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Lost your local dealer & want to see your Trollbeads before you buy?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Mar 01, 2014 @ 15:03 PM
Trollbeads Gallery Stone Beads

Discover “Trollbeads with a Twist” on Trollbeads Gallery.  We have had this category on our site for a few years now and the people who do know about it check it out often and find great beads. We are always listing new beads there. Our Trollbeads with a twist was originally created to showcase for sale Trollbeads that are different from bead to bead. It now includes retired beads as it's so important to see a rare retired bead before you want to invest in it. It is always standard Trollbeads (not the unique Trollbeads)and they are the beads that are always different.  There are many beads that have these individual features from Azure Bubbles to Blue Desert not to mention so many others.  For our customers it has become a handy way to buy standard Trollbeads with actually seeing them before they buy them!  If you haven’t discovered the offerings yet check them out and if any of the beads are sold, fear not as I said I list new beads all the time. It is an exclusive offering on Trollbeads Gallery and a labor of love for me. Trollbeads Gallery With A Twist

As you can see from the photo of the Faceted Stone beads above we also highlight these beads because with the natural stones there can be enormous differences in bead to bead.  Sometimes our Golden Quartz can be so light they resemble yellow diamonds and the Aventurine (before they were retired) came in so dark they looked like dark green emeralds. From Left to right above there are Ruby, Retired Aventurine, Golden Quartz and Amazonite. When you look at the category you'll have fun seeing how many I have featured of each.  The Amethyst we now have listed is the 51st one we've offered on Trollbeads With a Twist.

Our largest selling bead in the twist category has been the Azure Bubbles and at the time of this writing we have listed 121!  The image below is a sample on how much they can differ. It may sound crazy but I look forward to my Azure Bubble deliveries as much as my unique bead deliveries because I love to fine the most unique versions I can to offer on my site.

Azure Bubbles Trollbeads Ga


Another favorite Trollbead we have featured since the beginning is the Grey Wolf.  It has been retired and there are not many left but I always loved picking out the beads I would feature in Trollbeads With A Twist.  Sometimes the design would actually look like fur and sometimes the design would have finely defined lines like perfect pinstripes.  The images below give you an idea of how the Grey Wolf would change from bead to bead.

Grey Wolf Trollbeads Galler
There are only some Trollbeads that lend themselves to this treatment as there are many that are consistant from bead to bead that I don't include.  The more constant designs like White Bubbles, Silver Pink Trace and actually all the trace beads, Peach Bubbles, Black Bubbles and Scarlet Bud (not to name all of them but you get the idea) don't change as much and don't excite me enough to photograph them as I do the others.

One kit of beads that came out a couple of years ago that have proven to change bead to bead is the "Rocky Road Kit".  Those beads are very unique yet is subtle ways.  The tones are generally plum but can come through blue to neutral and that's when I like to show them but even when the are the standard plum the depth of color can change. Check out the Fossils beads that have all been offered on Trollbeads With A Twist.  I adore the details in this Trollbead but until I started photographing them did I come to appreciate the nuances of each bead.

Fossils Trollbeads GalleryI understand that buying Trollbeads from a photo is still not as good as seeing them in person but when you don't have a local dealer near you this is a good compromise. You are seeing the bead you will get if purchased. Please know that if you want to ever have me photograph a stick of beads so you can choose that way I am more than happy to do it.  Just ask!  Below is a stick of Pebbles Trollbeads from the Rocky Beach Kit.  Remarkable uniqueness in each bead but they are all Pebbles Trollbeads!  Now for the fun of it click on the link and see what the stock image is like!  We are given these from Trollbeads.  Not nearly as organic and lovely as they are in the photo below.Trollbeads Gallery 322 Pebb

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Trollbeads With A Twist

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, May 15, 2013 @ 18:05 PM

Twist Trollbeads Collage





Trollbeads with a Twist is a category we have had on Trollbeads Gallery for about 2 years.  It’s a sleeper of a category but when someone discovers it they become “twist” fan and will continue to check in to see if I’ve added something new.   The listings are not plentiful but I try to always offer you beads to choose from!  What is Trollbeads with a Twist? 

Trollbeads with a Twist is just as it sounds.  Here you will find standard glass beads and stone beads from the Trollbeads line that are in some way unique from the bead as it is usually offered. This is due to the fact that every Trollbead is made by hand and there is bound to be differences.  With  working with customers purchasing Trollbeads in my gallery I discovered that there are those collectors who love to seek out the unusual beads.   We all search for that special something that speaks to us whether it’s a color or a theme but when you’re hunting for beads that are somewhat “off” from what they are meant to be the discovery is all that much more rewarding.   With this in mind I was wondering how I could offer this experience for people who don’t have local Trollbeads retailers. There are many collectors who only have the opportunity to buy Trollbeads on line and that is when “Trollbeads With a Twist” came in to being.  Through the years I have had some great offerings in this category and I am sure to have many more.  I also include retired Trollbeads but many times this is merely so my customers can actually see the retired bead before they purchase it. 

