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Great Bangle Special Continues as does FREE Gift!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 @ 10:12 AM

Bangle new
We have seen many great individual specials offered by Trollbeads this year and to finish off the year they have created a Bangle offer to save collectors $74.00!!  It lasts until Decmber 31st.  While I have emailed and posted it on Facebook and Twitter I have not posted it here on my blog.  I blame this on it being December and I have 2 stores besides my Trollbeads website so I guess I just forgot!  If this is the way you get your Trollbeads information please excuse my oversight!

When you purchase a Silver Trollbeads Bangle you will recieve a free Group 1 Glass bead (a valuie of $34.00) and two free Stoppers.  The bead plus the Stoppers equal a combined savings of $74.00.  If you haven't purchased a bangle yet you have to!!  It is so easy to quickly change the beads with whatever you are wearing and go!  I am always 3 steps behind (I blame this on being an older retailer) and when I want to wear my bangle I have a bunch of loose beads in a bowl on my bureau and just pull three to match what I am wearing! Tada! A busy person's dream come true.  It's so much quicker than remaking a whole bracelet. So if you haven't tried one yet now is your chance! 

A FREE Gift with Purchase!

As many of you know I create dangles to be used on a Trollbeads bracelet.  They have a very small bale so they don't take up much room on a chain so I never felt it was in conflict with the Trollbeads brand.  It actually started because our local Massachusetts collectors wanted something local to add to their chains as our town Mattapoisett is a waterfront summer community so I created sea glass dangles as I make jewelry from sea glass.  This broadened and I expanded to make all sorts of dangles and with the demand I had I created a category on Trollbeads Gallery.  As Trollbeads US is making an effort to strengthan its brand it was requested we remove the dangles from the site.  I am in agreement with the decision so I have offered them as a free gift with a purchase -all in holiday themes.  I did this last year and it was a great success and I am doing it now.  So there is no longer a category listed on my site but we are offering them as a gift with purchase.  Our supplies are getting down there but we are still offering them.  When you purchase $150 of Trollbeads you can choose from the three I have made. The value of the dangles are $38.00.  I am still making all my dangles but I have not yet decided where to post them so until them just contact me directly if you have a request! 

On an interesting note as I was taking down the category on my website I researched what the most popular dangles were and they were the Bee Charm with yellow sea glass and the Dog Bone charm with blue sea glass!  It was fun for me to discover that!! Of course the dangles with the dog breeds were popular too and that must be because Trollbeads only has the one dog bead!


Christmas words Collage

We are looking forward to a very large and wonderful collection to come out with the Spring 2015 collection along with the new Valentine beads so stay tuned!!

Everyone at Trollbeads Gallery, Rogers Gallery and Surroundings wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year! 


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New Trollbeads Release & Current Specials!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 @ 13:02 PM

2014 mothers day images 500x290



2014 Mother's Day Trollbeads Release

We have all seen the new releases of 2014 and from the limited edition beads to the Spring release they have all been spectacular.  Now Trollbeads Gallery is proud to offer the 2014 Mother's Day Release.  Three spectacular beads and a pair of earring components (earrings shown below).  My favorite (as usual) is the glass bead.  As you can see from the photo above it combines black, white and lavender and it is a faceted bead!  Trollbeads is really embracing glass beads with facets and I am all for it as the reflections are faceted adding visual motion to your designs as you move. We have them listed for pre-sale and we will be shipping them out on the actual release date of March 21st.

Daylight Earring Trollbeads

Two Specials Now on Trollbeads Gallery

As you may know there has been a change on how Trollbeads allows its retailers to offer specials. There will be special times during the year that specials will be allowed.  Until 2-15-14 we will be offering two money saving specials at Trollbeads Gallery. The specials started a week ago and if you didn't receive notice via email make sure you sign up for ours now!

1.When you purchase an Upgraded clasp you can receive a bracelet chain for free. (save $46)

2. When you purchase a Trollbeads Bangle you will receive two free stoppers. (save $40) A shown below.  If you don't have a Bangle yet-the possiblities are limitless!

Beach Ball Bangle

Another Seasonal Favorite Continues

Winter Wonderland 2014 smal

For a 4th year in a row Trollbeads Gallery is happy to offer you our Winter Wonderland selection of Blue Unique beads!  Here you will find specially saved blue unique Trollbeads to celebrate the darker clear blue of winter skies and the lighter blues of sparkling snow crystals!

Glitter Trollbeads Gallery

There are so many wonderful blues in the unique beads so check them out soon and enjoy their beauty!We will be adding to our selection as the week goes by so check back!

Winter Wonderland Bracelet

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