tassel beads where each stone ball is faceted.  One is shown above.  One is a Citrine Facet Tasseland a Smoky Quartz Tassel.  I don’t have a favorite yet but we have sold more of the Smoky Quartz and that may be more to do with the price difference than the actual visual preference.

In my estimation the BEST new products are the Twisted Bangles.  What a beautiful design and now with all the added Spacers and colors of Stoppers the designs are endless!   Below I have used the GREAT Lotus Top beads with the classic silver Stoppers. 


Trollbeads Fest! 2016 Updates!

We are so excited each time a box comes from Trollbeads!!  We are getting in such great goodies and it is getting more exciting as time draws near!  

As many collectors have already contacted me, it may not be news to you that the event bead we were able to have designed and created has been a smashing success!  So much so we now have to set some purchasing guidelines for both purchasing at the Event and from our Wish List.   It is shown below. 

It was brought to my attention from two different on line groups that collectors were planning on hiring shoppers to come in and buy them the Fest beads.  They were offering to get them and pass them along for a higher amount to cover the cost of the shoppers.  We also know that there are people who want these beads primarily to sell on a secondary marker.  This is not what Event Beads were created for and I have to stand my ground with this issue.  I have too many collectors who want this bead for their collection to knowingly sell it to someone hired to buy it for them.  

Event beads are created to celebrate the event and be a great memory of all the friendships formed through Trollbeads and through events like our Fest. 

I have made it clear that for those of you who cannot attend the Fest and want a bead I will put your name on a wish list.  The list is long and if people are planning to send people to the Fest just to buy the event bead for resale then I won't be able to fulfill all the requests.   Unfortunately the following rules have been put into place:

 1. We are limiting each attendee to 2 Fest Beads.

 2. They can be purchased only when purchased with other beads.

 3. They will also not be a part of the Buy 3 Get 1 Free special.


If you want more information on Trollbeads Fest! 2016please click on this link for information.  It is actually on the top navigation bar on Trollbeads Gallery.  

On this page we have the specials listed and the hours of the event.  We are so thrilled to have Lise Aagaard, the founder of Trollbeads attend for the first time!  She will be giving a talk on Unique Trollbeads.  


 NEXT...Our Special Halloween Unique Bead Listings will be released on October 1st! 

 Be sure not to miss it!  


Trollbeads Fest! 2016 Will Be The Best Yet!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Aug 19, 2016 @ 11:08 AM

Now that the summer is winding down the time has come to talk about our very own “Trollbeads Fest! 2016” coming up on October 7 & 8th!  Excitement is rising as our plans are falling into place!



This Fest will be our 7th Annual Fest and we are incredibly excited about what we have to offer our attendees!   For the first time ever we will be honored by the visit of Lise Aagaard, founder of Trollbeads. Lise will be with us on Saturday for a couple of very busy hours.  It is very exciting for me to host her as we have had other family members but this will be her first time at our Fest.  Lise will give a talk on Unique Beads, a part of the Trollbeads collection many of us love with a passion!  If you haven't had the chance to hear her speak this will be very memorable for you as she is engaging and mesmerizing when discussing glass beads!


The second remarkable thing about this year is the Event Bead.  In years past we have had some lovely Event beads for our Trollbeads Fest. One outstanding bead was the Fest Armadillo we had a few years back. (See image below.)  Another was the Sea Blue Agate bead which was also very special.  This year’s Event Bead will top them all.  It all began in late spring when the Global CEO came to Mattapoisett to discuss my needs as a dealer and to offer me support.  For him to come to me was an honor and during our discussion we touched on some of the recent frustrations the dealers in the U.S. have felt with U.S. Trollbeads office.  The head of the U.S. office had her energies on building their retail business and not on so much on supporting the retailers.  I am happy to say that this is all changing in a positive way. This year marks my 10th year as a Trollbeads dealer and Trollbeads has always understood the effort I have put into the Trollbeads brand and they wanted me to know they would do all they could to support my efforts going forward.  I asked if I presented a bead design would they be willing to produce it for Trollbeads Fest.  I also wanted to offer my Trollbeads Gallery Forum members the chance to purchase an event bead as a benefit of being a member.  He was very positive and asked me to come up with an idea and he would discuss it with the office.  I sent my idea and it was accepted.  I am so grateful for the chance to offer this bead.  Since the bead has had its unveiling it is my understanding that it has created quite an uproar around the world for varied reasons.  One important reason is that there are many collectors around the world that can’t come to our event and are upset to miss out on this bead and I understand that.  I will do all I can to help collectors that can’t make it to the Fest to have one for their collection, while supplies last.  To keep up with the availability and communications on the bead please join our Trollbeads Gallery Forum!   