If you are wondering why I don’t offer more beads in this category it is because there are only some beads that come in with a unique look or that vary at all in their appearance.  Think about your collection of standard glass beads, not including your unique beads, and think about the beads you love the most and I’ll bet they are the beads that vary from bead to bead.   Don’t get me wrong as there are many stunning beads that don’t vary but for me it’s the ones that do I feel closer to.  It's the thrill of finding the perfect bead.  Some of our all time favorites are Azure Bubbles, Blue Desert, Organic Bubbles, Wildcat and of course the Armadillos.  The numbers next to each of the Twist listings refer to the number of beads I have listed here and when Azure Bubbles got up to the 80’s I started over again!  Blue Desert is always a fun one because there are so many features that can be unique to it.  Sometimes it is green, sometimes pinkish red with the blue.  The level of the “glitter” within the Desert beads is good to check for also.  The Wildcat is now retired but in its day I had versions that included ones with a heavy presence of black, some with more green, some with more blue and some with more of a brown presence.    The Feather beads are also great beads to keep your eye on!  The Red Feather and the Blue Green feather are retired but I still list them as I made sure I had plenty in stock when they were retired.  The “feathers” in each bead can come out in so many style from a calm “combed” look to a crazy “teased” look.

Another very important distinction between beads is the size.  Some beads can come in a whole range from tiny to huge and collectors tend to hunt out their preferred size when given the choice.

Below is a list of Trollbeads that make great twist beads that are currently in the line!

1. Azure Bubbles-the queen of Twist Beads!  Some collectors have made bracelets of just this bead!

2. Blue Desert-so many great versions.

3. Organic Bubbles-varieties are not as plentiful as they are in the Azure Bubbles but still can be found.

4. Florence and Milan-always fun beads to check out for the varying bumps and tones.

5. Fireflies – once you start looking at this bead you will see how the wings change.

6. Milky way - a nice variety of silver particles in each bead.

7. Silver Mountain and Golden Cave-always varies in so many great ways.

8. Chakra Colors and any of the Chakra beads as the gold banding can vary.

9. Cozy –love the variety of black lines within the bead.

10. Whitecap-This bead is a great twist bead! Although a blue and green bead it can also have pink!

11. Moon Ocean-some can have a  coating of mirror glass and can be light blue or dark blue.

12. Faceted Stones as these are natural and differ from stone to stone.  My favorite one is the Golden Quartz because there is a wide variety from dark to very light!

Great Twist Retired Trollbeads

  1. Wildcat - A wide variety of tones
  2. Grey Wolf - Came in wide variety from wild and wooly to thin calm lines.
  3. Orange and Green Armadillo - So many tones!
  4. Clear Brown Braid- So many unique types of braids.
  5. Clear Blue Braid- Again this bead seems to have a variety of braids.
  6. Issy - The orange whisps of glass varied in depth and in tone.
  7. Twisted Bud - So many kinds of twists!
  8. Fur Animal- Again with fine details they can vary.
  9. Red Feather and Blue Green Feather - our personal favorite.
  10. Aventurine - as this was another stone bead that came in a variety of colors from very dark green with sparkly inclusions to a very light green.

If you check my Trollbeads with a Twist and see a bead you love sold just remember I am always adding new beads so keep checking back!  Prism Small Trollbeads

Here is a perfect example of a "Twist Trollbead" yes. this is a Turquoise Prism!  Usually the bead has a soft flow of purple going through the bead but this one the purple ended up on one half and the turquoise is on the other!


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Trollbeads for Mother's Day & Trollbeads With a Twist

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 06, 2013 @ 12:03 PM
describe the image

describe the image


If you are an ardent Trollbeads collector and follow our Trollbeads Gallery website and receive our emails then you are well aware of the three new Trollbeads that were released just last week for Mother's Day.  A truly beautiful group of beads with such meaning...well of course they are Trollbeads after all.

The Messenger bead is my favorite and if you are a member of Trollbeads Gallery Forum (if you aren't please join by clicking on link) or if you follow us on Pinterest (if you don't join us by clicking on link)you have seen the variety of ways people are wearing it.  I have just heard from one of my Rogers Gallery's customers that is can be worn on a bracelet or the bangle with a prism on either side and the prisms holds the bead and the petals in place.  So if you are finding it slip put on a couple prisms and you will find that lovely flower smiling up at you!  Thank you for the tip Cheryl!

The Mom's Bouquet is a beauty too with flowers and leaves and I adore leaves!  If you are working with the Bangle bracelet a lot you will want to see how it pairs up with the Elderflowers bead as it is a nice but not too perfect pair.  Us artsy folks don't want anything too perfect! There are other ho-hum bead brands for that!

