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So Many New Trollbeads Releases!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, May 13, 2014 @ 13:05 PM


Bohemian Pendants RowIt has been a very busy time for Trollbeads with everything that has been introduced for this Spring and Summer. All of these exciting products can be seen and purchased on Trollbeads Gallery.

Where do I start?

The Bohemian Collection Pendants has added a great new set of silver pendants to use with the Sterling Silver chain necklaces.  (See above).There are 6 new designs and you can see all 6 above here.  They are designed to be easlily assembled with you glass beads to create very unique presentations so you are the designer! To celebrate the arrival of summer, Trollbeads will introduce the BOHEMIAN SUMMER collection on May 23, 2014.  The launch will include the debut of décor pendants. The collection will consist of six delicate pieces: Romance, Whale, Bohême, Poetry, Vintage and Flower Meadow. Romance is an oversized heart that can embrace a favorite glass bead, placing love right where it belongs – in the heart. A symbol of strength, whales are the graceful creature of the sea and this pendant is perfectly paired with summer blue glass beads. Bohême combines two gorgeous elements: flowers and hearts; intricate details make a statement on their own that are enhanced with ethereal glass beads. The Poetry pendant exquisitely captures the elegant beauty of a flower. Elaborate details are found on the Vintage pendant including a delicate garland with a majestic teardrop pearl. Three sweet blooming flowers come together on the Flower Meadow pendant to form a lovely bouquet enclosed by tiny leaves; the small size makes the pendant perfect for bracelets as well. These expertly-crafted pendants are the perfect way to create unique customized combinations.


My Sweet Starter Bracelet

Trollbeads introduces a new starter bracelet this summer, MY SWEET STORIES. This limited-edition sterling sliver piece features a stunning green glass bubbles bead, an elegant sterling heart, and a decorative clasp.  The translucent green bead is not only one of the most important colors of the summer season – it also symbolizes the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of Denmark. My Sweet Stories bracelet is the ideal Trollbeads starter bracelet as it’s universally-appealing, simple and stylish.

2014 Sparkling Bangle Verti

Another great release and priced to be a special with a savings of $37 are the Sparkling Bangles.  They come in the 5 Diamond Beads which is a Group 3 Glass bead at $63, a Bangle and 2 stoppers. The retail price for these sets is $236 but the special price is $199.00!

Even if you already have a bangle get another one as they are great when used in multiples!


 Along with these Trollbeads releases we also have ground breaking released from Trollbeads by "X"!  Besides the new links we also great cords!!  These can be used with all your X links!

Trollbeads Gallery X

The sterling silver FLOWER CLOUDS pendant, a standout piece in the X by Trollbeads collection, is reminiscent of Denmark’s national flower, the daisy. Daisies are symbolic in that they convey innocence, loyal love and Purity. Mix and match the versatile and playful FLOWER CLOUDS pendants together with iconic rubber X links to create a unique bouquet style necklace, one that is sure to make a statement. The light-weight link is versatile and can also easily be incorporated into any X by Trollbeads bracelet.  Or wear it with one of the three colors of NEW necklace cords.

Trollbeads Gallery Clouds B

The INFINITY is another new pendant in the X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection. The intricate sterling silver tri-cornered INFINITY symbolizes the philosophy that everything has three distinct, yet interlocking, levels – physical, mental and spiritual. The never-ending interlocked loops look simple, yet they represent an unbreakable bond. INFINITY can be creatively styled on the newly introduced ASIAN CORD collection (seen here with double X links in bronze). The ASIAN CORD collection is available in three lengths and in three summer colors including soft green, pink and black. For another personalized twist, string the INFINITY with rubber X links to create an edgier, unexpected combination.

Infinity collageThe X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection introduces the hauntingly beautiful BIRD SKULL pendant. Birds are the majestic and graceful creatures of the sky that symbolize beauty and freedom while the skull represents fearlessness and strength. This piece is the perfect combination of “pretty and tough.” The BIRD SKULL pendant can be paired with a variety of chains or an ASIAN CORD. Mix it with rubber X and double X links to create everything from choker styles to long, elegant necklaces. 

