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Trollbeads Gallery Forum Hits Another Benchmark!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Feb 25, 2011 @ 10:02 AM

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Our Trollbeads Gallery Forum is quite simply a very special place to be if you love Trollbeads.  Our members are from all over the world and it was only about a month ago when we hit 2000 members on our Trollbeads Gallery Forum.  With each member our collective knowledge grows exponentially and our members are both adding to and benefitting from this knowledge base by being a part of it. We have an amazing group of collectors and it is growing stronger!

Our newest benchmark was hit today, Trollbeads Gallery Forum hit its 12,000 Photograph!  Our Forum format allows members to add photographs in a stream, based on when a photo is added.  We limit the subject by allowing only photographs of Trollbeads and by keeping the photos on target we are making sure our Forum is the best format for both serious collectors and for new collectors.  The photograph section allows photos to be featured and I try to change these daily. The serious collectors are always interested in seeing other collections and the new collector becomes easily inspired by seeing all the different uses of Trollbeads.  Trollbeads are very visual and by sharing our passion through photographs we all connect through what we love. Another reason our forum photos are so popular may be how they allow our members to communicate to each other even though we may speak dozens of different languages.

One of our members Ginger is a phenomenal photographer (Ginger conducted a very popular photography seminar at the Trollbeads Fest!2010)and she has added a group on our Forum where she has given her techniques and tricks for taking good Trollbeads photos.  I advise everyone to visit and review her ideas. The better the picture, the better our Forum! You can ask her questions and easily follow her advise and become a super photographer. Don't be disappointed if your images don't come out perfect the first time. The photography of jewelry is very difficult but with Ginger, you have a great teacher. To be a member of her group you will need to join our Forum but here is a link to Ginger's Photography Trollbeads Gallery Group.

The image above is one of Ginger's photographs. Thank you Ginger!

If you're not a member of Trollbeads Gallery Forum, please join and travel through our photos and transport yourself to Trollbeads Nirvana!

Below is a brand new photograph from Ginger!  I had to include it!

Trollbeads Gallery

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