The Ruby Rock has had an outstanding reception!  In all of its looks and in all of it's tones as we all love the stones that have variety. In design I equate it to choosing a granite for a counter or a fireplace surround.  Why choose a granite that is the same all over? Find one with veins and little imperfections your eyes can be drawn to and those you can reflect on. As I said in the previous paragraph we don't want total perfection...what can our eyes search for and get lost in?  You know the feeling!  The Ruby Rock has a combination of stones found within it's composition.  It is found exclusively in New Zealand's South Island and is composed of 3 stones. Ruby, Sapphire, and Tourmaline crystals in green Fuchsite. Every bead is different and will surely become one of our most favored stones. I have added other "looks" of the bead to Trollbeads Gallery so you can see what there is.  I think it will also be a great bead to sell through our "Trollbeads With A Twist".

Are you asking yourself what is "Trollbeads With A Twist"?  If you are you haven't yet discovered this wonderful opportunity for on-line shoppers to see the actual bead they are purchasing. First and foremost it is a category I created to offer you standard Trollbeads that have a twist to them or something that makes them unlike others of their kind.  Wow, this seems to be the theme to this article!  I love things that are different or wonky and here I offer beads that are just a bit unique. One example would be the Azure Bubbles bead whose next number will be over 80!  That means I have sold over 80 unique Azure Bubble beads from this category.  For Wild Cat I am into the 30's!  The Golden Cave, Silver Mountain and Milky Way are great beads for this category as they are always unique! The second reason I list beads here is because it is a perfect example of what the bead was meant to be so in other words it is just nice to see what you are buying. Below is a small selection of beads I have or have had on the Twist page for a variety of reasons.  Just know that there are beads that come in wide variations and I also include the retired beads that do too. I have a very hard time keeping beads here so check back often!  I am the only one that does all the photography and image processing so do have patience. 

Shown below is Takma, Issy, Green Armadillo, Glass Stone, Grey Wolf (all retired), Whitecap.

Trollbeads Gallery Blog Tak           Trolllbeads Gallery Blog IsTrollbeads Gallery blog gre

Glass Stone Trollbeads Gallery  describe the imageWhitecap Twist Trollbead

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Standard Trollbeads with a Twist! An Explanation

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 14:01 PM

Trollbeads Gallery with a TwistWhat is Standard Trollbeads With a Twist?

Sometime last year I created a new category on Trollbeads Gallery entitled "Trollbeads With a Twist" and while it's been a quiet category it is also hard to keep Trollbeads on there for long before they are snapped up.  Recently a forum (not my own "Trollbeads Gallery Forum") mentioned our Twist Trollbeads and I have received a few emails asking me what they are.  So with this blog I can offer a definition for people to come and read.

They are just what they are called, standard in-line glass or stone Trollbeads with a twist or something that makes them unique from what the average in-line bead is supposed to look like.  For me it is a labor of love as I have to sort through all the Trollbeads that come in then photograph them and then process the photo through photoshop and then spend the time listing them...all for the same price as the bead is if you were to buy it sight unseen on the website.  There are 2 definate pluses for my customers when I can sell like this.  First a website buyer is usally only able to buy sight unseen as the beads all pretty much look similar and with the twist category they are buying the bead that is photographed which is similar to the Unique Trollbeads listings where I list 1-3 photographs per bead.  The second benefit is if you are collecting a bead such as the bead shown above, the Blue Desert, andif you are looking for a variety of versions for a necklace then this is way you can shop for the unique versions. Many collectors don't have the luxury of a Trollbeads store close by. I also think of it like another sort of unique bead.

Trollbeads gallery dark ble Both of these Trollbeads shown on the left and above left, believe it or not, are both the "Blue Desert" Group 1 Trollbead for $31.00. See how extraordinary the differences are?  The difference here shows just how much one bead can appear in the line. It is true that "Blue Desert" is one of the most variable beads in the line but there are plenty others that can look different bead to bead.

The Azure Bubbles is a great one for this "Twist" category. I think the one I just listed is #42 which means I have listed 41 other uniuqe Bubbles that have all sold.  Organic Bubbles is another great bead for me to list.  Sometimes the stripes in Khaki Stripes aren't khaki at all but rose,light blue and even yellow.So if you want your Trollbeads jewelry to have a creative twist to it just check out this out this category from time to time!  


fireflies with a twistTrollbeads gallery white stripeTrollbeads Gallery Azure tw

Trollbeads Gallery twist

The three glass Trollbeads above  are unique versions of

1.)Fireflies-You don't often see the two wings with 2 distinct colors.

2.)Black and White Stripe-Usually the black stripes are larger and more like maroon.

3.)Azure Bubbles-This bead is always wonderfully different from bead to bead.  Below shows just how different the Azure Bubbles bead can change.

Trollbeads Azure bubbles


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