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Trollbeads Popularity is Exploding. Is it a sign of the times?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Jun 29, 2010 @ 22:06 PM

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How much does timing have to do with Trollbeads recent explosion in popularity? Beyond very effective distribution, there is something else propelling this rapid rise.
World economies have always played a direct part in how consumers relate to their money and what they spend their money on. When times are good and money is loose the reasons for buying become less clear. Decisions are arrived at with less consideration and have less consequence because the money is plentiful. However when the economy is in a recession, decisions are made with extreme care. During a recession the consumer is looking for value in any purchase but more importantly, the purchase must have meaning. The recent recession has people spending a lot less and what they do buy must add meaning to their life. This may seem like a tough target to aim for but Trollbeads is hitting the bead right at the bull's eye.
With Trollbeads every bead tells a story and has a meaning, this is value added beyond the physical bead itself. It's the everlasting sense of something one can hold, either in their heart or in their hand that can give the feeling of security in unpredictable times. Trollbeads offers so much more security than any two carat diamond could. Recently with many fine jewelry stores deciding to carry Trollbeads, it's obvious they too have noticed the trend. While gold hits astronomic prices and diamonds lose their meaning, jewelers are also discovering Trollbeads can help them weather the economic times.
From the "Faith,Hope and Charity" bead to the "Friendship" bead, there are so many different Trollbeads that can help fill a void in the present and give you a tangible symbol as a memory for the future. 
Is Trollbeads rise in popularity a sign of the times or are they a sign of how many of us coped with the times?

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