Bird Skull PendantBird Skull Model

We have a brand new color of Rubber Link! Ocean Blue!  Below we have it in a ready to wear bracelet. The Summer Ocean Bracelet is $105.


 describe the image



The same bracelet completed in the black links and bronze links is just $75.00.  The "My Heart, Bronze" has just been released!  A classic black and golden tone bracelet is versatile and can be worn all year long!

XbT Starter Bracelet Bronze

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Exciting Year at Trollbeads Means Keeping it all Straight!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Mar 17, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

Spring Release Trollbeads Gallery

If you are a committed Trollbeads collector you have had a very busy 2014 thus far and hold on to you hats…it's only going to continue!

The year began with the 2014 Spring introduction on January 3rd.  I say “introduction” because if you haven’t been paying close attention there is a new way of introducing beads and that is to first introduce the beads and then to release them for shipping and at a future date. You can purchase them earlier then the ship date but you can't be shipped until the ship date.  It’s a new trend to take the pressure away from trying to hide them from public viewing before the release date which was too hard and not worth the effort.  So now dealers get to show the beads in advance. Keeping the schedule in mind is not easy so I will create a chart to have at the end of this blog within a day or two.  The Spring release has been a very successful launch with many of the new glass kits being purchased more than the individual beads as all 6 beads are gorgeous.  As most of you know when you buy a kit you get a free bead as you only pay for 5.  The new Swan bead, Falcon bead and the new Rabbit beads have the detail of earlier animal beads leaving cuteness out of the equation so they have been very well received.

Mothers Day Trollbeads Gallery

On February 7 we say the introduction the 2014 Mother’s Day Collection with a shipping date of March 21st.  The glass bead is a ground breaking design for Trollbeads as it is a multi-color glass bead yet it is faceted.  Along with the glass bead the two silver beads have a fanciful appeal and the earring components resemble the silver beads.


Animal Trollbeads Gallery

Late January we started seeing a new look to the classic uniques that were coming in and they included the opaque animal print beads, shown above.  They came in roughly 2 colors, one on a white background and the second in a dark yellow/orange. The other beads of this group were some great new heart beads including multi colors of glitter. We were all loving these uniques when all of sudden they stopped coming in but what came next was the newest release of small and beautiful beads!  This craze has its origin in the delightful designs and details including their small scale and the use of blue glitter.  This is the second wave of these beads to come in and the last wave was in 2013. 

Small and Beautiful collage 317

March 7 was the introduction of two new collections.  The Easter Collection has a new kit of sensational Eggs and a new sterling Bunny.  Until I saw the image of the bunny from the front I was not excited about another Bunny but the paws of this one reminds me a children’s Easter book I was once enamored with but it was too long ago for me to remember the title but it still brought back my love of it.  The shipping date is March 28. 

describe the image

  The second collection introduced on March 7 was the Cherry Blossom Collection.  This group includes a very exciting and stunning new Fantasy Necklace with an emerald which is being held by a pretty sterling Cherry Blossom bale.  This is the first time the bale has been unique to the Fantasy Necklace design.  There is also a new Cherry Blossom Pendant bead which can be used with all of the Fantasy Necklaces.  Like the new bale it is textural and eye catching.  The group is also accompanied by a pair of Emerald Earring Components.   The Emerald Faceted Stone Bead was released with the 2014 Spring beads and it’s glorious soft green tone with its gentle patterned fissures has been a hit so we are all thrilled to see the Emerals used again in this collection.   The Cherry blossom group will be shipping on April 11.

2014 Banner Cherry Blossom LE Clos

Stay tuned for a date release chart you can print out and pin or pin to your Pinterst Board!

In the midst of all these releases there was also a release of "X" by Trollbeads and the introduction was on Feb 12 with a shipping date of Feb 26.  The Hummingbird is one of my favorites along with the Poppy Decadence.  Our group of X collectors have been growing steadily with a great jump coming from the Special event now running!  If you spend $100 on any X links you will be given 10 FREE Rubber links.  So if you have been waiting to jump on board it's a great time!  Our special ends on April 15th! 

BloomXBite NEW X

2014 Release Schedule    
Collection Introduction Date Shipping and On Sale Date
Spring Release  January 3  January 24
Mother's Day  February 7  March 21
Easter  February 7  March 28
Cherry Blossom  March 7  April 11



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