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Counterfeit Trollbeads Are Being Sold on Ebay

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Jul 12, 2010 @ 14:07 PM

Counterfeit Trollbeads on Ebay

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BBBBBBBBBFrom time to time we will share with our collectors the existence of counterfeit Trollbeads being sold on Ebay.  In the mega industries of fashion handbags, watches and shoes, consumers are aware that all mega brands have counterfeits and know they are being sold on street corners and auction sites around the globe.  The process of creating counterfeits doesn't become profitable until a product becomes hot and Trollbeads is well on its way.  But unlike the mass market appeal of sunglasses and handbags, the counterfeiters of Trollbeads have a very small playing field, the auction site Ebay.

The Ebay Trollbeads selling high volumes have been found to be selling fake beads and there isn't much to be done to protect unsuspecting collectors from buying them, beyond informing them.  Ebay does not take responsibility for guarding consumers against these sellers.  You only need to read the New York Times to learn about the many lawsuits brought against Ebay by brands including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Ralph Loren. For Trollbeads collectors whose numbers don't warrant major news articles, the information needs to come from those of us that care enough about the brand to share the facts. The selling of counterfeit products can destroy a brand and we need to fight it.

In June news came to me that one of the large counterfeit dealers on Ebay were removed from the site.  Prince Charms, a self confessed and a well known seller of fakes had been removed from Ebay.  This is great news for Trollbeads and for collectors everywhere. Thank you, Ebay for taking notice and taking action. Whether it was Ebay’s good sense, or a good lawyer for Trollbeads that accomplished it, congratulations. I had posted a discussion about the fake selling practices on our Trollbeads Gallery Forum and I was dumbfounded by the number of people who had bought from this dealer on Ebay.  It is quite disturbing for other collectors and for Trollbeads that people are actually buying these.  You need to know that it’s one thing buying fake purses, they don’t last very long. A Trollbeads bracelet lasts forever, buy the real thing from a real authorized dealer. There is no risk and you are actually adding value to your own collection by doing this.

A very interesting trend came to light during this truth session.  The Trollbeads Gallery Forum members that had purchased the beads and saw them as fakes could return the product for a refund but only if they left a positive feedback first.  That clears up a big mystery for me because I always wondered how these sellers got the positive ratings they had.

Now it is Mid July and another Seller of fake Trollbeads was just discovered on Ebay and once again many are buying from this seller.

Why don’t people do their research first? IS it to save a few dollars?  Stay away from Wiki-Piki.  We also keep updates on our Trollbeads Gallery Forum, join for the latest warning of Ebay dealers selling fake Trollbeads.

Take a stand for your brand and stay away from counterfeit Trollbeads. Only the collectors can boycott the fakes and keep the brand and it's name valuable.

For Authentic Trollbeads go to an Authorized dealer.  They are in 40 countries worldwide.

Trollbeads Gallery, an Authroized Dealer and Platinum Premium Partner.

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