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Top 10 Best Selling Trollbeads January-June 2013

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Aug 27, 2013 @ 20:08 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Bracelet It's always interesting to check in on what the best selling Trollbeads are for any given time.  I just checked and found a list published by Trollbeads on their best selling beads for the first six months of 2013.  Now when you look at the Trollbeads here you need to keep in mind when each bead was released and if the release itself came within the time frame as that can be a reason why the sales are strong.  The list itself contains chains, locks and stoppers but for this list I am editing them out and only listing beads.  For your information the biggest selling lock was the Large Flower Lock and the second biggest selling lock was the Large Fish Lock...which brings me to mention when will Trollbeads be good enough to release another large lock like the other two large locks???  Everyone I know wants a new one and each time I met with Soren I begged him for let's all just keep hoping! Please hear us Trollbeads!

1. Unique Glass Kits: This is no surprise to me!  All of our Unique Trollbeads are listed within this link.  Unique Trollbeads

2. Summer Stone Kits: Having just been released in May this is a surprise to me as this kit only has a month to make it to the second place spot.  US Trollies certainly love our natural stones!  Trollbeads Gallery now includes Summer Stones on our Trollbeads With a Twist category so you can choose your own stones and see what you are getting.  The Summer Stones comprise of 6 different stones (shown below) and each one is very unique.

Summer stones bangle

3.Rocky Beach Kit  This style of glass Trollbeads heralds a huge change of glass beads for Trollbeads.  This kit was designed by an American glass artist Scott Bouwens from the state of Washington.  It's organic feel has such charm and such an artistic flair and each bead when used together gives honor to the bead next to it.  When you buy glass beads in a kit you get 6 beads but you pay for 5 which is a $31.00 savings.

4.Happy Summer Kit  This kit is all Trollbeads and has a great tone running through out. The soft peaches and blues are a great starting point for a whole new bracelet design.  I have seen many different styles designed with these beads from fun summer themes to more art inspired themes.  I'm happy to say we sold a lot of this kit as people enjoy the savings of a bead when they can get it!

5. Big Butterfly  One of my very favorites!  This huge bead is so much fun to wear on a necklace, on a chain or on a bangle!  If you use stoppers you can position it to stay where you want it to.  It's a lot of silver for the price and there are so many ways to use it so I am thrilled it is at the #5 position! Featured below on a leather bracelet.

Butterfly on Leather

6. Ruby Rock I have to say that this is a surprise to me.  Every time I get Ruby Rocks in they looked very different and none of them look quite like the photo Trollbeads supplied to us to use on our websites.  We do best selling the Ruby Rock beads on out Trollbeads With A Twist category as our customers know we offer this so they can see what the bead looks like that they are getting.  It is a beautiful bead and the varieties are all lovely but can be huge!

7.Aurora Bangles I am thrilled to say that although TrollbeadsUS and Trollbeads Gallery were all but sold out of this incredible set, we know have just obtained an additional 18 so we are good until those are gone.  This bead is simple awe inspiring and while many of us were not thrilled to only offered it on a Bangle I can say that many bought it and reported back that they would not have tried the Bangle unless it had come with the Aurora Bead so in the end many are happy.  From our Trollbeads Gallery Forum I have seen so many collectors show off their Bangle and their Aurora designs and have enjoyed and been inspired by them.  To see some of them all in one place click on the link below!  Pinterest is a handy site to be able to sort your photos for a particular product. A variety of Aurora Bangles are shown below.

Aurora Bangles 827

Trollbeads Bangle Inspirations on Pinterest 

8.Agate Dendritic Like the Ruby Rock this bead comes in many different looks.  If you can't get to a store check out our "Trollbeads With A Twist" category because we feature the Agate Dendritic Trollbeads there.  It's a good stone to have as it adds a lot to any black and white bracelets or necklace designs. Released this Spring. Samples below!

Agate Dendritic Trollbeads

9. Starfish A delightful design just released this Spring designed by Soren Nielsen.  If you don't have one yet and if you love the ocean put this on your list!

10. Mom's Bouquet  Released for Mother's Day, 2013 this is a wonderfully sculptural bead with leaves and flowers.

I hope you've enjoyed the 10 Best seller list!  Let me know what your favorites are!

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A New Improved Trollbeads Shopping Experience For You!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, May 25, 2011 @ 14:05 PM

trollbeads bracelet spring 2011 1 600x110

Many of you have already discovered the new Trollbeads Gallery and for those of you who have not yet, let me tell you about it.  The changes are all about making your experience buying Trollbeads as pleasant as owning them! I love it and I hope you do also.  I have spent months building it along with Peter, my trustworthy adviser, thank you Peter!

I have added hundreds of Unique beads of all kinds including Glass,
Amber, Picasso Jasper, Pink/Turquoise Agates and Trollstones.  My favorite new feature is the magnifying ability.  For some it is difficult to see a Unique bead on a website and choosing beads on line has been challenging.  Now when you move your cursor over the bead it becomes magnified to the point of seeing much more of the bead than you would if you held it your hand!
 Another feature which gives a special view of Uniques, is the ability to show you more than one photograph of each bead.   To see this feature at its best look at the Unique Amber Sets.  The details of each 50 million year old particle entrapped in the amber beads become visible!

You can now track your order and its progress from looking up your account. It will update at each of its step from initial order to its shipment.  We also send emails along the way but the ability to follow its progress is giving you more control.

