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Standard Trollbeads with a Twist! An Explanation

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 14:01 PM

Trollbeads Gallery with a TwistWhat is Standard Trollbeads With a Twist?

Sometime last year I created a new category on Trollbeads Gallery entitled "Trollbeads With a Twist" and while it's been a quiet category it is also hard to keep Trollbeads on there for long before they are snapped up.  Recently a forum (not my own "Trollbeads Gallery Forum") mentioned our Twist Trollbeads and I have received a few emails asking me what they are.  So with this blog I can offer a definition for people to come and read.

They are just what they are called, standard in-line glass or stone Trollbeads with a twist or something that makes them unique from what the average in-line bead is supposed to look like.  For me it is a labor of love as I have to sort through all the Trollbeads that come in then photograph them and then process the photo through photoshop and then spend the time listing them...all for the same price as the bead is if you were to buy it sight unseen on the website.  There are 2 definate pluses for my customers when I can sell like this.  First a website buyer is usally only able to buy sight unseen as the beads all pretty much look similar and with the twist category they are buying the bead that is photographed which is similar to the Unique Trollbeads listings where I list 1-3 photographs per bead.  The second benefit is if you are collecting a bead such as the bead shown above, the Blue Desert, andif you are looking for a variety of versions for a necklace then this is way you can shop for the unique versions. Many collectors don't have the luxury of a Trollbeads store close by. I also think of it like another sort of unique bead.

Trollbeads gallery dark ble Both of these Trollbeads shown on the left and above left, believe it or not, are both the "Blue Desert" Group 1 Trollbead for $31.00. See how extraordinary the differences are?  The difference here shows just how much one bead can appear in the line. It is true that "Blue Desert" is one of the most variable beads in the line but there are plenty others that can look different bead to bead.

The Azure Bubbles is a great one for this "Twist" category. I think the one I just listed is #42 which means I have listed 41 other uniuqe Bubbles that have all sold.  Organic Bubbles is another great bead for me to list.  Sometimes the stripes in Khaki Stripes aren't khaki at all but rose,light blue and even yellow.So if you want your Trollbeads jewelry to have a creative twist to it just check out this out this category from time to time!  


fireflies with a twistTrollbeads gallery white stripeTrollbeads Gallery Azure tw

Trollbeads Gallery twist

The three glass Trollbeads above  are unique versions of

1.)Fireflies-You don't often see the two wings with 2 distinct colors.

2.)Black and White Stripe-Usually the black stripes are larger and more like maroon.

3.)Azure Bubbles-This bead is always wonderfully different from bead to bead.  Below shows just how different the Azure Bubbles bead can change.

Trollbeads Azure bubbles


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