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Trollbeads & Trollbeads Gallery December Blog!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Nov 26, 2016 @ 15:11 PM


Happy Holidays From Trollbeads Gallery! 

We have kicked off the Holiday Shopping Season with a bang!  Our Black Friday Sale is on and running until Monday, November 28th.   We have sold out of a few retired beads but we still have a lot on offer to make your Christmas cheerful and bright!  If you haven’t checked out the beads included in the sale you can do so by clicking on this link!  Trollbeads Gallery Sale     We have up to 50% savings on over 70 beads and two locks!  It has been one of most successful sales to date! 

Our Christmas Unique Trollbeads are wonderful this year and I have been very busy trying to keep the inventory fresh and filled!  I add new beads everyday so check this page out too!  I am very proud to say that this is our 10th year of providing this colorful category of beads that I hoard the year through just to offer them to you at this time of year!  Some of these beads can also be a part of an older holiday kit that we have broken up to sell as separates. 

Speaking of Holiday Kits, we are now offering the Winter Wonder kit in separate bead form.  I photograph each bead so if one is sold out just check back and I will have another one soon!  It is a beautiful kit with all glitter beads!  I have them listed with the 2016 Winter Collection and with the “Trollbeads With A Twist” beads.

As many of you know Trollbeads has had a serious problem with the smaller retailers dropping the line in the last few years and it has been a sad thing for many collectors finding themselves with no local source.  I have written about this in emails but have not discussed this in my blog.  I am so happy to say that the trend is reversing itself and new stores are being opened again!  I believe this will be further helped by the fact that Pandora has recently been reported to have closed 450 small dealers in hopes that some of these dealers will step up and open a Pandora concept store but there have been many closures.  I know of one store that signed up with Trollbeads and on the first day of selling converted 115 Pandora collectors to Trollbeads collectors.  If you have Pandora and don’t know about Trollbeads you are happy but once you see the difference in the quality and in the craftsmanship there is no comparison.  Trollbeads hands down.


There is a change that has been in the works both here and in Denmark.  The founder of Trollbeads, Lise Aagaard and her husband Peter are once again in full control.  They had stepped down as the CEO’s but after much thought have taken over the reins to guide the company back to the DNA that made Trollbeads what it is.  They have appointed their son Robin Aagaard the CEO of the Trollbeads U.S. to help bring back to the U.S. the service and the guidance that made Trollbeads the brand we all know and love.  I can tell you after 10 years as a dealer I can’t be happier with the changes.  The above photo shows Lise at Trollbeads Fest 2016 signing autograph cards for our happy Fest attendees, Sharon and Trudy. 

Peter and Lise came to our Trollbeads Fest in October and Lise gave a great informative talk on how they have helped countries in the third world and people who need employment by building studios and training them how to make beads.  They have a few very successful on-going self-supportive workshops including the original one in India with the displaced Tibetans that have been creating the unique beads for years for them.   The positive difference they have made in the world is huge and I am so proud to be a part of this success.  Lise explained that her decision to do this came from a line she had read. “If you want to make a positive change in the world take what you do well and teach it to those in need how to do it.”  I can tell you she has made a very positive change for many people.  They showed us videos of the workshops and it was very enlightening.


At this point I want to thank all of my loyal customers for continuing to support our business.  Like every small business it takes great product and great service but we know that is available elsewhere so we just want to say a huge thank you.  It is particularly difficult when you are in competition with your supplier.  Trollbeads is a huge company compared to us so it is daunting for us to see the volume of ads they pay for on Google where we cannot do this.  While I love the company for so many reasons it also pains me as a retailer to compete with such a large professional company with professional ads and multiple ads.  I know a lot of manufacturers are tending to open retail websites but it is still a hard thing for us to work with.  So once again thank you for your continued support from a very grateful small business owner and thank you from Penni, Carole and Ruth who love helping you with Trollbeads!