The Event!


Friday October 7th, 9:30 – 5:00.  Wine and Cheese reception 4:30-7:00.

Saturday October 8th, 9:30 – 5:00.  Lise Aagaard to be here from 1:30-3:30 to talk and for your photo         opportunitues with the founder of Trollbeads!

Where: At Rogers Gallery, Route 6, Mattapoisett, MA 02739  (Just an hour south of Boston, 45 minutes east of Providence and 30 minutes from Cape Cod !)

RSVP: Please let us know if you are coming. You do not need a ticket but we will be offering lunch each day and need numbers!  We will also have gifts for you so knowing who will be coming is important!

When we started our Trollbeads Fest it was the FIRST of its kind of event and we held it in an Event Hall in New Bedford.  For 4 years we continued this tradition but we needed to charge for tickets and the lack of intimacy just didn't feel right.  It was becoming too large.  The first year we held it in our gallery was lovely and decided while it wasn't a major event, we preferred it as did our attendees! 

If you haven’t been to the Southcoast of Massachusetts you are missing and beautiful slice of America.  From its beautiful harbors and great seafood to its many historical sites it is a trip worth making.  Plus it will be Fall Foliage time in New England!

We will be offering you a large array of unique beads, both traditional and Jumbo, many wonderful amber beads, custom Gold Beads you won't see in the line, retired Trollbeads and other hard to find beads!  

Did I mention the specials we are offering???

Buy 3 beads get 1 free.

Receive a free $46 chain with the purchase of an upgraded clasp!

Receive 2 free Silver Stoppers with a purchase of a silver or gold Bangle Bracelet.

Gail Crossman Moore will be exhibiting her glass making skills once again!  

To read about Trollbeads Fest! 2016, click on this link to the Event Page on Trollbeads Gallery.

To join Trollbeads Gallery Forum, click on this link!  You will enjoy all the inspiration! 


Trollbeads Fest Armadillo From 2011!  This beautiful bead was created by Isabel Aagaard at an event and my wish was granted for it to be our first Event bead! 


 Below is a fond memory I share with my son Alex at an event with the Aagaards a number of years ago.  I am the height challenged one and my son is next to me. It will be so nice to see Lise again.



Trollbeads Continues To Wow Us!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 25, 2016 @ 13:07 PM

We have been so happy with the Summer Trollbeads release and the "Big Ocean" bead continues to break all sales records and everytime I see it on someone's bracelet or necklace it looks different!  No matter how you place this bead with other beads the look is very original!  We have been out a couple of times but now have more in stock!  Check our Critter Beads section on Trollbeads Gallery to see other ocean themed critter beads to use with your Deep Ocean Bead! (the fish bead below is sold)Deep_Ocean_722.jpg

The Trollbeads Day 2016 on July 2nd brought us a beautiful Bracelet set and a gorgeous Gold Clover Bead.  Well received by Trollbeads collectors around the world and it has started many new collectors on a great path to joining a dedicated community of Trollies!  We have plenty of the Anniversary Bead Sets and Gold Clovers in stock!  The finished Anniversay chains I have been seeing on Trollbeads Gallery Forum and on Instagram have been magnificent!  


Besides the great Summer release, the Anniversary Bracelet set and Gold Clover Trollbeads has been releasing some of the best Amber they have ever produced.  The Carved Amber has been sensational and hard to get! From the Snake, the Rose, Fish,  the Sunburst to the little critter amber beads we have been overwhelmed by their beauty.  The kits have been just as great so check out Unique Amber Bead listings when you can to catch yourself more amber beads for your collection! 

Below is a photo from a great collector!  Thank you for sharing it with us!  If you are a member of our Trollbeads Gallery Forum you get to see collector's photos like these daily! 


Trollbeads Fest! 2016

October 7 & 8 2016 

We are so proud and so excited to announce we have just received our specially created 

Event Bead for upcoming Trollbeads Fest!  We won't be showing it until mid-August as it is so special that we

we want to keep it under wraps until closer to the Fest which is October 7&8!  Look for our unveiling on our 

Trollbeads Fest! 2016 link on Trollbeads Gallery!  It is so special ONLY the people that attend the Fest will be 

able to purchase it.  If you are a member of our Trollbeads Gallery Forum you will be offered the bead only if we 

have any left after the event.  Trust me, this is one bead all collectors will be happy to own.  Plus it is only 

$34.00!  We will be adding more information to the TBG Fest Link soon!  

