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Trollbeads Fest! 2010 Why and how did this become a reality?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Sep 15, 2010 @ 23:09 PM

Unique Trollbeads Gallery Beads for Trollbeads Fest



Trollbeads Fest! 2010 How did this come about?

From my first announcement of Trollbeads Fest! 2010 many people have asked me how this event has come about and how long had I been planning it.  A shadow of an idea came last year when I started plans for the Rogers Gallery/Trollbeads Gallery Trollbeads Museum.  Having the only on-line collection dedicated entirely to retired Trollbeads ,I became aware of a great story not yet told and of a history not yet documented or celebrated. At this point in time there was no comprehensive information or collection anywhere that displayed the history of the individual Trollbeads from the beginning of Trollbeads time.* I began researching and investing in as many of the hard to find retired Trollbeads I could find.  As the collection grew every collector that knew about it wanted to know where and when they could see it and this is when the notion came to be.  We would put on an event that would accomplish everything I have ever dreamed of offering my customers, our Trollbeads Gallery Forum members and serious collectors.  I want to offer something so complete, so educational and so inspirational it would be the event all subsequent U.S. Trollbeads events would want to live up to.

 When I first brought this line into Rogers Gallery it was when most people in the U.S. knew very little about it Trollbeads.  It was a challenge for me to tell the story of Trollbeads and to do so before Facebook or any other form of social marketing.  It was before any national branding or advertising campaign.  I started it by telling one person at a time.  My belief in Trollbeads was and is so strong it was never about me “selling” them and it isn’t about selling the most Trollbeads, it’s about telling the Trollbeads story and it’s about representing a line of beads I believe in for their artistry and for their unsurpassed quality.  Selling isn’t selling when it’s sharing and with Trollbeads I really feel that I am sharing. In sharing something you believe in your energy for that product comes from passion.  The only real absolute truth in marketing is passion. In my peculiarly stubborm but strong way I created my own branding and conducted my own campaign to share the news of Trollbeads and it was all fueled by passion.I went as far as designing the first Trollbeads display table when other retailers has the countertop display racks.   I wasn't trying to be different to problematic, it was just the way I had run my gallery for 30 years and every artist or product I represent would get this kind of energy from me.

Trollbeads is the original interchangeable jewelry/bead line and no other subsequent bead line will ever succeed in surpassing Trollbeads in respect to its quality and its history and this is what I want to share and celebrate with everyone I can so how could I best accomplish this?

Trollbeads Fest! 2010

It had to be an event of magnitude that would surpass any Trollbeads Trunk Show by offering much more to the attendees in way of offering them a weekend long experience that would enrich their  Trollbeads knowledge, their Trollbeads friends, their Trollbeads Collection and most importantly enrich their own relationship with Trollbeads.  Collector member forums like Trollbeads Gallery Forum have become a conduit for Trollbeads friendships between people from all over the world and these resulting relationships and communities have become an intimate part of collector’s lives and they spend a great amount time loving their Trollbeads life.  I feel strongly I would like to offer something back in return and I what I have to offer you is Trollbeads Fest!


Friday: A day at Rogers Gallery!

  • Trunk show day Friday! Enjoy a day in the gallery buying and playing with beads. Lunch will be offered and you can spend time getting to know other Trollbeads friends
  •  4:00-6:00 PM   Wine and Cheese event at Rogers Gallery. Be a part of the unveiling of the only U.S. Trollbeads Museum. Public images will be limited until after the unveiling.
  • Registration 9:00 - ON. (Tickets should be purchased in advance.) $50.00 Entitles you to the event and the gift bag.
  • On Saturday Receive a Trollbeads Gift Bag with Exclusive Trollbeads Fest! 2010 gifts including a glass Trollbeads Unique bead, official Trollbeads Playing Cards, Trollbeads Fest! 2010 Etched Coffee Mug, Trollbeads Gallery 2011 Datebook, Official Trollbeads Polishing Cloth and other Trollbeads Fest! 2010 memorabilia.
  • Trunk Show Offers! Include Balloon Prizes!! Many,many Trolllbeads and Trollbeads prizes will be a part of the Balloon give away. For ever $150 you spend, you will get a Balloon!
  • Stop at any one of our T.E.L.S. and learn more about how to TELL your story through Trollbeads.

1.       Learn to use the Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace in many different ways!

2.       Learn to use the Trollbeads Leather bracelet to best show off your beads!

3.       Learn how to use the new Trollbeads interchangeable earrings!

4.       Ginger, a Trollbeads Gallery member will show how to photograph your beads, even if you just have a point and shoot camera.

  • Choose from our VAST collection of Unique Trollbeads, 1400+ BEAUTIES!!
  • Shine up your silver Trollbeads. We will have a station set up with a Tumbler and assistant
  • We will have our Retired Trollbeads Gallery inventory on hand to view and purchase.
  • We will have our Unique Amber collection on view and to purchase.
  • We will have all of new and old Unique Trollstones on view and to purchase.
  • Suzanne Hopping from Australia, the 2009 People’s Bead Award Winner, will be signing the Trollbeads Coffee Table Book.
  • Kristi Denning from Maryland, the 2010 People’s Bead Award Winner will be showing her bead prototype.
  • Bead Swap!  In the Trollbeads Café we will have a special table set up just for swapping!
  • Harbor Cruise!  The 5:00 Cruise has sold out. We have now added a 3:00 cruise.
  • Dinner at 7:00 at the Waterfront Grille. $38.00 per person

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