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What's the Real Story on the state of Trollbeads Unique Beads?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Nov 20, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

Trollbeads Old UniquesI don't usually tell everyone I am a Trollbeads specialist but in this case and as the author of this blog I can tell you all, that I am a unique bead specialist. From the early beads that were distributed by Lund, up to the current beads I have photographed, verbally described and sold upwards of 10,000 unique beads.  So yes, I proudly admit to being a Trollbeads Unique specialist.  That may not seem like a big deal to most but when you have to look, photo, process, hold and verbally describe 10,000 beads you get to know them very well.  Just look at the 3 unique beads from 5 years ago in the first photo! I can remember people being bored with these old beads!!  I think we just don't realize how special most of the uniques are now because too many are focused on the beads they can't find such as the Footprints bead and the Running Man bead.  I must comment here, be very careful if you find yourself on Ebay looking for either of those beads.  When Scott Bouwens was with us with his bead making demonstration at Trollbeads Fest he commented on how easy it would be to create the Footprints bead so you can bet there are fakes already on Ebay. Don't devalue your collection to get a bead that could be a fake. So look at the current designs on sites and find the beauty in the beads, even if there is no "Running Man"!  So you can look forward as each year brings new style uniques and it's fun to see the older ones.  Look at the bracelet at the end of this blog and you'll see some other old ones! Aren't they great?

Recently it has been brought to my attention by collectors and people within the company that there is a lot of misinformation out in the internet about Unique beads. A dealer in Europe has been reporting that Trollbeads is stopping the production of unique beads. I can tell you that is absolutely not true.  What has been happening is that unique beads have become so collectable that they are a bit scarce right now.  As Trollbeads has opened up greater distribution throughout the world all of the Trollbeads production centers have been pushed to their maximum output. According to Peter Aagaard, the Trollbeads workshops around the world who create our beloved unique beads have been very busy creating the new beads for 2014 which I hear will be beyond anything you can dream about.  So yes there is a shortage of unique beads but for a good reason. I can't wait to see 2014 releases for both production and brand new ideas in Unique designs.

How am I sure this shortage will be resolved?  A couple of weeks ago when a change in leadership occurred at TrollbeadsUS I received a call from Peter Aagaard who was in the country and we did touch upon the current need for new unique beads. He mentioned that he and Lise were traveling to India to work on the problem.  India is the factory they have with displaced Tibetans who years ago gave us the Tibetan "kit".  Since that kit it is my understanding they have continued to produce beads for Trollbeads and with the visit the Aagaards are planning to ramp up the unique beads for 2014.  What does this mean to us?

Well it means that we not only have a very exciting year ahead for standard Trollbeads releases but we have to look forward to a whole new collection of Unique beads!  I for one am very excited to see the next highly sought after bead.  The progression of talent within these Trollbeads factories in Malawi and in India has been exciting to see and it's clear we have a lot to look forward to. In the meantime just know that there are still many, many unique beads in the U.S. As many of you know I am a unique bead hoarder and I have many, many great beads in stock that I will continue to list so all is not lost until 2014.  At the moment I am preparing our traditional Christmas Unique release that so many look forward to!  I hoard all green and red beads through out the year and release them in late November so stay tuned!

One rumor that appears to be true is there will be a stop in Critter beads.  Now while we are very sad about losing Butterflies, Turtles, Ladybugs and Fish doesn't it just make you wonder what else will be coming?  To help you through the next few months just know that I will continue to be listing the Critters I have and I will be listing and yes sharing the unique beads I have saved up in my arsenal of goodies. To see our selection of Critter Trollbeads before they are gone click here! Critter Unique Beads

So look forward to the future and know that unique beads will continue to come from Trollbeads and embrace them as they come!

Troll Old Uniq

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Malawi Glass Beads:Trollbeads Humanitarian Effort

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 19:07 PM

Trollbeads gallery malawi beads
The newest limited edition beads released by Trollbeads are the Malawi glass beads.   For Trollbeads this is another more effort by the Aagaard's to use their talent, their ideas and their where with all to help a country that is in great need but the Aagaard's take it further to a whole new and very essential step.

Just as Trollbeads brought a self sustainability to the Tibetan refugees living in diaspora in India they have given the people of this community in Malawi the tools, the studio and the training to allow them to move forward. With this gift they can work to sustain their families in a culture so in need of this.  I can't imagine a gift to give back more effectively than this. This particular group/release of beads is limited in number but they are already creating unique beads for us in many other diverse designs so although this release is limited the craftsman of Malawi are working hard for their future and for the future of our collections! 

To understand the endeavor in full here's a little background information on Malawi for you.  Malawi is a country in Southern Africa that was originally colonized by the migrating Bantu peoples in the 10th century and in the late 19th century they were colonized by the British but then again in 1953 by the CAF, the Central African Federation and in 1964 the land was given independence and called Malawi. The country is very pro Western and has a working relationship with many independent countries. Malawi is among the least developed countries and has a very low life expectancy but while the government is working on increasing healthcare the people are in dire need of finding ways to sustainability and what Trollbeads has accomplished is something that makes us all so proud to be a part of this organization.  This past month top retailers were awarded Hero Awards from Trollbeads and while very meaningful to the winners, in reality the Aagaard's are the true heroes here, over and over again.  Below is a photo of Lise and Isabel Aagaard on one of their visits to train the glass makers.  Look at the beads they are all wearing!  The smiles they are wearing are as broad as the horizons these people are now seeing thanks to Trollbeads and in a very small way we are a part of this.  So buy your Malawi Trollbeads and wear your Malawi bracelet with pride!  The dresses both Lise and Isabel Aagaard's are wearing were made in Milawi as was the fabric.  Look closely and you'll see colors within the natural dyes that they have brought out in the Malawi beads!

Trollbeads Gallery Malawi photo Aagaard's


I am busy listing the Malawi Trollbeads and will continue to do so for as long as I can get them! You may have noticed the beads come in a number of designs and the designs come in multiples so if you missed a bead you wanted it may just come around again!

In a description on the Trollbeads retailer site:

They are young, artistic and surrounded by an immense mix
of colors. the talented glass artisans from Malawi create the most
intricate and playful glass beads. each of the beads’ inspiration
can be found in the everyday lives of their designers; from a pattern
of a woman’s vibrant dress on the street, a combination of exotic
fruits in the marketplace, or a peculiar flower in the grasslands.
once trained by Lise Aagaard, Trollbeads, these skilled artisans
are now running a flourishing business by designing glass beads
for collectors across the world.
The Trollbeads project in Malawi was set up in late 2010 with the goal of helping the challenged youth of the African country. Using the same overall formula as with a similar project in India, Trollbeads gave a group of young men and women the opportunity to learn the artistry of making glass beads over an open flame.
Besides providing financial backing for the project, Trollbeads also trained the staff in all aspects of running a successful jewelry business, including supply-chain management, production, design, and marketing.
Today their local operation employs around 12 people and is on the way to becoming completely self-sustainable.

From Trollbeads

Our Responsibility
"At Trollbeads, we believe in two things;
operating from our hearts and maintaining
a social responsibility. These values are
essential factors for us when running a
global business, just like they were when
we first began selling beads from a small
store in Denmark over 35 years ago.
As we have grown, we have embraced
new sets of challenges and opportunities.
One of these has been to help people
in developing countries in setting up
self-sustainable businesses of their own."

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