MInus 66 days and counting! 

Please FOLLOW Trollbeads Gallery on Instagram!! 


People's Bead 2016

We are very excited to say that the 2016 People's Bead Winner has been announced!  The winner, 

Giuseppe de Meo from Italy, has created a colorful glass and silver bead that many will love! 

From Trollbeads: When designing, Giuseppe kept the idea of a rainbow of light, full of life in mind. "I designed it to bring calm and hope, and I hope that the sun will return and shine for all". It is a very timely thought. 

It will be on Trollbeads Gallery on September 2nd and in stores and shipped on September 9th! 


So many awesome things are coming our way from Trollbeads!!  


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The NEW Summer 2016 Trollbeads are Here!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 15:05 PM

Greetings all!

We have just released the 2016 Trollbeads Summer Collection and while small in numbers, it is huge in impact! We have been so thrilled with the response to all of the beads but the "Deep Ocean" bead is a home run!  A ground breaking design in its size and with its design!  I am very excited and truly hope this style bead will be the start of new limited edition beads!



13259001_1620052758313611_1167328154_n1.jpgIn the photo above you can see the details of the Deep Ocean bead in the sun.  It looks like the Caribbean!  Next to it on either side are the Lotus Top Beads.  The Lotus top bead when used in pairs is a great way to highlight a bead.  I have become quite fond of them and I am even ordering them in gold!  Next to the Lotus Top beads are the Swim Fins and the Flip Flop beads.  They pair so well with the Deep Ocean in theme that of course I used them and they are a part of the new Summer collection also! The outside stone beads are Amazonite Beads and also go so well with the Deep Ocean bead.


Special Fantasy Necklace Pricing!  

Above is the Deep Ocean Bead on a Fantasy Necklace! 

For anyone who purchased the "Deep Ocean" bead they are entitled to a 25% savings on any one Fantasy Necklace!  This is a perfect time to promote the purchase of a Fantasy Necklace as the "Deep Ocean" bead is perfect on it!  We have had many collectors take advantage of this special because even if they already have a Fantasy Necklace they have always wanted a different one and couldn't justify it.  Well here is your justification!  25% off!!!   

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already purchased your Deep Ocean Bead and want a Fantasy Necklace please email us or call us.  The discount only takes place while you are placing your Deep Ocean order.  We will be sending out your orders at the end of the week so you have time to add to it!  The sale even includes the Gold Fantasy Necklaces!!  When you order a Fantasy Necklace please note that the 23" Fantasy Necklace is too small to fit this bead on and pull it over your head,  there is no lock on a Fantasy Necklace so you need to pull it over your head!  The most popular sizes are 31" and 35".  If you don't have one yet, now is your chance.  They are as easy as a Bangle as far as switching out beads each morning! 

I should also mention that the "Deep Ocean" bead does not fit on the Trollbeads Bangle.  The core is too long to take the Bangle's curve. 

The 3 other Summer Release Beads and NEW Lock:

The Swim Fins and the Flip Flops are both $31.00 and the Power Runners are $46.00.  The Fish Lock is $54.00.  Summer is here and it's time to make a splash! 



NEW For Trollbeads Gallery...and Louise! 

We are now on Instagram.  We hope if you are then you will join us.  I have been posting inspiring photos of Trollbeads and love the challenge of coming up with new images everyday!  It is a lot of fun! 

It will also benefit your collection because you will see beads I am about to list and if you contact me first there is a chance you can buy it!  I have a customer in Korea that found a fish bead through it, see Fantasy Necklace Photo above.  She contacted me and now it is hers!   

On Instagram search for  Trollbeads Gallery or click on this link!  Below are just a few of the images!! 

You will notice I am quite fond of the ease of using the Trollbeads Bangleas it is so quick to change and so easy!

 If you don't have one, you need to treat yourself now!Large_Instagram_Collage.jpg



Please join us on theTrollbeads Gallery Forum!  It's a delightful group of enthusiastic Trollies and they love to share Trollbeads photo!  There are now 32,000 photos and that continues to grow daily!  It's always interesting to see the collectors bracelets from around the world!  

 PS: Here is a secret!  To say thank you for your business and for your "Deep Ocean" order I will  be including a small baggie including a piece of sea glass, a shell and sand from my own collections. (Bowl not included)