We are now ipad, iphone and mobile device friendly! From the great comments we’re getting I know this has been a strong benefit to many of you. I love that you can check out new beads while riding the bus to work!

The Wish List is a favorite and the site gives you the
chance to decide whether you want your list open to the public so someone (hint,hint) can view the list!  How great is that?

You will now find all of our Retired Trollbeads listed on this site nowin their own category.  I decided to combine both sites and maintain one site for many reasons but the main one being you can now check out just once!  We work very hard to offer you the most comprehensive retired Trollbead collection in the world and plan to continue to do so! We have some very special and very rare retired Trollbeads and where the rare beads don't last long check the category as often as you can.
The “Compare” feature is also new for our site. A “Compare” button is available with each bead and you can click on it to compare your selections before you buy or just compare beads for the sport of it!

As always we will always be adding new Unique beads and new Retired beads and you can track this very easily by checking our Home page.  Eight of the most recently added beads show on the home page but be sure to follow the category as we tend to add more than eight each time.

I welcome any comments and suggestions so please let me know what you think, after all this website is for you.

Other things:

Trollbeads Gallery Forum continues to offer collectors a place to gather for chat time, add inspiring photographs, we are now close to 14,000 photos in total!  If you haven’t yet, please join us on the forum to learn and enjoy your Trollbeads!  The “Groups” have a wide variety of Swaps and State/Country groups to keep up with the activities in your area.  The month of May maked it 2 full years old. Looking back at the friendships formed I can't tell you how thrilled I am.  Forum members all over the world have met each other and it has been so much fun seeing the connections move past to internet stage to "in real person" stage.  The group from Denmark were strangers to each other but have met and have enjoyed a few Trollbeads get togethers.  The U.S. members-forget it I couldn't even begin to mention how many times they have met in real person!

Trollbeads Fest!2011 promises to be even better than last year’s event (can you believe it?) and our planning is well underway.   Our Trollbeads Fest website will soon be up (yeah Peter) and offering the information you will need along with the ticket purchasing option.  Below are images from Trollbeads Fest 2010 to get you excited about 2011!! The photo below is my own personal paparazzi at Trollbeads Fest 2010 and a very happy Kristi Denning showing her winning "Ice Bear" model! Lower shot: Our Penni working hard.

describe the image

TrollbeadsFest! 2010 039 (5








Trollbeads Gallery Fest 2010



Many exciting plans for the future of Trollbeads are underway and I am so excited to be a part of this continuing saga and I myself very fortunate to be able to share it with all of you.

Louise Rogers May, 2011

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Collectors: Do You Want to Continue to be Offered Unique Trollbeads?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 15:03 PM unique Trollbead

I love the Internet and I love the ability to find so much information with very few strokes on a keypad. It’s a gift for readers and for blog authors but for the authors this is a gift that comes with a responsibility.The responsibility is to offer accurate information they can count on to form their own opinions.

The title question came to mind because of a Trollbeads blog I recently read. The blog offers information about Trollbeads gossip and is usually entertaining to read. In general, with the freedoms allowed to “anonymous” bloggers, no commitment is necessary by the writers to seek the truth before publishing, after all a lot of blogging is just opinion. The unfortunate thing about the written word; many people take it as the truth. The case I am referring to is opinion but many people may not understand this and it is important that they do. I appreciate this author’s view point but there is a position they have taken and have commented on before, I feel the need to oppose because it can hurt Trollbeads retailers and ultimately the collectors. It has to do with the writer’s opinion on the prices charged for Unique beads. Unless you are an authorized dealer who has personally signed legally binding contracts and the rules are different for each country a business is registered in, you cannot know all of the facts required to voice opinions on pricing. Before commenting publicly many things need to be considered. I am speaking for other Trollbeads retailers as well.

1.The retailer understands that UNLIKE any other product offered by any other source, they DO NOT have a choice in what unique beads they receive to sell.  The beads are purchased unseen. They DO NOT have the ability to return the product if it is unsellable. The retailer also may NOT discount and may NOT have a sale on these beads. This type of buying situation is unheard of in most industries. We do however have the choice to not order these beads to sell but is that in the best interest of the collector?

2. If you are a dealer you must consider the financial ramifications. If your order comes in and there are beads that are the best of the best, there are also similar quantities that are unsellable. If you charge the same price for the best as you do for the unsellable beads knowing you will never sell the undesirable beads, you will never make back the investment or even the required profit to make it a viable on-going category for your business.

3. As a retailer selling this product you have 2 choices.

   A: Is to sell them all at the same price, selling only the desirable beads, learning after a short time that it is a losing proposition and you stop getting them in to offer.

  B: Is to price the beads according to their desirability and in doing so cover the cost of the undesirable beads no one wants. It is a simple formula for succeeding in selling unique Trollbeads which is the only way for us to continue to offer the Unique beads collectors want.

In conclusion for those of you who don’t know me, I have been selling Trollbeads for 4 years and have sold Unique Trollbeads for just about as long and let me tell you I have many Unique beads that will never sell. If I had not priced the Unique beads by their desirability I would have stopped getting them in and stopped selling them over 3 ½ years ago. Trollbeads Gallery is now on Unique Bead #4093. That would mean they’d be 3000 fewer Unique beads in the collections of my customers. Would this have been a good thing? Please let me know your thoughts.

To check the going prices go to the links below.

Regards, Louise Rogers

Trollbeads Gallery Uniques

Trollbeads Gallery New Uniques

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