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Our Visit from Trollbeads Originator Soren Nielsen

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Sep 03, 2011 @ 07:09 AM
Soren's visit to Trollbeads Gallery Rogers Gallery

 From left to right:Carole, Soren, Kim Murray (our star event helper) Louise,Penni and Peter Aagaard.


Our brick and mortar store, Rogers Gallery (as opposed to hosted our second event with a genuine Trollbeads designer and who also happens to be one of my very favorite designers, Soren Nielsen. Yes, he is as kind and gentle as he appears in his pictures.

The event itself was wonderful in the sense that the people who attended were not as much excited about the product this time but more by meeting the artist who helped create Trollbeads and to them that was the whole purpose for attending.  I feel as though I have succeeded in expressing the very essence of the spirit behind the company and this spirit is all about the artists and about the art they create.  Everyone was so excited to meet Soren and to see him work with his wax and flame that they stood in layers trying to see every step and technique.

After a while at “the bench”  Soren graciously invited the more adventuresome souls to try their hand at the wax and helped them get a feel for the technique and each one created something they could take home and have made into a bead.  Before Soren left late that afternoon he created a charm by using a pod he found in front of the gallery.  We have two special Stewartia trees and each year their blossums develop into beautiful pods and as much as I have appreciated the pods each year I never would have thought to make anything of them.  Imagine seeing the world from Soren's eyes, he must go throught life imagining everything as a bead. I am now anxious to have it made into a silver charm I can have dangle from my bracelet.

How did I feel? Wow, how do I even begin to explain how if felt for me to have Soren under my roof and in my gallery?  How can I put it into words?  Let alone Soren, but to have his brother in law, Peter Aagaard at the same time was just as exciting. You have to understand I have been absolutely fascinated by this incredible family for years now and before they came to distribute the line in the U.S. themselves earlier this year, I never thought the time would come where I would actually have them in my gallery with me. First Isobel and now Soren and Peter. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

With each incounter with the family and with the designers I come to learn more about the creative process and about the company itself.

Soren and Peter, we all give you our thanks for the very enjoyable day.

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Gearing up: Our Event with Trollbeads Designer Soren Nielsen

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:08 PM

The Trollbeads Family with Louise, Alex and Krista Rogers

Since early Spring when the Aagaard/Nielsen Family came to the U.S. to establish a new distributorship we have been fortunate to meet each of the Aagaards.  Lise, Peter and their children have all been working so hard to create a smooth running distributorship and one that will see Trollbeads rise in popularity.  There has never been a question of the quality but the brand deserved so much more than what had been provided for preciously.

Soren Nielsen trollbeads creator

Next week I am very happy and excited to meet another member of the family,Soren Nielsen, Lise Aagaard's very prolific brother.  Soren is actually considered the creator of the Trollbeads line as he created the very first Trollbeads back in 1976.  Soren will be coming to Rogers Gallery and will be demonstrating the steps involved in creating a silver or even gold Trollbead.  The process includes creating the wax model and then creating a mold from that.  To see this "Imaginative Troll" use his skills will be a thrill to see when I think about all the times I've wondered about the process. We have some special take home memorablia for those who purchase one of Soren's Beads.  We will also be offering all of the Retired Beads of Soren's that we have on our website.

Just last year at this time I would never have imagined we would have him in the flesh.  It has been an amazing year for Trollbeads and I hope the focus continues to be as positive has it been.  To be lucky enough to sell a line as extraordinary as this makes me so fortunate but then to have it still be family owned and be managed but such good family centered people, makes me ecstatic.

SO if you are anywhere near the South Coast of Massachusetts please put this coming Thursday, August 18th on your calendar! Both Soren and Peter Aagaard will be with here between the hours of 1-5 PM. 

All this excitement and we still have Trollbeads Fest ! 2011 to look forward to!

We will be offering Trollbeads Specials during the event and they are the following!

Purchase 3 Trollbeads, receive 4th free.

Purchase gold beads* and receive $100 off. *(3 smallest beads are exempt.)

Purchase and gold and silver Trollbead  and receive $50.00 off.

We are also offering the brand new promotion from Trollbeads.  Buy a chain and any clasp and receive a free Glass Group 1 Trollbead!  We are also offering the special on our website. Trollbeads Gallery

Soren Nielsen Skeleton NecklaceHere is Soren's wonderful Skeleton Necklace!



Top Photo:Peter Aagaard,Isobel Aagaard,Lise Aagaard, Krista Rogers,Louise Rogers,Robun Aagaard,Alex Rogers and Nicolas Aagaard.

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